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  Validation and Integration/Consolidation of the NCBTS-Based TOS for LETLegenda International Hotel, Subic, Olongao Cit! ebruar! # $ %%, &''#NCBTSS(B)ECTCO*+ETENC+ECENT.E0EIHTeograh!-Basic eograh!-+laces and Landscaes in a Changing0orld-eograh! and Natural esources%1 *anifest understanding of basic geograhical concets, rocesses andatterns1&1 E2a3ine the character of 4arious regions 5local and global6 as in7uencedb! en4iron3ental, cultural and historical forces181 E2lain and sur4e! the di4ersit! of connections of eole and laces in aglobali9ing :orld as 3ediated b! cultures, olitics and historicalde4elo3ent1%;Histor!-0orld Histor! and Ci4ili9ation I-0orld Histor! and Ci4ili9ation II-.sian Studies%1 .nal!9e the social, olitical, econo3ic histor! and de4elo3ent of ci4ili9ations fro3 ancient to the resent1&1 .nal!9e the in7uence and contributions of .sian and 0estern Ci4ili9ationson iliino socio-cultural life in articular and the :orld in general1&'Sociolog!-Sociolog!-Cultural .nthroolog!%1 E2lain factors and conditions that in7uence cultural and beha4ioraldi<erences of di<erent grous and societies1&1 =eter3ine the relationshis bet:een culture and biological traits181 Co3rehend the basic sociological and anthroological concets, theoriesand ersecti4e1>1 Trace the origin and de4elo3ent of hu3an beings, societies andcultures1?1 .nal!9e ho: social heno3enon relates to class, ethnicit!, gender,ideolog! and o:er, social actions as roduced in e4er!da! life1@1 *anifest areciation and better understanding of our resent culture andsociet!1@Econo3ics-*icro-*acro Econo3ics-Econo3ic +lanning and Strategies%1 E2a3ine issues and roble3s related to de4elo3ent such asune3lo!3ent and o4ert!, international trade and others and e2lorealternati4e solutions1&1 .l! econo3ic concets such as sul! and de3and, di3inishing3arginal utilit!, inco3e e<ect to current econo3ic situations181 .nal!9e theories and 3odels of econo3ic gro:th and de4elo3ent1>1 Co3rehend the basic concets and rinciles of econo3ics including thenature and functions of econo3ic s!ste3s1?1 .l! econo3ic lanning rinciles in the for3ulation of si3lede4elo3ent/business lans1%'Issues and Trends-Trends and Issues in Social Science%1 =iscuss ho: Social Science ser4es as an eAcient and e<ecti4e tool for aholistic de4elo3ent for hu3anit! and societies1@  &1 E2a3ine criticall! trends and issues in conte3orar! +hiliine and globalsociet! fro3 eace, hu3an rights, gender, de4elo3ent and globalersecti4e181 Identif! forces and factors that shae and in7uence conte3orar! issues1>1 .nal!9e causes and e<ects of 3odern con7icts and e2lore alternati4e:a!s to sol4e the31?1 =eter3ine global and national i3lications of geograhical and industrialdisco4eries1@1 E2a3ine the olitical, econo3ic, and socio-cultural issues and roble3s inconte3orar! .sian societies as in7uenced b! global realities1;1 E4aluate the scientic, olitical, social and econo3ic transfor3ation in theconte3orar! :orld1+olitics/o4ernance-Co3arati4e o4ern3ent and +olitics-La: elated Studies%1 *anifest understanding on ho: basic la:s 5fa3il! la:, en4iron3ental la:,hu3an rights, ublic accountabilit!, consu3er la:, and co33on o<enses6are alied at ho3e, in school, co33unit! and :orlace1&1 E2a3ine olitical conditions of selected countries :hich include for3s of go4ernance, olitical de4elo3ent, olitical culture, relations bet:een thego4ern3ent and its citi9ens, relations a3ong social grous that tae lace inthe olitical arena181 .l! concets and rinciles of co3arati4e olitics to the ractice of good go4ernance and e<ecti4e citi9enshi1>1 Co3are 3odels of olitical s!ste3s in ter3s of go4ern3ent structure,organi9ation, function, oeration and olitics1%%esearch -esearch in Social Sciences-Scientic easoning and Thining%1 =e3onstrate co3etence 5scientic reasoning and critical thining6 andsill in the conduct of social science research1&1 .l! social science research 3odels and 3ethodolog! in actual researchacti4it!1%&*ethods-Teaching .roaches in Secondar!Social Studies-+roduction of Social StudiesInstructional *aterials-Building Bridges .cross Social Science=isciline 5*.D.B..N as a corelearning area in Basic Education6%1 *anifest understanding of the basic rinciles and theories of teaching $learning rocesses in social studies and social science1&1 .l! alternati4e aroaches 5collaborati4e, concetual, roble3-based,e2eriential aroaches6 in teaching Social Studies based on Constructi4ist.roach181 .l! aroriate inno4ati4e aroaches, strategies and techniues inteaching social studies1>1 .l! edagogical rinciles in de4eloing instructional lans1?1 .l! integrati4e aroaches in teaching Social Studies and *.D.B..NsubFects1%'.ssess3ent-.ssess3ent and E4aluation in theSocial Science%1 .l! no:ledge and sills in assessing, 3easuring, and e4aluatingstudent erfor3ance in social studies1&1 .ssess learning in the social sciences :ith the use of traditional andauthentic for3s/tools for assess3ent and e4aluation1G
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