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  Khurais AL Crude Increment Project Project 1-14-5424 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia FOSTER WHEELER ENGINEERING LIMTED SOLICITATION OF INTEREST Foster Wheeler Energy Limited Shinfield Park, Reading, Berkshire UK, RG2 9FW Tel: +44(0)118 913 1234   From:  Steve Burns Subject:  Khurais AL Crude Increment Project Equipment:  HP & LP Production Traps & WOSEP Requisition ref.   5421-1199A-001,002 & 003 Project Background:   The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (“Saudi Aramco”) are proposing to increase the production capacity of the exisiting Khurais field, namely the Khurais Central Processing Facilities (KhCPF). The purpose of the additional facilities is to increase the Arab Light (AL) crude oil production capacity of the Khuaris field from 1,200 MBCD to 1,500 MBCD. The project will design and install a fifth crude train at the KhCPF to produce the additional AL crude oil. The additional gas generated by the new oil train will require installation of a third Gas Train with molecular sieve dehydrators. Additionally, the scope will include installation of combined cycle 140 MW Cogeneration Facilities, expanding of existing Seawater Injection Facilities with two additional seawater injection pumps, installation of 60 inch 145km Seawater Supply Line from AinDar to Khurais along with Ain Dar Pumping Station additional Booster Pump Expansion. The project is identified as the Khurais AL Crude Increment Project, with the said Project being executed by Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd (FWEL) in Reading.  Aramco Overseas Company (AOC), an affiliate of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, has contracted with FWEL to perform engineering, procurement and project management services for the items detailed herein with the equipment described below has been identified as „ long lead ‟ and therefore critical to the Project schedule. Long Lead items of equipment will be may released for early award by FWEL and novated at a later stage (post FEED). Please provide contact details for receipt of RFQ package:- Contact Name, SYED AJAZ HUSSAIN JAWWAD UR RAHMAN Postal address, NATCO AL-RUSHAID MIDDLE EAST LTD P.O. Box 11179 JUBAIL INDUSTRIAL CITY 31961 KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Email address, SYED.A.HUSSAIN@C-A-M-A-R.COM Contact Telephone number, +966 565911362 / 500847883 +966 598302494   Copy of your current ISO 9001.2008 Certificate, SEE ATTACHED Signed Confidentiality Undertaking SEE ATTACHED Please Note unqualified signature and submission of the attached Confidentiality agreement is a pre-requisite for participation on this project, please forward the above requested information together with the said confidentiality agreement to the undersigned. Email response required no later than Friday 14 th  November 2013 to:   Steve Burns  –  Project Procurement Manager Khurais AL Crude Increment Project  Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd Tel: 0118 9133254 Email: Cc   Khurais AL Crude Increment Project Project 1-14-5424 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia FOSTER WHEELER ENGINEERING LIMTED SOLICITATION OF INTEREST Foster Wheeler Energy Limited Shinfield Park, Reading, Berkshire UK, RG2 9FW Tel: +44(0)118 913 1234   CONFIDENTIALITY UNDERTAKING FOSTER WHEELER ENERGY LIMITED of registered address Shinfield Park, Reading, Berkshire RG2 9FW ( FWEL ) holds certain confidential information and data as described in 1.a below (“Confidential Information”) belonging to FWEL, Saudi  Aramco and Aramco Overseas Company B.V. relating to t he Khurais AL Crude Increment Project (“Project”).  Your Company, [ Name of Company  ] of registered address [ address ] ( RECIPIENT ) desires to have certain portions of Confidential Information disclosed to you for the sole purpose of using it as a reference for the preparation of a proposal and, if successful, to undertake work and other services for the Project. FWEL is prepared to make such Confidential Information and data available to RECIPIENT for the aforesaid purpose on the following understanding: 1. For the purpose of this Confidentiality Undertaking: a. Confidential Information shall mean all information and data received by RECIPIENT directly or indirectly, from FWEL or its Affiliates, which relate to the Project, such as, but not limited to, enquiry documents, business information, equipment drawings, specifications, operating manuals, process designs and calculations and the general method of operation expressed in FWEL flowsheets, as well as authorized and scheduled visits to SAUDI ARAMCO site, which have been process designed by FWEL or its Affiliates. The term Confidential Information shall not include any information that: (i) is or lawfully becomes public information, through no fault on RECIPIENT's part; (ii) is known to RECIPIENT prior to the receipt of the same hereunder from FWEL, or its Affiliates and was not acquired from FWEL or its Affiliates or other third party under a pledge of secrecy; (iii) is received by RECIPIENT from others who have not received the information, directly or indirectly, from FWEL or its Affiliates under a pledge of secrecy. For the purposes of the provisions of this paragraph 1, disclosures made to RECIPIENT under this Confidentiality Undertaking which are specific, eg, as to engineering and design practices and techniques, equipment, products, operating conditions and/or catalysts for treating a specific feedstock etc, shall not be deemed to be within the foregoing exceptions merely because they are embraced by general disclosures in the public domain or in the possession of RECIPIENT. In addition, any combination of features shall not be deemed to be within the foregoing exceptions merely because individual features are in the public domain or in the possession of RECIPIENT, but only if the combination itself and its principle of operation are in the public domain or in the possession of RECIPIENT. b. Affiliates shall mean FOSTER WHEELER CORPORATION and all companies owned directly or indirectly by FOSTER WHEELER CORPORATION. 2. RECIPIENT agrees to hold said Confidential Information in confidence and not to reproduce or disclose them to others nor use them except as herein authorised or as may later be authorised in writing by FWEL. 3. RECIPIENT may use Confidential Information in connection with, but only in connection with, the purpose previously stated herein. For the avoidance of doubt, RECIPIENT may only use the Confidential Information to illustrate the way in which the purpose should be completed and RECIPIENT shall under no circumstances quote from or make reference to the Confidential Information to any third party. Except as authorised in writing by Foster Wheeler, RECIPIENT may not disclose Confidential Information to third parties. If Foster Wheeler designates any third party to receive Confidential Information, Recipient may disclose information to the extent strictly necessary for the purpose, provided always that such third parties have previously executed a Confidentiality Undertaking with RECIPIENT in writing covering such Confidential Information containing terms at least equivalent to and no less stringent than those in this Undertaking, which agreement, by its terms, shall be directly enforceable by FWEL. 4. RECIPIENT agrees that only those members of its staff who need to have access to Confidential Information in order to perform their duties will be authorised to receive the same, and then only to the extent needed. 5. RECIPIENT shall advise each such member of its staff, who is necessarily given access to Confidential Information of the confidential nature thereof and of the existence and importance of the confidentiality provisions of this Undertaking and ensure that such members of its staff keep Confidential Information in strict confidence to the same extent as RECIPIENT is bound by the stipulations contained in this Undertaking.  Khurais AL Crude Increment Project Project 1-14-5424 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia FOSTER WHEELER ENGINEERING LIMTED SOLICITATION OF INTEREST Foster Wheeler Energy Limited Shinfield Park, Reading, Berkshire UK, RG2 9FW Tel: +44(0)118 913 1234   6. RECIPIENT shall not make any public announcements nor allow any leaks relating to the Project without the prior written consent of FWEL. 7. If requested by FWEL, RECIPIENT shall return all copies of the Confidential Information to FWEL and verify in writing that RECIPIENT has complied with such as request. 8. RECIPIENT agrees that it will not transmit, disclose, ship, export, or re-export either directly or indirectly any technical data (including but not limited to models, prototypes, blueprints, operating manuals, or technical services) furnished to it by FWEL or its Affiliates pursuant to this Undertaking, or any direct product based on or resulting from any work or services for the Project (including but not limited to equipment, plant, process or service) to (1) any of the countries to which the written assurance provisions of the United States Export Administration Regulations may apply now or in the future, (2) any other country, entity or destination to which the transmission, disclosure, shipment, export or re-export of technical data or direct product based on or resulting therefrom is proscribed under the law or regulations of the United States. RECIPIENT agrees to obtain an undertaking identical in terms to the foregoing from any subcontractor performing work under this Undertaking or any contract for work or services for the Project which is given access to any technical data furnished by FWEL or its Affiliates. 9. The undertakings set out herein are made in accordance with English Law which shall apply thereto. 10. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Undertaking shall be settled finally according to the Rules of  Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (the Rules ). There shall be one or three arbitrators determined in accordance with the Rules. Said arbitration and all correspondence between the parties, counsel, consultants, the arbitrators and in connection herewith shall be in the English language and the seat of the arbitration shall be London, England. Judgment upon the awards rendered may be entered in any court having jurisdiction or application may be made to such court for a judicial acceptance of the awards and an order of enforcement as the case may be. 11. This Undertaking shall survive the execution of any contract for work and services, in accordance with the terms included herein. Please have a duly authorised officer of your Company sign this Confidentiality Undertaking and return the same to us. A fully executed copy will be returned to you for your files. The date of your acceptance shall be the effective date of this Undertaking.  ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO [ NAME OF COMPANY  ]  ____________________________ By: ____________________________ Title: ____________________________ Date: ____________________________

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