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CHANAKYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY Rough draft for the partial fulfillment of “SOCIOLOGY-I” course On IMPLEMENTATION OF GOVERNMENT SCHEMES ON SCHOOL EDUCATION Submitted To:- Dr. Sangeet Kumar Faculty of Sociology Submitted by:- Akash Bharti Roll no. - 1509
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  CHANAKYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY Rough draft for the partial fulfillment of “SOCIOLOGY-I” courseOnIMPLM! # IO! O$ GO%R!M! SC&MS O! SC&OOL '(C# IO!Su)mitted o*-'r+ Sangeet ,umar $acult of Sociolog Su)mitted )*- #.ash /harti Roll no+ - 0123 0 st  ear /+#+4 LL+/+5&ons6  (A). INTRODUCTION   ducation plas a 7ital role in one8s life+ hough4 the education of a child starts 9ith the home itself4 et4 the  primar school is the first step to9ards formal schooling in India+ India has one of the largest child-population of the 9orld+ &alf of them are disad7antaged and )elong to the families 9hich are economicall impo7erished+ he cannot afford good health care facilities and e:pensi7e educational institutes+ + /efore 03;<4 education 9as the e:clusi7e responsi)ilit of the States+ he Constitutional #mendment of 03;<4 9hich included education in the concurrent List4 9as a far-reaching step+ he su)stanti7e4 financial and administrati7e implication re=uired a ne9 sharing of responsi)ilit )et9een the (nion Go7ernment and the States+ >hile the role and responsi)ilit of the States in education remained largel unchanged4 the (nion Go7ernment accepted a larger responsi)ilit of reinforcing the national and integrated character of education4 maintaining =ualit and standard including those of the teaching profession at all le7els4 and the stud and monitoring of the educational re=uirements of the countr+ In order to achie7e ( 5(ni7ersalisation of lementar ducation4 the Go7ernment of India has initiated a num)er of programmes and pro?ects + he Go7ernment adopts an integrated approach in the implementation of the 7arious centrall sponsored schemes4 in .eeping 9ith principles of the !ational Polic on ducation4 to ensure that the education of e=uita)le =ualit for all to full harness the nation@s human resource potential+ he common o)?ecti7es are to enhance access through the e:pansion of =ualit school educationA to promote e=uit through the inclusion of disad7antaged groups and sections4 and to impro7e the =ualit of education+ he Go7ernment of India started the Mid 'a Meal scheme and implemented Right to ducation #ct4 B202 to pro7ide nutritional food and free education respecti7el to these poor children of India+ &ence4 the go7ernment primar schools are the onl hope for these children to get free food and education+ hough4 the Mid da meal scheme has )een implemented ears )ac. 503<<6 as compared to Right to ducation 9hich has )een implemented in the ear B202+ (nfortunatel4 the factor of =ualit in )oth is a)sent+ Since in the past fe9 months man incidents 9ere reported in 9hich guidelines to ensure hgiene 9ere .ept aside 9hile preparation of the mid da meal scheme+ $urther4 the education in these schools suffers due to M'M scheme+ Researcher 9ill )ring out the situation of Go7ernment Primar School in India 9ith respect to Right to ducation #ct4 B202 and the M'M scheme+ # num)er of incidents9ere highlighted in the media 9here carelessness 9as reported 9hile preparing food in the schools+ One of the nota)le incidents of carelessness 9as reported in the Samran district of /ihar+ On ul B20D4 BD children died after eating mid da meal in the school+ It 9as reported that instead of putting edi)le oil the insecticide 9as used for he situation in other districts of /ihar 9as not different 9here maggot-infested 9heat and rice and rotten7egeta)les 9ere )eing used for preparation of food+ $urther4 the usage of toilet 9ater to 9ash utensils of food in a  primar school of Panch.ula4 # dead liEard 9as found in the food in a primar school of &arana and man more+ hese incidents ha7e )ecome common+ $urthermore4 the food 9as )eing prepared in open in primar schools of Mohali+ &ence4 non-seriousness in the implementation of the scheme is directl o)ser7ed in these cases+ Moreo7er4the preparation of the food in the schools directl affects the pro7ision of education in the schools +#nd man more scheme are remar.ed su)se=uent the failure of go7ernment machiner+ 506 AIMS AND OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT 5i6 he researcher8s aim for this pro?ect is to stud the of schemes in schools+5ii6 o find out the num)er of schemes implemented ) central go7ernment+ 5iii6 o stud the num)er of children and schools are )enefitted+5i76 o find out ho9 far these schemes ha7e )een successful+5B6 HYPOTHESIS he researcher has assumed that4  5i6Schemes mone are properl not utiliEed as lac. of proper infrastructure and machiner+5ii6   M'M scheme though has )een implemented )ut is not )eing monitored properl5D6 RESEARCH QUESTION 5i6>hat are the factors 9hich are responsi)le for malfunctioning of schemes+5ii6>hat are the num)er of schemes running in primar schools5iii6>hat are the targets and achie7ement of the schemes+5F6 LIMITATION OF THE PROJECT O9ing to the large num)er of topics that could )e included in the pro?ect4the scope of this research paper is e:ceedingl 7ast+ &o9e7er in the interest of )re7it and due to certain restrictions li.e that of area limited to ehana)ad /ihar and limitation of time etc4the researcher 9ill not )e a)le to deal 9ith the topic in great detail+ (B).REVIEW OF EXISTING LITERATURE $or the purpose of research the researcher 9ill 7isit C!L( li)rar and re7ie9 7arious sources a7aila)le  )oth of primar and secondar nature+ 'etailed re7ie9 of literature 9ill )e pro7ided ) the researcher in the final draft+ (C).RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 5i6 SOURCES OF DATAPri!r S#$r%&'   $ield 9or.4 S&%#!r S#$r%&'   official data 4>e)sites 4 ?ournals4 articles4 magaEines etc+5ii6 METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION OF NON DOCTRINAL NATURE $or the purpose of research4 the researcher 9ill )e using o)ser7ation4 =uestionnaire4 and inter7ie9 as  proposed method of data collection+5iii6 TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION ools of data collection 9ill include o)ser7ation schedule4 inter7ie9 schedule4 notepad4 pen4 paper4 camera etc+5i76 METHOD OF SAMPLING Researcher 9ill use purposi7e and con7enient method of sampling due to paucit of time and 7arious limitation of research+  576 PILOT SURVEY Researcher 9ill conduct a pilot sur7e )efore going for field 9or.+ (D).TENTATIVE CHAPTERISATION 5i6 I*r#$%*i# + his chapter 9ill ha7e the introduction of the different pes of scheme in primar school+5ii6 Hi'*#ri%!, B!%-r#$  In this chapter pre7iousl running programs Hpro?ects 9ill )e e:plained+5/ihar ducation Pro?ect 6+5iii6 S*r$%*$r& ! i/,&&*!*i#   In this chapter the structure and implementation of schemes 9ill )e e:plained+5i76 Pr&'&* %#i*i# ! *0&ir !,1$%*i#i 2 In this chapter the present situation 9ill )e e:amined and ho9  9h the are malfunctioning and other reason 9ill )e e:amined+576 C#%,$'i# ! '$&'*i# 2 his chapter 9ill mainl deal 9ith solution related to malfunctioning of schemes and )etter implementation + BIBLIOGRAPHYWEBSITES3+ 5i6    http*HH0<F+022+F;+0DFHintranetH$inalGo7ernmentSchemesforSchoolducation+pdf  5ii6 #nnual Status of ducation Report of B2024 B200 and B20B 5iii6 999+thetri)une+com  5i76 999+thehindu+com  576 http*HH999+accounta)ilitindia+inHaccounta)ilit)logHB1<J-mid-da-meal-scheme-stor-so-far 57i6 http*HHmhrd+go7+inHsitesHuploadKfilesHmhrdHfilesHSS-SchoolKB20200K2+pdf  
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