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  SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT AND TRADING PARTNERS OF MAURITIUS 32  SOCIAL CLASSIFICATION OF MAURITIUS: Social classification in Mauritius is consist of 1) Franco  –  Mauritians Who have huge amount of wealth and because of this they also control the economy of Mauritian. 2) Indo  –  Mauritians Who are mainly traders, landowners and industrialists in the Mauritius. 3) Sino  –  Mauritians Who are traders and industrialists in the Mauritius. 5% of the Mauritian people own more than 60% of the wealth out of total we alth of the country as per conservative estimation of business and land‟s  ownership.  Mauritius Culture: Culture of Mauritius is a mixture of many cultures like Europe, France, Dutch, India, China and Africa. Mauritian culture reflects the culture of other countries and tradition that have settled and ruled during last 400 years on the island. Different variety in traditional Mauritius cosine is another example of richness with different coolers of different culture. Mauritian dishes are a combination of finest East and flavors of west and therefore the dishes of Mauritian teste are unique in the taste.  MAURITIAN SOCIETY: Economic and political life of Mauritius also has high influence of complexity of Mauritian society. By different social classes, religion groups, social classes and ethnic group society of Mauritian society can be analyzed. In Mauritius there are mainly three srcins in 1990 namely Europe, Asia and Africa and most of the population of the Mauritius in the fifth generation. 33  Gender equity in Mauritius : In reducing gender disparities Mauritius is making good progress. The country‟s  gender inequality index in 2011 is 0.353 while in 2008 it was 0.466 which shows an improvement in Mauritius‟s gender inequality index.  GCR 2011 2012 ranks Mauritius amongst the bottom 50 globally. Mauritius stood at 115 th out of 142 countries.  In 2011 the ratio of women parliamentarians is 18.8% which is lower than 50% target ratio. In August 2009, the protection of domestic violence act and equal opportunities act was passed in Mauritius. Poverty reduction & Social protection in Mauritius : In Mauritius as per the estimation of the government less than 1% of total population lives on less than 1 USD per day.Labour force participation of women is 38% which is very low. Main five pillars of Mauritius‟s social security system are:  1) Social-assistance schemes (free health care for children) and a universal system of non-contributory pension for the elderly, the disabled and widows. 2) Contributory pension schemes for employees of public and private sector. 3) A Provident Savings Scheme funded by both public and private employers and by workers (2.5% of salary and 1% from employers) provides benefits on retirement, redundancy or death of employee. 4) Occupational pension schemes run by the private sector. 5) Government subsidies on food (rice and flour), housing (for the lower-income groups), free education and health services for all, and free transport for the elderly and students. 34  Music of Mauritius Indigenous musical form of Mauritius is known as „SEGA‟. Basically SEGA is from   African origin. Slaves from Africa srcin started this indigenous music SEGA. Hip  –  swaying style of Sega dance and instrument of musical instrument made from piece of goat ski n and wood doesn‟t found easily in mainland Africa.    Literature of Mauritius: Literature of Mauritius is of conservative cast traditionally like other countries. Literature of Mauritius emphasis on French the dominant language‟s proper use.  Mauritian writ ings became more progressive from 1930‟s in terms of both content  and form.  Languages in Mauritius The official language of the Mauritius is English and French . Majority of the population uses French based Creole language. Creole is also common language of media and an education sector. Creole language is considered as native language of the Mauritius and it is also used in informal settings as well. English and French languages are favored in professional settings and an educational sector. In Mauritius include other languages which is spoken by their people is Mandwin, Urdu, Chinese croles, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Bhojpuri and Marathi. Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bhojpuri and Telugu all are the Indian languages which are spoken by the early Indian settlers. Most of the people of Mauritius are bilingual or trilingual.  Wedding in Mauritius Mauritius is considered a perfect wedding destination for two reasons - the tropical image of the island and that marrying in Mauritius is unbureaucratic. Also the couple can extend the wedding to honeymoon. Mauritius has almost 12,000 tourist couples saying “I do” on the island every year so it is also known as the Island of wedding. As  a foreigner, you can be legally married by the registrar as well as the Catholic Church. The hotels and agencies also offer special wedding packages, which  comprise of the organization of the entire ceremony. The couples who have decided to exchange vows on this spectacular island must start making all the arrangements 35 at least six months before the special day. All necessary documents are to be submitted in the registrar‟s office at least ten days prior to the wedding.   The following documents are mandatory for a marriage in Mauritius:  Non-Residence Certificate for country: certificate which proves that the future married couple are not citizens of Mauritius and do not have their permanent residence in Mauritius (you get this certificate at the Mauritian registrar office)  2 copies of : Birth certificates of partners, valid passports first three pages (has to be at least 6 more months valid), certificate of nobility  Baptism Certificate (if you plan a church marriage)  May be divorce papers and death certificates of former spouses.  Documents for non-citizen :- 1. Birth certificates. 2. Divorce documents if applicable. 3. Certificates issued by the competent authorities or the citizen of the country of residence attesting, that person is of good character and is not the suspect in relation to any pending criminal proceedings, process or investigation. In case of his or her country doesn‟t issue certificate of good character than the noncitizen  can produce instead an affidavit certificate to the matter as specified above, duly and sworn authenticated in accordance with the law of his/her country of residence. 4. A certificate of residence from his/her country, attesting that he/she is in gain employment or alternatively it has sufficient means to maintain him/her. 5. Medical certificate attesting that he/she is not suffering from any infections or contagious disease. 6. Passport.  


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