Speaking Topics AVCB 2

Các chủ đề nói tiếng Anh căn bản
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  -This is a beautiful  picture.-There are totally six  people in the picture.They are two old man, two boys and two woman. Two  boys maybe are students. -I guess all of them live together in a family and that is a three generation family.-They are holding their hands together and running on the  beach.-Finally I think that they are very happy together -This is a very happy picture of a family that have four people: parents and their children, -I guess this picture was taken in a certain garden or a certain park.-They are smiling happily, I think their children are in primary school age.-The woman is holding her daughter in her hands, the man is carrying his son on his shoulder. erhapsthe children are very happy with their parents.-Finally I see that, this is a very meaningful picture of a warm family.- Conversation:   Make a conversation about your family.  In your conversation, talk about members of your family, their ages, their !obs, their hobbies, how often youmeet them and what you like doing with them. Target questions: . #ow many people are there in your family$ %. &o you have any brothers or sisters$'. #ow old are they$(. )hat does your father do$ )hat is your mother*s !ob$+. #ow often do you see them$. )hat do you often do together$ Follow - up questions: . re you more similar to your father or your mother$%. )ho is closest to you in your family$ '. &o you like to live in a big or small family$ PICT! # -h, this is a festival picture and it is very beautiful, I guess it was taken in Tet because there are many apricot trees flowering in the picture.- )hat I can see first in the picture is a woman hugging a little girl, both of them are wearing /ietnamese traditional dress which is called 0o dai1.- In the background of the picture, I can see something but not clearly, maybe those are houses or a certain  pagoda in /ietnam.- I feel that the picture is very meaningful because it shows a common festival of /ietnam and the picture atmosphere is very fantastic and happy.  PICT! $ -This is a interesting picture, I think it was taken in Tet festival.-There are three people in the picture, an old man and two little boys. erhaps the old man is boys2grandfather. The old man is sitting on an armchair and looking at the boys.-The children are giving some presents to their grandfather. #owever, I can2t see clearly what presentsthey give to the old man, but one of them looks like a piece of watermelon on the boy in the middle.-ll three of them are wearing the traditional clothes on this festivel.-I can see a flower vase in front of the old man and some house facilities in the house, there is a table tothe right of the picture, on the table there are something which is small that I can2t see clearly.-This is a meaningful picture that show a /ienamese common celebration and the respect of the young people to the older people. Conversation:   Make a conversation about your favorite %ietnamese celebrations. In your conversation, talk about the name of the celebration, the date3s4 of celebration, activities for thiscelebration and your feeling about it. Target questions: .)hat is your favorite celebration in /ietnam$%.)here and when is it celebrated$'.)hat is the meaning of the celebration$(.)hat do /ietnamese often do on this day$+.&o you do anything special on this day$.)hat do you like best about this celebration$ Follow - up questions: .&o many /ietnamese people celebrate their birthday parties$%.&o /ietnamese people often give gifts on holidays$ '.)hat kinds of gifts would you like to receive on your next birthday$   PICT! # -This is a very interesting picture about a common phenomenon in our daily life.-)hat can I see first in the picture is that there are three girls standing in front of a wooden wall to smoke. I think they are still students because they are wearing the school uniform.-5moking at the public place is a bad behavior, should be limited but they seem to be very happy to do that.-ll three of them have got blonde hair, they are holding backpacks on their shoulders.-The meaning of the picture is that you shouldn2t smoke in public places because it2s impolite  PICT! $
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