Soal Mid s Genap b.inggr Kls Viii

Soal Mid s Genap bahasa inggr Kls 8 smp
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  BAHASA INGGRIS KLS VIII 1.   Pass me the sugar ,please ? a.yes it is d.I don’t like  2. X:excuse, me...... Y;yes its me a.can i speak to tono ,please c.can you help me, please  b.can i help you d.canyou understand 3. Tni :can i help you ? Tono :........ a.yes, i want to imform that we have a meetyng to dag thank’s  c.yes,ican d,yes i’am  4. Do you have a massage ? massage means .. a,catatan c. gambar  b. harga d.pesan 5. X : I’m sor  ry he is go out ! Y :......... a,come here c.I don’t know   b.leave the massage ,please d,call him, please 6. X; who is speaking, pplease? Y: ... the eateen c.I’m selp , you massage the librarry supermarket 7. I beg you’r pardon,means..  a,maafkan saya c,saya minta maaf  b.tolong maafkan saya d,tolong ulangi ,kurang jelas 8. X : What happen to you, my friend ? Y; I have an accident in my usay to school X; ................... a.Don’t be cry c.I’m sorry I’m late    b.keep silent, please d,I’m sorry to her that  9. To :hana Happy birthdaytt The communicative purrpose of the text is to..... a,greet some one Wish you allthe best b.celeprate some one birthdday c.congratulate some one Rica commemorate an anniversary 10. whose birthday is it ?’r b.hana c.rica d.happy . for number 11-12 CONGRATULATION   To ; gandhi I am really happy that you are selected as a moral student in bandung. Always be the best. Best regart from my parents. shinta 11.the writer the test because se wants to .......the writers the tets because sh wants to..... a.send his best regart c.inform the slectionof the best students b.congratulated on gandhi nesess d.announce that gandhi is a mode!student 12.who is the card from ? a.Gandhi b.shinta parennt d.sinta parents . for number 13-14 Mom,I will be home late there will be OSIS meeting at don’t worry abaut my luch .  I will have it inthe school canteen 13.via writers the massage to a.sell what happen c.inform the emergency situation b.describe the OSIS meeting d.give information for being home late 14.which of the following stasements is not true baset on the text ? a.via’ll have her lunch at home c. Via’ll have lunch at school  b.via send the massage to her motther d.the meeting will be heal after school 15. congratulation sucsess a. in b. At c.on d.for 16. X : can you undderstand ? Y; ,,,,,,..... a.yes Iam b.yes I do c.yes I can d.ys you are 17.X: would you mind... me your money, please ! a.lend b. Lending c.lends d.lended 18.X; can I ....your money , please a.lend b.lending c.lnds d.lended 19.X; what isyou opinion about my creative day ? Y; I think it is ,,,,, a.handsome b.beautifull c.good d.smoth  20. Tini ;do you agree if I jump this valley ? Tono ;.......... a.I don’t know c.I’AM afraid hear   b.I don’t agree d.I’am sorry o hear that  21.X; Give me you opinion about our samosir island ? Y: in my opinion ....a good place. A,we b.she c.they 22.X; are you agree with his ... A,book b.playing foodball c.opinion d,shoes 23.X;they is a new’s in my way we looked at the smoke as big as lenger Y: ,,,,,,, a.I agree b.I cheagree c.I’m not sure d.I’m sure  24.if you want to buy some book you go to .... a.library b. Past office story d.restaurand 25.if you want to lend/borrow some bbook ,you go to a.library b.pastoffice story 26.when you was borned? A, in samosir 5 th  mei 2001 c. In the bedroom .d. three weeks 27.Congratulation on your new promotion ., means .. a.selamat atas penyetir baru c. Selamat atas kelahiran bru b.selamat atas mobil baru d,selamat atas jabatan baru 28.if you want to stay healthy ?you haveto consume... A,nutritions c.salt fish only d.stone 29.X: I think it is fine for going ! Y : ........., A.HAVE A NICE TRIP, PLACE b.good bye c.see you   d.till we meet again 30.X: I’m sleepy itis a time for sleeping !  Y; ..... A,good afternoon b.see you next time c.go away ,please night and have a nice dream
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