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  C T Tr or   Iolof i b c ptato tf   I sf ss a bsf f  c  PE 159sing Nit ohamed Fia opyright 2012, Societhis paper was preparehis paper was selecteviewed by the Societfficers, or members. produce in print is res bstract n the oil indu perate withouke cementing,f the jointed   lexibility. Untervention. Teen invented his paper intr oncept behinumping a ver  bular fluids. gainst the weansverse wavf the tubing hach well maechnologies cor use that is e ntroduction oiled tubing iervices. Coileaster well inttiffness makeeviated wells,inusoidal wavhere are mant the end of thoth the tubintrings. This stor other jobs. inimum adderictional drag his paper wilalculations be 69 rogen fo zudeen, SP  of Petroleum Engined for presentation at td for presentation by y of Petroleum Enginelectronic reproductiotricted to an abstract stry, there is a rig, cutting stimulation, string, the neortunately, do extend its rend been used. oduces buoya this techniq light fluid intThe higher dll floor. Mor e pattern, similp it to wriggl need a differ n be used to r asily implemes a fast growid tubing uses rvention. Hos the tubing the tubing f e pattern. tools availabe tubing, pulli and the welling can be spBuoyancy redd cost. It uses against the wel discuss a caind it. r Extend , Cairn India ers he SPE Annual Technn SPE program comers and are subject to, distribution, or storaf not more than 300 w always a needcosts and timeleanouts, drillied for its ver e to its smallach, a numbeHowever, thecy reduction, e is to reduco the tubing nsity of the aover, the loar to that of a e its way into ent technique each the plan   ntable at minig means for smaller diameever, this aore susceptices high frictle to achieve g the tubing  bore. If the joecifically desiuction is anota lower densitl floor, thus inse where buo d Reac Limited ical Conference and Eittee following review correction by the autge of any part of thisords; illustrations may  to go deeper  by a great extng, productiosatility also i size, there a of tools and e tools and teone other tec the net weihile interventinnular fluid c density fluidfree flowing ghe well. In thifor extended ed measured al added costell services ber tubing whivantage comle to bucklinional forces xtended reacheeper into the  b was at the ned for each er tool whichy fluid in the creasing the r ancy reductio  in Coile xhibition held in San of information containhor(s). The material d paper without the w not be copied. The a and cheaper. ent. To this da, perforation creases. Coilre higher chaechniques lik hniques can onique to exteht of the tubon to create a reates a buoy also increasarden hose. Bs case, simulateach. As per epth. Buoyan. ecause of its f h allows it to s at the cost g. Especially hile being dr . Tractor techhole. Friction arlier stages ell. Of cours can be impleubing to reduach of the tubn was used t d Tubin ntonio, Texas, USA, ed in an abstract suboes not necessarily r ritten consent of the   bstract must contain c Coiled tubiny, coiled tubitc. As this tecd tubing is nces of tubin friction redunly be used od the reach oing by creatinarge differencancy effect os the rigidity oth the lower ions showed athe requiremecy reduction iast rig up and  be spooled ar of stiffness. with its incr agged against ology and rolreducers decr f planning, te, this means mented even ce the buoyaning before it b achieve exte  Operati -10 October 2012. mitted by the author(s)flect any position of tociety of Petroleum onspicuous acknowled ’s greatest adg has been ushnology gains ighly used in getting lock cers, tapering a case by casf coiled tubingg a buoyancye in the densit the tubing aof the tubineight and then extended rent of the cases one other tecits ability to bound a reel foDuring well iasing usage ithe wellbore lers achieve tease the effect e simplest tehat the tubingat the final sta weight of theuckles. nded reach a ns ). Contents of the paphe Society of PetroleuEngineers is prohibitegment of SPE copyrig vantage is beid for many wfame and tak  horizontal wed up in the tubing, tractor e basis. in horizontal effect. This ies of the annd thus reduc and makes i transversal wch of 23%. , a combinatihnology that ie used for depr easy transpotervention, tn horizontal and starts buis by giving aof friction by hnique is to may or may ges of the pla tubing. This d the principl  r have not been m Engineers, its d. Permission to ht. ng able to   ell services s the place ells for its  process of s etc. have wells. The s done by lar and the s the drag t follow a ve motion n of these s available th specific rtation and e reduced and highly kling in a dded force lubricating se tapered ot be used nning with educes the es and the  2  p pis Ioc   ell Interven ell interventiubular fluids ressures in thressure of the  portant to nohus, while decale) of a typi ffects of De he Darcy-Weerived from trom the abov1)   Press2)   Flow ffect of Dens t can be conclutlet. Thus, poefficient. In tion on is always pare highly im well. If the pfluid inside tte that if the psigning a well al well interv nsity Variati isbach equatiis equation. equation, twre difference ate is inversel   ity on Pressu uded from E umping a lother words, t Tubular flu erformed withortant becausressure in the e tubing can bressure inside intervention jntion operatio Fi on n relates the P 1, P 2 P SC , T S q ρ  D L T f  f   Z facts can be ccross the pipey proportional e Difference . 2  that a higer density fl bing filled wi id fluid present e it fills up thellbore signie increased or the tubing is hob, this is an in. g. 1: Sketch of ressure loss : Inl   : Pr  : Fl : De : Di : Le : Te : Fri : Gaoncluded: is directly proto the densityer density flid will retainh a lower denn the tubing. e void within ficantly excee decreased to igher than the mportant crite well interventi ue to friction et and Outlet ssure and Tew Rate nsity   ameter of Pipegth of Pipe  perature ction Coefficis Deviation F portional to thid will show more pressuity fluid will Annular he most comthe tubing ands the pressur counter act th pressure outsirion to keep a n operation along a pipe ……ressure  perature at St ent ctor e density …………a larger differ e within the ave a more u fluid only used tu thus making inside the tu wellbore prede the tubing, note of. Fig. to the velocit……….……andard Condit……………ence in pressutubing despitiform pressur ular fluid is f it more resisting, it will cosure. Howevethe tubing wil depicts a sk  of fluid flo……………ions ……………re between th the length ae across the le PE 159269   resh water. ant to high lapse. The r, it is also l burst out. tch (not to . Eq. 1  is ……… (1) ……… (2) e inlet and nd friction ngth of the  ttt l to eei s  pr tf  tt t tr  PE 159269  bing. As the e inner wall e entire tubinaking this intess susceptibl ffect of Dens onsider an ue hose starts f the tubing. ives a gentle q. 3  states thnvironment, txhibit the sams capable of w sing Lighte ssume well ihown in Fig. he overall deebble sinks tunning into th bing acting rictional drag t this point, i bing would r e tubing can sing Dense y using a lesse fluid in the ssuming the  bing’s densitowever, incr elative weight   density increaf the tubing, pg stiffer. o the well en to buckling. ity on Flow R restrained gar oving in a tr Since one endotion in a dir at a lower denis phenomene behavior. Wriggling its wa r Fluid in Tu tervention in . This sketch isity of the tu the bottom oe hole, the mn it from the from the wellbf the water (8.educe significo deeper into r Fluid in An  dense fluid iannulus will icase where ty is higher thasing the denof the tubing ies, there is a ushing againsironment, the ate den hose with nsverse wave of the hose iection perpendsity fluid will n can be usedith the overall y into the well bing horizontal ws not to scale ing and water f a pond, the ss due to gravsurface. It reore. This is w33ppg) was reantly allowingthe well befor  nulus the tubing, thcrease the bue tubing contan the fluid iity of the fluin the fluid. Ta igher pressur  the tubing wtubing filled a low flow ra pattern. This restrained, ticular to the significantly i to our advantweight of the . ll in an open-nd shows tubi Fig. 2: Sk  put together itubing’s densiity acting doches a point en the tubing  placed with a less weight t   e the frictionale net buoyant yancy acting ains nitrogen, the annulus d in the annul ble 1  shows d drop across tll in an outwaith less dense of water. Itappens becaue other end sovement of th… ncrease the flage. Using nittubing acting ole section thng in a well w  tch of tubing i s much higher ty makes it sinwards on thwhere the pulocks up. less dense flu act downwa drag stops it. weight of the n the tubing.the average (oil is 7.1ppg s increases thensities of co Water    e length of thrd direction. T fluid, will gican be observse the flowing tarts moving e tubing. ……………w rate. Takirogen instead ownward andat is filled witith a high dog  well than that of tnk to the botte wellbore inching weight d like nitrogeds and thus r  ubing is redudensity of the or water is 8e buoyant for monly used fl   Oil e tubing. This hus, it makes tve you a stroed that once tfluid exerts prantically in a……………g the garden of water, sign with this tran oil. A sketch eg. e oil in the wom of the oil reases becausrom the surfan (0.0097ppg)ducing the fried. Similarly, tubing woul.33ppg), the tce on the tubiuids in the we   l   retained presshe tubing wallg and stiff tue flow rate isessure on the transverse p……………ose example ficantly long sverse motion,depicting this ell. Thus, just on the well b there is mor ce cannot cou, the weight octional drag. increasing the be 17.5ppg. bing would g and hence ll. 3 ure acts on s rigid and ing that is increased, nner walls ttern. This ……… (3) in the well tubing will the tubing scenario is like how a ore. While weight of nteract the f the entire s a result, density of Since, the ever float. educes the  4  af  aa s  imulation R o achieve thennulus. To es   luids in the tuhis theory waas chosen for irstly, a base nnulus was filnd the tubing ensity of the ensity of the tifferent iteraimulations ca esults deepest reacimate how ming and annuls tested using the test becausimulation waled with crudefaces a lot of ubing comple bing will decions of this  be seen in Fi  into the well,ch extended us. coiled tubing sse of its compls run in conv oil. The simufrictional drate with its fluiease significaimulation we . 4 . able 1: Densit   Fluid Water Oil Brine CO2  Nitrogen it would be each can be aimulation softex well path. Fig. 3: W ntional well ilation showed against the d is much higtly e run with di  of common oi Densit est to have thchieved with tware. The wel ell used for tes tervention coa lockup at 8,ellbore. The her. If the defferent fluids lfield fluids   (ppg) 3 .1 .3 165 97 e lightest fluihis, a number l survey used ting nditions i.e. t164ft. At that ensity of the sity of the fluin the tubing in the tubinof simulationfor testing is se tubing was depth, the wellfluid in the wid in the tubi and annulus. and densest s were run wiown in Fig. 3  filled with wa is completelyellbore is 7.1pg is reduced, The results PE 159269   luid in the h different . This well ter and the horizontal  pg and the the overall from these
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