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Start Now with Information Governance Applying Information Governance to Unstructured Content 1 Information by 2020: The Big Picture There will be lots of it 35 ZB Generated by individuals 70% Digital
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Start Now with Information Governance Applying Information Governance to Unstructured Content 1 Information by 2020: The Big Picture There will be lots of it 35 ZB Generated by individuals 70% Digital information requiring security beyond baseline levels Growth factor for number of files, images, records, and other digital information containers Digital information created annually that will either live in or pass through the cloud 30 50% 67 1/3 Information Consequences of not managing information? SEVERE Source: The Digital Universe Decade: Are You Ready?, EMC-sponsored IDC White Paper, May Business Drivers Capacity outgrowth COST SAVINGS Exchange upgrades SharePoint explosion Data center consolidation 3 Business Drivers Audits PREPAREDNESS and RESPONSE Investigations Regulations Litigation 4 Business Drivers RISK MITIGATION PST elimination Retention management Knowing what you have 5 Gain Visibility Information Governance Cut Costs Simplify ediscovery Manage Risk 6 PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE INFORMATION GOVERNANCE 7 What Is the Relevance? 8 Pre-Planning: What Should You Pack on Your Journey? 9 Gain Visibility Cut Costs Simplify ediscovery Manage Risk EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint EMC SourceOne Management EMC SourceOne for File Systems 10 Customer Challenges with SharePoint Facts SQL Server is not optimized to support BLOBs (Source: Microsoft) Over 70% of organizations use or plan to use SharePoint (Source: IDC) 25% of SharePoint sites are inactive or orphaned (Source: InfoTrends) Problem SharePoint growth = high costs and reduced performance Evidence Viral Growth High Costs Poor Performance Governance 11 EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint Operational Efficiencies For Microsoft SharePoint Information Governance End-User Transparency 12 EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint A building block approach to SharePoint archiving Customers start today with their BIGGEST PAINS: Immediate operational challenges with active SharePoint content And The same product delivers site/content retirement and compliance capabilities enabling litigation readiness 13 SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint: Product Highlights Ability to manage SharePoint data sources Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft SharePoint Foundations 2010 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Comprehensive archiving of SharePoint content SharePoint Farms, Site Collections, Sites, Lists, Libraries List Items (documents, pictures, forms, wiki, calendar, tasks, contacts) Policy management Unified policy management Integration with EMC SourceOne infrastructure 14 SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint: Product Highlights Search (from SharePoint) for archived SharePoint Provides a consistent user interface experience, extending the SharePoint Search Center Leverages the SourceOne search services Allows access to and preview of content from the archive (even if the original site has been deleted from SharePoint) Reduce burden on SQL Server Write content directly to the SourceOne storage system Microsoft Office applications just work Microsoft Outlook offline/sharepoint list synchronization Moves SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove) content 15 Why EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint? Start by addressing your most immediate needs Capture all content types Archive based on object state not just historical Complete end user transparency Built on next-generation architecture Deep SharePoint services expertise to help you get started 16 Customer Challenges with Facts The average corporate user sent and received about 20 MB of data per user per day in 2009; this figure will rise by 55% by 2013 (Source: Radicati) 80% of organizations restrict mailbox size through quotas (Source: Enterprise Strategy Group) 80% of ediscovery incidents involve (Source: Enterprise Strategy Group) Exchange Personal Archive does not do single-instance storage (Source: Microsoft) Problem growth = high costs and compliance risk Evidence Unmanaged PST and NSF files High Storage Costs Poor Performance Slow Backup and Restores 17 EMC SourceOne Management Operational Efficiencies Management Mail System Upgrades End-User Transparency Information Governance 18 The Basics SourceOne in Action Collect Real-time Scheduled User Directed Archiving PST collection SourceOne Management Server(s) Organize and Classify Address Rules Retention and disposal policies Unique ID for single instancing User/Admin searches Web-based search to access archive Full Text Index Optional indexing of messages, attachments Includes embedded and Zip messages (20 layers deep) Ability to set indexing policy at folder level Messaging servers NSF Collection Store Container Files Copy containers to Management server storage Write to archive storage device on set schedule Archive Messages Compression Create container files EMC Centera EMC Celerra EMC Data Domain ediscovery searches Search and collect content in archive for discovery searches Put on legal hold 19 Shortcuts in SourceOne Management Quotas Allows for storage reduction on mail servers Replaces attachments in messages and calendar items with a pointer Provides transparent access to archive data Proactive approach to mailbox management, eliminates need for quotas 20 No More Mailbox Quotas! Mailbox - before with 5 MB attachment SourceOne Archive with 5 MB attachment Mailbox - after with 10 KB attachment Shortcut pointer with500 KB attachment with500 KB attachment with7 KB attachment Shortcut pointer 21 Become PST file Free! SourceOne Management can manage existing PST files: Crawl network to identify existing PST files Collect and archive selected PST files Shortcut and migrate back to user s mailbox (if desired) SourceOne Management can eliminate need for future PST files: Shortcut process automatically manages mailbox size Eliminate restrictive mailbox quotas 22 Customers Reduce TCO with SourceOne Management TCO Comparison Reducing amount of storage (Access Intelligence reduced production storage by 60%) Leveraging tiered storage (EMC saved $20M in storage costs) Reducing amount of backup media and associated bandwidth (ICI reduced backup times by 50%) 23 Business Drivers Large mailboxes slow down mail server performance No way to enforce retention policies Mobile workforce using Windows and Apple Mac demand access to old s 24 Results Achieved greater manageability of for compliance and litigation Decreased storage, reduced backup time by 50% Improved production performance by 87% Easy for mobile users in a mixed client environment 25 Why EMC SourceOne Management? Consolidate personal archives into centralized repository without changing the user experience Reduce storage requirements and improve backups/restores Consistently enforce retention & disposition policies Simplify the user search and ediscovery of archived content Built on next-generation architecture Centrally manage archived file system, messaging and SharePoint content Deep EMC Consulting expertise to help with end to end message system upgrades and SourceOne Management installations and configurations 26 Customer Challenges with Files Facts s and files make up 70% of all corporate information (Enterprise Strategy Group) Up to 90% of stored information is redundant or outdated. (Gartner) Today, only about half of survey respondents use any type of technology solution to enforce retention polices for file shares. (Forrester) Problem File growth = high costs and compliance risk Evidence Unmanaged file system content Inability to apply and enforce policy High Storage Costs Slow Backup and Restores 27 EMC SourceOne for File Systems Consolidate inactive files Enforce retention policies For File Systems Centralize administration Reduce storage requirements Improve backup operations 28 SourceOne for File Systems: Product Highlights Flexible, policy-driven file content archiving Create policies: file name/path, size, type, age Apply policies: entire file server, share on a server, folder in a share Enforce policies: copy, move and delete, restore Schedule policies: date and time, recurring, user-defined events Monitor archiving activities and progress Access and search of archived file content Provides a consistent user-interface experience Leverages the SourceOne search services Enables Administrators to access and preview all archived content Allows end users to search for files they own or have created Enables end-user access from file server to archived content (linking) 29 SourceOne for File Systems: Product Highlights Unified policy management Extend existing policies to file system content Integration with SourceOne infrastructure Ability to support multiple file systems NTFS 3.0 and above CIFS/SMB2 and above Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) 30 Business Drivers Growth of messages, PST files and inactive file content, led to high production storage costs Must comply with Freedom of Information Act seven year retention Ease and speed of searching in response to FOIA requests 31 Results Removed PSTs, reducing production storage by 50%, improving backup windows Better management of file server capacity; improved backups Easily managing retention policies and conducting searches to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 32 Why EMC SourceOne for File Systems? Consolidate inactive file system content to a centralized archive Centrally manage archived file system, messaging and SharePoint content Reduce storage requirements and improve backup Consistently enforce retention & disposition policies Simplify the search of archived content Built on next-generation architecture 33 The SourceOne Platform PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE INFORMATION GOVERNANCE Manage risk Simplify e-discovery Cut costs 34 What sets EMC apart? EMC Consulting Services Strategize Advise Architect Implement Upgrade Manage Tiered/ Unified Storage Virtual Infrastructure Backup, Recovery, Restore Archiving Business Continuity Security EMC Information Infrastructure 35 Visit SourceOne City SourceOne City 36 Q&A 37 THANK YOU 38
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