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  Mobile:   +91 9788682575 Email:  Phone: 0422-6471113,14,15 Ms.C.Sagunthala  , Faculty, Department of Management Studies and Research, Karpagam University Coimbatore – 641 021. DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES & RESEARCH National Work Shop on National Work Shop on National Work Shop on National Work Shop on  Advanced Data  Analysis Using IBM SPSS & AMOS 󰀱󰀸  󰁴󰁨  󰀦 󰀱󰀹 󰁴󰁨  󰁏󰁣󰁴󰁯󰁢󰁥󰁲󰀬 󰀲󰀰󰀱󰀴   All Correspondence must be addressed to:   Chief Patron   Dr.R.Vasanthakumar Chancellor, Karpagam University, Coimbatore Patrons Shri K.Murugaiah , Chief Executive Officer Dr.S.Subramanian , Vice Chancellor Dr. G.Seka r, Registrar Dr.P.Palanivelu , Controller of Examinations, Dr. M.Palanisamy , Dean i/c, Faculty of Arts Science and Humanities Convener Dr. M. Ashok Kumar , Professor & Head, Department of Management Studies and Research Coordinator Ms.C.Sagunthala, Faculty, Department of Management Studies and Research Tel: 555 555 5555   󰁋󰁁󰁒󰁐󰁁󰁇󰁁󰁍 󰁕󰁎󰁉󰁖󰁅󰁒󰁓󰁉󰁔󰁙󰁋󰁁󰁒󰁐󰁁󰁇󰁁󰁍 󰁕󰁎󰁉󰁖󰁅󰁒󰁓󰁉󰁔󰁙󰁋󰁁󰁒󰁐󰁁󰁇󰁁󰁍 󰁕󰁎󰁉󰁖󰁅󰁒󰁓󰁉󰁔󰁙󰁋󰁁󰁒󰁐󰁁󰁇󰁁󰁍 󰁕󰁎󰁉󰁖󰁅󰁒󰁓󰁉󰁔󰁙 󰁋󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁡󰁤󰁥󰁭󰁹󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁈󰁩󰁧󰁨󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁅󰁤󰁵󰁣󰁡󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮 󰁋󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁡󰁤󰁥󰁭󰁹󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁈󰁩󰁧󰁨󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁅󰁤󰁵󰁣󰁡󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮 󰁋󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁡󰁤󰁥󰁭󰁹󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁈󰁩󰁧󰁨󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁅󰁤󰁵󰁣󰁡󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮 󰁋󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁡󰁤󰁥󰁭󰁹󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁈󰁩󰁧󰁨󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁅󰁤󰁵󰁣󰁡󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮󰀠󰀠󰀠󰀠  󰀨󰁅󰁳󰁴󰁡󰁢󰁬󰁩󰁳󰁨󰁥󰁤󰀠󰁵󰁮󰁤󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁓󰁥󰁣󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮󰀠󰀳󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁕󰁇󰁃󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁴󰀬󰀠󰀱󰀹󰀵󰀶󰀩  󰀨󰁅󰁳󰁴󰁡󰁢󰁬󰁩󰁳󰁨󰁥󰁤󰀠󰁵󰁮󰁤󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁓󰁥󰁣󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮󰀠󰀳󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁕󰁇󰁃󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁴󰀬󰀠󰀱󰀹󰀵󰀶󰀩  󰀨󰁅󰁳󰁴󰁡󰁢󰁬󰁩󰁳󰁨󰁥󰁤󰀠󰁵󰁮󰁤󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁓󰁥󰁣󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮󰀠󰀳󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁕󰁇󰁃󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁴󰀬󰀠󰀱󰀹󰀵󰀶󰀩  󰀨󰁅󰁳󰁴󰁡󰁢󰁬󰁩󰁳󰁨󰁥󰁤󰀠󰁵󰁮󰁤󰁥󰁲󰀠󰁓󰁥󰁣󰁴󰁩󰁯󰁮󰀠󰀳󰀠󰁯󰁦󰀠󰁕󰁇󰁃󰀠󰁁󰁣󰁴󰀬󰀠󰀱󰀹󰀵󰀶󰀩󰀠󰀠󰀠󰀠 󰁅󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁡󰁮󰁡󰁲󰁩󰁐󰁯󰁳󰁴󰀬󰁐󰁯󰁬󰁬󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁩󰁍󰁡󰁩󰁮󰁒󰁯󰁡󰁤󰀬󰁅󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁡󰁮󰁡󰁲󰁩󰁐󰁯󰁳󰁴󰀬󰁐󰁯󰁬󰁬󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁩󰁍󰁡󰁩󰁮󰁒󰁯󰁡󰁤󰀬󰁅󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁡󰁮󰁡󰁲󰁩󰁐󰁯󰁳󰁴󰀬󰁐󰁯󰁬󰁬󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁩󰁍󰁡󰁩󰁮󰁒󰁯󰁡󰁤󰀬󰁅󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁡󰁮󰁡󰁲󰁩󰁐󰁯󰁳󰁴󰀬󰁐󰁯󰁬󰁬󰁡󰁣󰁨󰁩󰁍󰁡󰁩󰁮󰁒󰁯󰁡󰁤󰀬󰁃󰁯󰁩󰁭󰁢󰁡󰁴󰁯󰁲󰁥󰁃󰁯󰁩󰁭󰁢󰁡󰁴󰁯󰁲󰁥󰁃󰁯󰁩󰁭󰁢󰁡󰁴󰁯󰁲󰁥󰁃󰁯󰁩󰁭󰁢󰁡󰁴󰁯󰁲󰁥󲀓 󲀓󲀓 󲀓󰀶󰀴󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀱󰀮󰀶󰀴󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀱󰀮󰀶󰀴󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀱󰀮󰀶󰀴󰀱󰀰󰀲󰀱󰀮󰁗󰁥󰁢󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁥󰀺󰁷󰁷󰁷󰀮󰁫󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰁵󰁮󰁩󰁶󰁥󰁲󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁹󰀮󰁥󰁤󰁵󰀮󰁩󰁮 󰁗󰁥󰁢󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁥󰀺󰁷󰁷󰁷󰀮󰁫󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰁵󰁮󰁩󰁶󰁥󰁲󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁹󰀮󰁥󰁤󰁵󰀮󰁩󰁮 󰁗󰁥󰁢󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁥󰀺󰁷󰁷󰁷󰀮󰁫󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰁵󰁮󰁩󰁶󰁥󰁲󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁹󰀮󰁥󰁤󰁵󰀮󰁩󰁮 󰁗󰁥󰁢󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁥󰀺󰁷󰁷󰁷󰀮󰁫󰁡󰁲󰁰󰁡󰁧󰁡󰁭󰁵󰁮󰁩󰁶󰁥󰁲󰁳󰁩󰁴󰁹󰀮󰁥󰁤󰁵󰀮󰁩󰁮󰁐󰁨󰁯󰁮󰁥󰀺󰀰󰀴󰀲󰀲 󰁐󰁨󰁯󰁮󰁥󰀺󰀰󰀴󰀲󰀲 󰁐󰁨󰁯󰁮󰁥󰀺󰀰󰀴󰀲󰀲 󰁐󰁨󰁯󰁮󰁥󰀺󰀰󰀴󰀲󰀲󰀭 󰀭󰀭 󰀭󰀶󰀴󰀷󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀳󰀬󰀱󰀴󰀬󰀱󰀵 󰀶󰀴󰀷󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀳󰀬󰀱󰀴󰀬󰀱󰀵 󰀶󰀴󰀷󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀳󰀬󰀱󰀴󰀬󰀱󰀵 󰀶󰀴󰀷󰀱󰀱󰀱󰀳󰀬󰀱󰀴󰀬󰀱󰀵 KARPAGAM UNIVERSITY Registration Form NATIONAL WORK SHOP ON ADVANCED DATA ANALYSIS USING IBM SPSS & AMOS On 18   th   & 19   th   October, 2014 Name: Ph.D / M.Phil Registration No. Designation University/College of affiliation: Discipline (of Research): E-Mail: Mobile No : I/We enclose a Demand Draft for Rs. 2000 towards Registration fee to be paid in favour of “Karpagam University “payable at Coimbatore, drawn on bank___________________________________  _____ DD No: ________________ dated______________ Yours Faithfully Note: Registration fee is not refundable

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Jul 23, 2017
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