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  11/8/2014Interview of Mr Vijay Kumar (SSC CGL-11)-SSCEXAMFORUM - Staff Selection Commission(SSC) Exams Doubts and Solutions Search Member List Calendar Threaded Mode | Linear Mode 10-09-2013, 12:36 PM (This post was last modified: 11-13-2013 07:19 PM by Maha Gupta.) Post: #1   Thread Rating: Hello There, Guest! Login   Register  — Login with Facebook  Staff Selection Commission(SSC) Exams Doubts and Solutions › MAIN FORUMS › CGL INTERVIEW STRATEGY/REAL CGL INTERVIEWS › Real SSC CGL Interviews › SSC CGL Interviews (Inspector/Assistant Posts) › iii) Engineering/B. Sc./Food Technology  Interview of Mr Vijay Kumar (SSC CGL-11)Interview of Mr Vijay Kumar (SSC CGL-11) Ronnie Bansal   Ronnie BansalPosts: 308Joined: Aug 2013 Reputation: 5Interview of Mr Vijay Kumar (SSC CGL-11) Panel ask u got selected for SI in CPO so why did not you joined?I said because of my study….I m pursuing MBA…..1st member(lady)Question: you study chemistry and physics in graduation Ans: yesQ: what is Archimedes principle?I answeredFew more more question related to Archimedes principle..I answeredWhat is density I answered, they ask for SI unit …..i was wrong that time they corrected Q: what is newton’s law Ans: mam I didn't recall in exact manner , can I start with any of them firstly……She said :yesI answered 3rd , 2nd with examples and going to explain 1st , suddenly she asked what is the difference b/w mass and difference?I answered, she asked for the value of gravity constantI answered : 9.8 m/sThen she asked for SI unit of acceleration …..i get confused and then corrected me.She going to ask what is energy?Suddenly another member asked……..she said …its ok…..I m done…..u carry on..2nd memberHe asked….your marks are not consistent ……why it is so?(I got 60 in Xth and 71 in XIIth and 53 in graduation) Ans: sir I pass out from delhi university ……and the conflict b/w management and student are very common …….at my time also there were conflicts b/wmanagement and student ……so they gave very less marks In practicals…..this is one of the reason…….He said this is one of the reason …… what about other……I said …….sir if my marks are not good so definitely I was not as good as required…..Question: tell me something about classical music  Ans: sorry sir I have no ideaHe explained bharatnatyam and ol………it said I don’t know anything about this sir…Q: what is tsunamiI answeredQ: what is difference b/w tsunami and earthquake?I answeredQ: how tsunami occurs?I answeredQ: what kind of women was Indira Gandhi? Ans: (actually I don’t know much about her)I answered : vo badi shashi (courageous) mahila thi……unhone 1975 in country me emergency lgaai thi…..then I stop…..2nd member said unhone 1971 m kuchnahin kiya tha………main kaha yes sir unhone 1971 m b emergency lagai thi jb India-Pak war hui thi………2nd said or kuch nahin hua tha……I said no sirThen he said tb Bangladesh alag nahin hua tha? I said : oh yes! Sir tab Bangladesh alag hua tha.Q: mahatma Gandhi ke sidhant (principle) bataao ? Ans: vo ek aahinsha (non-violence ) priye adami the……vo hinsa m believe nahin krte the……I explained bit more this point….then stop……member asked : orkuchh?  11/8/2014Interview of Mr Vijay Kumar (SSC CGL-11)-SSCEXAMFORUM - Staff Selection Commission(SSC) Exams Doubts and Solutions   Enter Keywords   Search Thread  He said chalo m akhari question phuchhta hun…..Mahatma Gandhi ki book ka naam bataao…….I said : my experiment with truth….Then he said: satya (truth) bhi to unka ek motto tha……vo kehte the ki insaan ko kabhi jhuth nahin bolna chahiye……..i said : o yes sir!3rd member Your are a MBA student? I said yes sirQ: tell me about principle of marketing? Ans: I told about 4 principles of marketing,,,,,and if we extent to service marketing there are 7 principles ..i told them all.He asked me about subject of MBA I said marketing and business and service marketingHe said : aapne human resource management padha h? I said yes sirQ: what are the problem in recruitment?I am confused …..i asked ……from whom point of view should I tell……a employer or a employee?he said : aap manager hain aap apne point of view se bataiye?I answered but may be he was not satisfiedQ: what is recruitment?I started answering……he said …..pehle mera question to pura hone dijiye?I said sorry sir …..i get nervous…..he said don’t be nervous…..How changed his questionQ: what is difference b/w direct and indirect recruitment?I answered but he was not satisfied……in fact I wrongly answered that question……..4th member(sitting in the middle)What is date of todayI said its 26 nov 2011Q: aaj kuch hua tha?ans: yes sir ….there are two important things which happened today….(I think He was surprised ) he said two?What are those two….I said today is our national law day……today our constitution get completed and tell him a brief history of it….He said what is next?I said 3 years back there were a terrorist attack on Mumbai……the accused were came to Mumbai through water way……..the main targeted place were oberoihotel , nariman house, and taj hotel……and tell the whole story …..Final he said : ok you can leave…..I asked : that’s it sir…They reply yes….I wish them have nice day and leave the room… « Next Oldest | Next Newest »Possibly Related Threads... Thread:AuthorReplies:Views:Last Post  Interview of Mr Shiv Kishor (SSC CGL-10)Ronnie Bansal02,959 10-09-2013 02:00 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Anuj Chaubey (SSC CGL-12)Ronnie Bansal02,794 10-09-2013 01:55 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Sameer Goyal (SSC CGL-12)Ronnie Bansal02,616 10-09-2013 01:41 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Sumanashis Biswas (SSC CGL-12)Ronnie Bansal02,372 10-09-2013 01:37 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Vishal Gourav (SSC CGL-12)Ronnie Bansal02,052 10-09-2013 01:17 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Vishu Mittal (SSC CGL-12)Ronnie Bansal02,021 10-09-2013 01:07 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr C.R.Meena (SSC CGL-11)Ronnie Bansal01,887 10-09-2013 12:57 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Bijayant (SSC CGL-11)Ronnie Bansal01,963 10-09-2013 12:52 PMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  Interview of Mr Vaibhav Jindal (SSC CGL-11)Ronnie Bansal01,434 10-09-2013 11:57 AMLast Post: Ronnie Bansal  11/8/2014Interview of Mr Vijay Kumar (SSC CGL-11)-SSCEXAMFORUM - Staff Selection Commission(SSC) Exams Doubts and Solutions  View a Printable VersionSend this Thread to a FriendSubscribe to this thread Forum Jump:   ------- iii) Engineering/B. 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