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  1 Axis & Allies: Miniatures Special Abilities Q&A Axis & Allies: Miniatures (AAM) is a miniatures gaming system that recreates World War Two  battles using a scale of 15mm. Since its first release back in 2005, it has slowly evolved with each new booster set (10 so far) and each new rulebook edition. (1st, 2nd, Advanced and Extended) Over time the game system has developed its own language and terminology which can be confusing for a newcomer. Wizards of the Coast (WotC), the publisher of AAM, created a website to help players with rule questions and to give them a venue to discuss the game with other players around the world. It is a great source for official rulings on issues that come up during game play. Unfortunately, the particular information that you might be looking for is probably scattered all over the web site. This is partly due to the nature of internet discussion boards, partly to infrequent official rule clarification documents and partly to the amount of time & effort it would take to be constantly compiling new rulings. The reality is that AAM is just one product among dozens that WotC publishes. So the game system has pretty much been left on its own. As a result, it has been lacking a comprehensive list of special ability rulings that can be easily referenced by players. This document is my attempt to fill that gap. What you have before you is a comprehensive, alphabetical list of all known official Q&A, errata and clarifications relating to all 195 different special abilities (SA) in use as of Nov. 2010. Some special abilities such as Strike & Fade 1, Strike & Fade 2 have been combined since they are basically the same SA just with different numerical values. In place of the number value, an X is displayed to reflect multiple SAs using the same name. Each SA listing appears with the text as it appears on the revised versions of the AAM game cards. You can find these at the WotC website. Under the SA text, you will find any questions and official answers that were available as of Nov. 2010. In some cases, the srcinal wording of the Q&A has been modified. This was done only to correct grammar, misspellings or to shorten the text for clarity. Every effort has  been made to preserve the context of the srcinal questions and answers. This document could not have been possible without the contributions of countless AAM players  posting their questions at the WotC discussion board and the staff at WotC who took the time to answer them. I would like to give a special thanks to Mons Johnson, Robert Mull, Justin Webb, Steve Winter and all the unnamed staff members at WotC who have helped to maintain the AAM website. Thank you for taking the time. The Wizards of the Coast game company is the owner of the Axis & Allies: Miniatures game system and they retain the full copyrights to it. I have used information found at their website,  but make no claim to it. This document is offered as a free game aid to anyone interested in a  better understanding of the game system. Tom Sessler aka Sgt Fury (Current as of November 10, 2010)  2 Ace   - This unit ignores the -1 penalty on each attack die when attacking Aircraft. If an enemy Aircraft is placed within four hexes of this unit, this unit may make a defensive-fire attack against it. Additional Hull Mounted Cannon  - In your assault phase, this unit can make an extra attack at 12/10/8. The target must be a Vehicle in front of this unit. Aggression X   - In your assault phase, this unit can move at speed  X   before attacking. Q: How does Aggression plus High Gear interact with each other? A: You can use High Gear and Aggression together along with Road Bonus. Agility  - This unit's short range against Aircraft is 0 - 2 hexes and its medium range against Aircraft is 3-5 hexes. Aircraft  - Aircraft are placed during the flight phase and attack during the airstrike phase. Units attacking Aircraft use their anti-Soldier attacks and get -1 on each attack die. All Guns Blazing  - After this unit attacks in your assault phase, it can make one extra attack against a Soldier. Amphibious  - This unit can cross streams without making a movement roll. This unit can enter water hexes as though they were double-cost terrain hexes. Q: Can an Amphibious Vehicle float down a stream? A: No. Streams are hex- side terrain. They don’t run through hexes. They run in between them. Therefore, even if there were some allowance for this, the stream wouldn't lead you into a hex anyway. Angriff   - In your assault phase, friendly non-artillery Soldiers adjacent to this unit can move into an enemy unit's hex and then attack that unit. They get +1 on each attack die result for that attack. (See Banzai Charge for Q&A) Antiair  - This unit ignores the -1 penalty on each attack die when attacking Aircraft. If an enemy Aircraft is placed in a hex adjacent to this unit, this unit may make a defensive-fire attack against it. Q: Can an artillery unit without the Antiair special ability attack Aircraft? A: No. (Comes from the 11/12/2009 Rules update)  3 Antiair Support  - While in the same hex as a friendly unit with the Anti-air ability this unit gains the Anti-air ability. Armor Piercing Rounds  - Once per game, before you roll this unit's attack against a Vehicle, you can declare you are using these rounds. If you score two hits against that Vehicle with this attack, score an additional hit. Q: What happens if a Sherman Easy Eight announces the use of an Armored Piercing Round and fires upon a vehicle with Heavy Armor? How do you get damaged or destroy results? A: If an AP round scores two hits, it automatically gets a 'free' third hit. If this happens against a tank with the Heavy Armor SA, then the tank takes all three hits. But the Heavy Armor SA cancels the second one, so the ultimate effect is that the tank suffers only two hits, not three. If the Easy 8 scores enough successes to get three hits from a single attack, then the AP round has no additional effect. The text of that special ability stipulates that the bonus hit applies if the attack scores two hits. You can never score more than three hits against a single target in a single attack. AVRE  - This unit ignores Obstacles. This unit destroys each Obstacle it crosses. This unit destroys each Obstacle in hexes it enters. Q: I assume the sentence This unit destroys each obstacle it crosses. refers to Barbed Wire. A: Yes. Barbed Wire is the only obstacle that can be crossed. The following text comes from a Rules Update printed on the back of the D-Day booster set check list: Churchill AVRE The AVRE vehicles were specially designed to destroy and/or easily cross any obstructions found on the beaches of Normandy. The Churchill AVRE immediately destroys any Obstacle it crosses and any Obstacle in a hex that it enters. Since it also ignores Obstacles, the AVRE is never adversely affected by Fortifications or Traps. Q: Since the Churchill AVRE ignores obstacles, does that mean it does not have to make the minefield disruption roll when it enters the hex or ends its movement in a hex with a minefield? A: An AVRE ignores obstacles which means it doesn't need to make any disruption roll. As soon as it enters the hex with the mine, it is removed. Q: Does the Churchill AVRE actually get to automatically destroy a pillbox in a hex it enters? A: Yes. It enters the hex and removes the pillbox.  4 Q: Normally a vehicle has to make a successful movement roll to enter a hex with a tank obstacle in it. But since the AVRE special ability says it ignores obstacles, does this mean it gets to ignore the movement roll requirement to enter the hex with the tank obstacle in it? Does it automatically destroy the tank obstacle as it moves through the hex? A: Yes. The AVRE ignores the effects of anti-tank obstacles. No movement roll is needed. It enters the hex and the anti-tank obstacle is immediately removed. Q: Barbed wire is placed along the boundary between hexes. Does the Churchill AVRE have to cross the barbed wire to destroy it or be adjacent to it? A: AVRE must cross a hex side that the barb wire is on. Once crossed, remove the barbed wire obstacle immediately. Awareness  - This unit can make defensive-fire attacks against Soldiers that enter its hex. Q: The wording of this special ability clearly says “that enters its hex”. What if the enemy soldier is leaving the hex or moving sideways from adjacent hex to adjacent hex. Normal defensive fire would allow you to take a shot. A: A special ability means exactly what it states; no more and no less. Awareness gives the ability to use defensive fire in the specific situation that it describes which is when an enemy soldier enters the vehicle's hex. Not when the soldier moves across the vehicle's front, not when it leaves the vehicle's hex, but only when it enters the vehicle's hex. Everything that the SA doesn't explicitly change about defensive fire remains the same as normal. The vehicle doesn't gain an expanded field of fire, and the attack can hit the soldier in either the hex that it's leaving or the hex that it's entering (which must be the vehicle's hex). Back blast  - If this unit attacks, it fails all cover rolls for the rest of the turn. Banzai Charge  (Commander Ability) - In your assault phase, friendly non-Artillery soldiers adjacent to this unit can move into an enemy unit's hex and then attack that unit. They get +1 on each attack die for that attack. Q: Do the Banzai Charge and Angriff special abilities operate the same way? A: Yes. Q: For a Soldier to use the Banzai Charge / Angriff special ability, it must move into an adjacent hex, right? It can't attack an enemy unit located in the same hex where it starts. A: Correct. The SA requires movement into an adjacent, enemy occupied hex.
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