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  SORE THROAT_Homeopathic approach Signs of a weakened respiratory tract often start with a sore throat. A sorethroat is a sign that the tonsils (or the surrounding tissues), like a guard of theimmune system, are reacting to a potentially infectious agent. The sorenesswarns us that we have a diminished metabolism, often caused by stress andpoor diet or other kinds of unhealthy life style, such as abuse of alcohol,medical drugs or recreational drugs. In other cases, the sore throat is simply asymptom of weakness in a person suering from some kind of illness over along period of time, such a digestive problems or anemia.  The sore throat may only be a warning of a temporary immune weakness,preceded by occasional e!cessive fatigue or occasional indigestion, though itmay be the announcement of some serious infection that is coming up in thebody. The pulse (rapid heartbeat) and the temperature (fever) will indicatewhether infection is present. THE COMMON COLD A true cold is an acute viral disease that is accompanied by fever, runny nose, headache and feelings of weakness and stress. It lasts for a few days and ends without complications. SINUS CONGESTION Another se uel of the common cold occurs when it becomes a sni#e that does not go away. It also may end as a dry, stuy nose that makes it di$cult or impossible to breathe normally. This makes sleeping di$cult because breathingthrough the mouth causes a dry throat and awakens the suerer regularly during the night. It is also the cause of snoring during sleep in many people. ASTHMA and COUGH If the cold is not an acute attack but the result of some more serious problems,such as into!ication of the liver, the symptoms evolve into a serious cough andpain in the chest. These are the signs of %&'*ITIS, which is the acute infection of the bronchi. +oor assimilation of nutrients from the diet also contributes to worsening respiratory health. If neglected, bronchitis often evolves into AST*A, which is characteri-ed by breathing di$culties that may become severe.   Remedies for the Respirator Sstem   THROAT IRRITATION Apis el. %elladonna, errum +hos., /ali bi., 0achesis, ercurius viv., +hosphorus, +hytolacca, 1chinacea, Sali! alba, 2erbascum. !E ER IN!ECTION Aconitum, %elladonna, hamomilla, errum +hos., +hosphorus, +ulsatilla, hinao., 1chinacea, 3aultheria, Sali! Alba. COLD#SINUS 3elsemium, /ali %ich., +ulsatilla, Sticta, 1chinacea, 3aultheria, 3inseng, Salvia,2erbascum. COUGH#ASTHMA Antimonium tart., 4rosera, *ydrastis, /ali bi., +ulsatilla, Spongia, Arctium lappa, helidonium, 1ucalyptus, yrrh, 2erbascum.

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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