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  Global CommunicationsCustomer Relationship Management (CRM CONNECT)Software Requirements Specificationor !Subs stem or eature# $ersion !%&'#  CRM CONNECT Version: <2.0>Software Requirements Specification ate: <0! 2# 02><$ocument i$entifier> Reision istor DateVersionDescriptionAuthor <0! %# 02><%.0><&nitia' raft>Rupes(c(an$ )ati'*+(a, )a'-ar )ratee- a'i0! 2# 022.0Re/ise$ Software Requirements Specification. T(is $ocument pro/i$es an o/er/iew of CRM CONNECT from a functiona' perspecti/e (i1('i1(ts some tec(nica' consi$erations re'atin1 to t(e app'ication an$ a'so (i1('i1(ts some tec(nica' an$ or1aniationa' imp'ementation issuesRupes(c(an$ )ati'*+(a, )a'-ar )ratee- a'iConfi$entia'3'o+a' Communications 2000)a1e 2  CRM CONNECT Version: <2.0>Software Requirements Specification ate: <0! 2# 02><$ocument i$entifier> Table of Contents %.&ntro$uction%.%)urpose%.2Scope%.4efinitions *cron,ms an$ *++re/iations%.!References%.#O/er/iew2.O/era'' escription2.%)ro$uct )erspecti/e2.2)ro$uct functions2.2.%Effecti/e sa'es 1eneration:52.2.2Effecti/e sa'es fu'fi''ment:52.2.4Ena+'es effecti/e contact mana1ement:52.2.!Offers a sin1'e uniform /iew of customer information:52.2.#)romotes effecti/e c'ient6communication:72.2.5E'iminates cost', $e'a,s associate$ wit( manua' co6or$ination of sa'es an$ comp'etion processes:72.2.7Esta+'is(es we''6$efine$ responsi+i'ities:72.2.8E'iminates manua' (an$'in1 of $ocuments:72.2.9Ena+'es 'i/e trac-in1 of customer requirements:72.2.%0)ro/i$es necessar, an$ sufficient information on'ine:72.4ser c(aracteristics2.!Constraints2.#*ssumptions an$ $epen$encies4.Specific Requirements4.%;unctiona'it,4.%.%Customer interface84.%.2Compan, interface.84.2sa+i'it,4.4Re'ia+i'it,4.4.%*/ai'a+i'it,:94.4.2Mean Time etween ;ai'ures MT;=:94.4.4Mean Time To Repair MTTR=:94.4.!Maimum u1s or efect Rate:94.4.#u1s or efect Rate:94.!)erformance4.!.%T(e information retrie/a' s(ou'$ +e as fast as possi+'e for customer satisfaction.94.!.2T(e ser/er s(ou'$ +e a+'e to ser/e 2# percent of re1istere$ customers94.!.4Separation of connection (an$'in1 an$ $ata processin194.!.!Software runs on an on'ine p'atform%04.!.#Minimie t(e $ata transfer time%04.!.5Sie of t(e secon$ar, stora1e%04.#Supporta+i'it,4.#.%Compati+'e ?it( Operatin1 S,stems%04.#.2Compati+'e ?it( @2EE *pp'ication Ser/ers%04.#.4Compati+'e ?it( ata+ase%04.#.!Compati+'e ?it( @a/a Virtua' Mac(ines%04.#.#Compati+'e ?it( S,stem Requirements%04.5esi1n ConstraintsConfi$entia'3'o+a' Communications 2000)a1e 4  CRM CONNECT Version: <2.0>Software Requirements Specification ate: <0! 2# 02><$ocument i$entifier>4.7On6'ine ser ocumentation an$ Ae'p S,stem Requirements4.7.%ser Manua'%%4.7.2On'ine Ae'p%%4.8)urc(ase$ Components4.9&nterfaces4.9.%ser &nterfaces%%4.9.2Aar$ware &nterfaces%24.9.4Software &nterfaces%24.%0Bicensin1 Requirements4.%%*pp'ica+'e Stan$ar$s!.Supportin1 &nformation!.%&mp'ementation *pproac(:!.2ata an$ ;unctiona' f'ei+i'it,:!.4)ara''e' )rocessin1:!.!Sca'a+i'it,:!.#ua'it, &ssues!.5S,stem Mo$ifications!.7)(,sica' En/ironment!.8Securit, &ssues!.9Resource &ssuesConfi$entia'3'o+a' Communications 2000)a1e !
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