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1. South korea <ul><li>South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea also know as Korea and “land of morning calm” ,is a country in east Asia.It is…
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  • 1. South korea <ul><li>South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea also know as Korea and “land of morning calm” ,is a country in east Asia.It is located in the southern region of the Korean Peninsula , bordered by North Korea to the north, the Sea of Japan (East Sea) to the east, the Korea Strait to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the east. </li></ul>
  • 2. South korea history <ul><li>Korea began with founding of Joseon in 2333 BCE by Dangun . Gojoseon expanded until it controlled much of the northern Korean peninsula and parts of Manchuria . After numerous wars with the Chinese Han Dynasty , Gojoseon disintegrated, leading to the Proto-Three Kingdoms of Korea period. During this period, Baekje and Silla overtook the Samhan, and Goguryeo expanded in the north, destroying the last Chinese commandery at Lelang . </li></ul>
  • 3. South korea history <ul><li>The Mongol invasions in the 13th century greatly weakened Goryeo. However, Goryeo continued to rule Korea as a tributary ally to the Mongols. After the fall of the Mongolian Empire , Goryeo continued its rule. After severe political strife and continued invasions, Goryeo was replaced by the Joseon Dynasty in 1388 following a rebellion by General Yi Seong-gye . General Yi declared the new name of Korea as Joseon in reference to Gojoseon , and moved the capital to Seoul . The first 200 years of the Joseon Dynasty was marked by relative peace and saw the creation of hangul by Sejong the Great in the 14th century and the rise and influence of Confucianism . </li></ul>
  • 4. South korea government <ul><li>The government of South Korea is divided into three branches: executive , judicial , and legislative . The executive and legislative branches operate primarily at the national level, although various ministries in the executive branch also carry out local functions. Local governments are semi-autonomous, and contain executive and legislative bodies of their own. The judicial branch operates at both the national and local levels. South Korea is a constitutional democracy. </li></ul>
  • 5. Economy of South korea <ul><li>South Korea has been the world's second fastest growing economy for over four decades.Its remarkable transformation to a wealthy developed country in less than half a century is often called the Miracle on the Han River and earned the distinctive reputation of &quot; Asian Tiger &quot; in the international community. South Korea's economic success is now a role model for many developing countries . </li></ul>
  • 6. Economy of South korea <ul><li>South Korea is regarded as a strong economy, despite lacking natural resources and having the smallest territory among the G-20 major economies . The South Korean economy is the fourth largest in Asia and 13th largest in the world. </li></ul><ul><li>South Korea's nominal GDP growth from 1960 to 2007, in billions of US dollars. South Korea's recent growth is often called the Miracle on the Han River . </li></ul>
  • 7. High-tech industries <ul><li>Korea has a highly developed high-tech infrastructure, with the world's highest broadband internet access per capita . In consumer electronics, South Korea is the world's largest OLED and Plasma display maker.Both Samsung and LG are major maker of LCDs,and moble phone. South Korea also exports radioactive isotope production equipment for medical and industrial use to countries such as Russia, Japan and Turkey. The government is also investing in the robotics industry, with the stated aim of becoming the &quot;world's number 1 robotics nation&quot; by 2025. </li></ul>
  • 8. Transportation and energy <ul><li>South Korea has a technologically advanced transportation network consisting of high-speed railways, highways, bus routes, ferry services, and air routes that criss-cross the country. Korea Expressway Corporation operates the toll highways and service amenities en route. </li></ul><ul><li>South Korea's largest international airport is the Incheon International Airport ,which has been named as the best airport in the world by the ACI for 3 consecutive years South Korea has eight international airports and seven domestic airports in total, with about 71 international passenger and cargo airlines operating frequent flight services between South Korea and all over the world </li></ul>
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