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Ssc Ppt 2007

class-9 work leisure and time.. full project of ssc of class 9th history
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        C.C.E FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT - II Session 2012-13 Class 10 Name: Chirag Gami 06 Dhyey Patel 07 Divyang Dankhara 08 Ghanil Moradiya 09 Harsh Bahroliya 10 Activity: PowerPoint Presentation Topic: Work, Life and Leisure Print Culture and The modern World     Industrialization and the Rise of the Modern City in England  The early industrial cities of Britain such as Leeds and Manchester attracted large number of migrants to the textile mills set up in the late 18th century.   In 18 th  century most of the people were employed in Clothing and footwear , Wood and furniture ,Metals and engineering Printing and stationary  During the First World War (1914-18), London began manufacturing cars and electrical goods. The number of large factories increased until they accounted for nearly one-third of all jobs in the city.  Special features of the city of London in the year 1750 were : (i) Colossal city or Metropolis, densely Populated, the capital of the region. (ii) Population 6,75,000. (iii) Rate of growth of population from one million in 1810 to four million in 1880.
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