SpeedStriker Instructions

SpeedStriker Instructions
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  INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND EXERCISE GUIDE  AGILITY & CARDIO BOXING TRAINER  WARNING: PLEASE READ! » To avoid strangulation keep cords out of the reach of children.» Recommended for athletes over 14 years old. Athletes under 18 years of age should use under strict adult supervision.» Be sure to consult your healthcare professional before beginning this or any type of exercise program. » Always check equipment for worn or damaged parts before use. If any defects are found, do not use product.» Refer to care and safety instructions document for additional information. CAUTION: » When attaching to ceilings and/or door frames ensure eyelet screw is attached to a beam/frame to avoid drywall damage. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: » Make sure you have all of the Speed Striker components. Please contact SKLZ customer service toll free at 877-225-7275 x128 if you are missing anything.» Read all setup and usage instructions carefully.» Adult assembly recommended. SPEED STRIKER   SET UP STEP 1  – ATTACHING SPEED STRIKER OVERHEAD   Option 1- Attach to a fixed structure with Eyelet Screw (C):  Tightly screw the Eyelet Screw into a ceiling beam or door frame. Remove the end of the elastic cord from the Loop Cord-Lock. Feed the end of the cord through the Eyelet Screw and secure cord back into the Loop Cord-Lock. Option 2- Attach around a fixed object overhead   (tree branch, beam or bar): Remove end of the elastic cord from the Loop Cord-Lock. Wrap the elastic cord around the fixed object and secure cord back into the Loop Cord-Lock. STEP 2  – Place Weighted Base (A) on floor directly below Cord Configuration (B). Screw the Tension-Adjustment Stem into Weighted Base (A) until fully secure. SPEED STRIKER   USAGE TENSION ADJUSTMENT: Adjust tension level by wrapping the elastic cord around Tension-Adjustment Stem.Note: The tighter the cord the faster the Striking Ball will return. BALL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT : To adjust Striking Ball height, simply squeeze the Height Adjustment Cord-Lock and move the Height Adjustment Cord-Lock up or down depending on preferred ball height.Additional Balls and Cord-Locks Available at SKLZ.comOPTION 1OPTION 2 SPEED STRIKER   PARTS Remove Speed Striker and all of the components from the box. Prior to use, check Speed Striker for worn or damaged components. If any defects are found do not use the product. Refer to warranty for replacement consideration. //// SPEED STRIKER: SET UP   A – Weighted BaseB – Cord ConfigurationC – Eyelet Screw  C  or  d  C  onfi  g ur  a t i   on (  B  )   Weighted Base (A)Tension-Adjustment Stem (Screws into Weighted Base) Height Adjustment Cord-LockStriking BallLoop Cord-Lock STANCE JAB BOXERS STANCE SETUP: STEP 1 – Arms reach of striking ball with hands clenched in a fist.STEP 2 – Feet shoulder width apart and at a 30-degree angle. Knees slightly bent.STEP 3 – Right handers lead with the left hand/foot, left handers lead with the right. STRAIGHT JAB EXERCISE STEPS: STEP 1 – Pull the striking ball toward your body and release. Gauge the speed and distance of the rebound.STEP 2 – Pull and release the striking ball. As it returns, jab first with your leading hand. As the strike ball rebounds for the second time, strike it with your trailing fist (Right hand for right handers, left hand for left handers). Continue this routine until you have a nice rhythm. TRAINING TIP: Keep your legs relaxed and knees bent slightly. //// SPEED STRIKER: DRILLS EXERCISE STEPS: STEP 1 – Jab the striking ball with your leading fist. As you extend your arm, twist your wrist so your knuckles make contact on the front part of the fist.STEP 2 – At first, strike the target gently to minimize rebound speed. As you become more skilled, you can increase difficulty by: – Increasing the speed and power of each strike to increase the speed of each rebound – Reducing the number of rebounds in between strikes. (The most difficult is striking each rebound in a continuous pattern) – Striking the rebound at different angles. (A straight line rebound is the easiest)Stance for right handers
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