Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMK Praskab 2014

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMK Praskab 2014
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  SOAL UJIAN BAHASA INGGRISSMK PRASASTI KARANG BERAHI  TAHUN 2013-2014 Instruksi J! #$ %&rtn'n (i !$ ini (&n)n *&*i#i$ s#$ stu +! n'n) &nr A, B, tu .1/Bu(i  T$is r* is &r' $t, !u#( 'u %&nin) t$& !in(! %#&s& A*ir  /// / t$nks / t$nk 'u / t$t5s )((/ I5( & )#( t 2/A  M' 6t$&r (i&( t! ('s ) B  /// / n)rtu#tin / I * s( / I * srr' t $&r t$t (/ t$t5s )r&t 3/I 777/ A(* n( $&r sist&r t! ('s )// *&&t / *&t/ *&&ts(/ *&&tin)4/It !s t$& 777/(inn&r I5& &&r k&(// !rst / !rs&/ ((/ *r& (8/Jnnt  H! #n) n 'u st' un(&r !t&r N(i  I n st' t$&r& /// I n $#( *' r&t$ / s / s #n) s / sin& (/ 6r9/: 77777/ ;  <$, I #ik& it &r' *u$/ It5s nt t i) ut nt t s*## &it$&r n( *st6 t$& %&%#& r& 6ri&n(#'< / !$' ( 'u #ik& / !$' (n5t 'u #ik& / !$t (i( 'u t$ink (/ !$t ( 'u #ik& =/T$s& )ri##s $& #r)& $&(s   n( s$r% 777// tt$&s / tt$/ tt$s(/ t&&t$ >/Su& #st $&r rin) 777/ t$& sn( 777/ t$& &$// t ? in / 6 ? in/ in ? t(/ n ? in@/Tn'  <s$## !& ) ut 6r s*& i& r&*<  Tini  < /// ut I5* (in) *' ssi)n*&nt n!/< / ;&s, t$nk 'u / I5( #& t / N, I $& n ti*&(/ I #ik& it 10/T$& #u)))& is t!i& t$&  '5s !&i)$t/ T$& #u)))& is /// t$&  '/ / $&i&r t$n / s $&' s/ nt s $&' s (/ #i)$t&r t$n 11/Tn 6un( $is () s#&&%in) in t$& r/ T$is s&nt&n& *&ns /// / $is () !s s#&&%in) in t$& r !$&n $& 6un( it / !$&n $& 6un( $is () $& !s s#&&%in) in t$& r / $& 6un( $is () !$&n $& !s s#&&%in) in t$& r(/ !$&n $is () 6un( $i* $& !s s#&&%in) in t$& r 12/T$& s*k& 6r* &$i#&s n( 6tri&s /// t$& ir/  / %##ut&s / (&str's/ (irti&s (/ nt*int&s 13/H& 777/   $is P$. t .&#6t T&$ni# Uni&rsit' in 1@@0/ (i( / (&s/ is(/ !s14/: <///<  ;  <&rtin#'< / u#( 'u rr' t$is ) 6r *&, %#&s&  / !$t is t$&!&t$&r #ik& / !$' (n5t 'u s&& t$& (tr (/ !$5s s%&kin) %#&s& 18/& 777/ sk&t ## #st !&&k// %#'&( / %#'s/ $s %#'&((/ %#'in) ERROR RECOGNITIONIn question 16 - 24, each sentences has four words or phrase underined! The four underined words are ar#ed $, %, C, and &! 'ou ha(e to identif) the underined words or phrases that shoud *e corrected or rewritten!16! Teacher+ pea# ouder pease! I a not hear what )oure sa)in.!  $ % ! C Theo + $! I wi sa) it a.ain! & $%C&1/! usi+ 'ou oo# uch *etter in shape! 0a(e )ou ost so e $ ! % $ri + 'es, I(e *een on a diet for se(era onths! Cusi+ Thats .reat! 'ou ust *e rea) proud of )oursef! I coud tr) it and eercise ore to reduce )! & $%C&13! The departure of the pane was *e dea)ed *ecause of the *ad wind) weather! $ % C & $%C&1! Ro*in+ %e carefu5 &ont to s o#e near petro! It start a fire! $ % C &anu + Oh, than#s for )our warnin.! ! & $   %C&2! arah + 7h) did )ou decide to stud) at 89 instead of 8: ! $ $sti + 8) father #eeps tein. e that I wi .et a ;o* ore easier if I stud) at 89! % C & $  %C&21! Teacher + 0ow did )ou fee a*out the fina test ! $ tudent + It wasnt (er) hard *ut so e ite s rea) ade e confusin.! ! % C & $%C&22! 7aiter + Coud )ou i#e to order unch now $ %8inah + 'es! I ha(e to ato soup and .ried stea#! C & $%C&2<! toc# =ets start with office suppies! 7hich ite s are runnin. out of stoc# $ %taff + I ha(e chec#ed the stationer)! 7e need to order a .ross of pencis,si C do>ens of erasers, and se(era pac#s of t)pin. papers! & $%C&24! Gunardi + 8) na e is Gunardi! I(e reser(ed a car! ! $ $.ent + I need to see )our dri(in. icense and a credit card, ir! % houd )ou i#e a sedan, (an! or wa.on C & $%C&RE$&ING CO8?RE0ENION@uestions 2A--23 refer to the foowin. etter!&ear Custo er+Con.ratuations5 'ou ha(e ;ust purchased one of the words ost sophisticated icrowa(e o(ens! 7ith proper use, the product is desi.ned to .i(e )ou an) )ears of trou*e-free operation! ?ease foow the instruction in this anua2A! 7here is this etter found $! In a ai roo !%! In a hardware store!C! In an ad(ertise ent!&! In a icrowa(e anua26! 7hat ust users do $! %u) another ode!%! Boow the direction!C !Redesi.n the #itchen!  &! Echan.e the product!2/!7hat ust custo ers do after readin. the etter $!Guarantee the ite s!%!:se the product proper)!C!Gi(e a trou*e-free operation!&!?urchase a icrowa(e o(en!23! 7hat is the s)non) of the word purchase in the tet a*o(e $!%u) %!e C!Ta#e &!Coo#Readin. ection@uestions 2 - <3 are inco pete diao.ues! Bour choices ar#ed $, %, C, & are .i(en *eneath each diao.ue!'ou ha(e to choose the one that *est co petes the diao.ue!2! %i + &o )ou #now that!!! our onorai pro;ect net wee# %ra + Rea) I ha(e to prepare our pro.ress report of it then! $! the .o(ern ent coud chec#%! the .o(ernor wi re(iewC! I ha(e reported&! we (isited<! Bitha + Ecuse e! I dont thin# !!! )ou *efore! 8) na eDs Bitha! 8arsha + Nice to eet )ou! I %e( 8arsha! $! I saw )ou!%! I need to ta#C!I ha(e et )ou&!I shoud contact )ou<1!Batin + 7hat does our new En.ish teacher oo# i#e Nana + !!! 0e is fit to *e a ode! $! 0e has a new car!%! 0e is nice and wise!C! 0e oo#s happ)!&! 0es ta and si !<2! %rother + I>ha,!!! to *orrow )our otorc)ce I>ha + ure, *ut re e *er to fi up the tan#! $! did )ou as# e%! can )ou co eC!wi )ou *e a*e&!is it possi*e for e<<! Caer + 0eo! !!! Nita + I sorr), he is out! Coud )ou ca *ac# at four Caer + $! Than# )ou! $! Coud )ou spea# to 8r! $>i>, pease%! Can I ta#e a essa.e fro )ouC! Coud I spea# to 8r! $>i>, pease&! 7oud )ou i#e to ca hi a.ain

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