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Starting Your Digital Existence How can I Organize My Digital Life

Starting Your Digital Existence How can I Organize My Digital Life
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  Starting Your Digital Existence How can I Organize My Digital Life? Create your accounts on mainstream sites before someone else does Mainstream sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn draw attention to your name and personal information. Unless you claim your name someone else may paint you in an unprofessional light  prior to you claiming your digital profile. Simply putting an identifying yet secured account with real information about you takes away a digital hijackers opportunity to exploit or degrade your good name online. You can adjust privacy settings after to allow for real content to show but when starting up sign up for all sites and allow one piece of identifying information to show like hometown or age. Establish a junk email As you start your digital existence you’ll realize that each website you join will ask you for an email. Knowing this it is important to take into account that email is a communication channel. Many emails you receive after signing up for an account like Facebook, twitter etc. amount to nothing but spam. You might overlook a personal email when flooded with the sometimes over 30 emails per hour you will receive from websites you subscribe to. Create an email account on a free unlimited service (I use Hotmail) that will allow you to separate these service emails from your personal communication. Sign up for online services and offers using this email and use other emails addresses for communication only. When you do this you will enjoy the information about your digital life in one email box and about real life in another mail box. Education record websites Some less mainstream websites allow you to showcase your talent (especially at the high school and collegiate level of education. Sites like offer a great opportunity to publish your writings, videos and accomplishments in the academic setting online. You can use this site to create a record of your work and progression, showing clear interests and focus of your studies. Other websites promoting accomplishment include or allowing sporting and related video and profiles at the college and high school levels. Diversify your content People often say “I don’t have content for a video” or “I never really write”. In reality you have done  both each time you’ve done one. Using  WordPress allows you to publish any content. A transcript of a video will help flood search results of the right content when searched. So if you make a video transcribe the closed caption on YouTube and upload the same transcription on WordPress to link that content to your ongoing blogs or other published works. You can take this further by reading your work out loud and publishing it on an app like SoundCloud or a video on YouTube. People have tired eyes in today’s world and audio and video content offer a way to use a less intense engaging form of content delivery to get your message.  Establish a file of accounts By this point you have realized that passwords and usernames will be used extensively in your digital life. An individual needs a file of accounts to manage their existence for the long term. A simple secure excel file using hints or coded passwords can help you access your accounts without flagging security checks by the website. The list of accounts will also help remind you of projects and sites that need to be maintained. PayPal /payments PayPal is most common used money transferring service on the web. Seamless free transfers from your bank account to PayPal and vice versa can allow for low cost online purchasing or fee less earnings online. PayPal even gives you a line of credit when linked to a bank account. Building credit online is important as very little reporting happens through online transactions or accounts at this stage in the internet’s existence. Credit bureaus still recognize mostly brick and mortar style companies over the new wave of online stores. Survey/payment/spending Because of the need for online shopping and behavioural data many opportunities exist to monetize even the most simple of tasks online. Your opinion is worth money, and yes I mean real money. Amazon Mturk  allows you to take surveys or complete simple tasks such as translation or dictation from your home earning an amount for the job. Other websites offer monetized earnings by allowing a plugin to track the searching and clicking habits of your browser. When you upload video on YouTube and other sites it is very simple to monetize the content using ads features built into the sites. There are a lot of apps and programs out there allowing you to get cash back from spending with linked credit cards at certain stores, restaurants and events. Upromise  allows you to save for a child’s education by linking credit cards and using them at participating gas stations, restaurants, and online shopping venues. Foursquare is an app that has free offers for checking in and cash back opportunities for certain spending criteria described by the site. There are many other partnerships you can make to maximize incentives for spending online or in store, opportunity here is at your fingertips. Website Creation At some point in your life you will need a website for a project, cause or business. Creating a website gives you a skill and insight into how linking, monetization SEO (search engine optimization) and other online phenomena work. Many sites offer domain purchasing and website building services such as and Domain Tower .  Promoting yourself Your ranking in searches on websites is the result of popularity and interaction with your site or online event. To facilitate higher rankings you can find ways to link all of your posts through the use of tags, deep linking and using common phrases. Pay per click advertising of your websites and profiles can be done simply through google or Facebook ads. One notable benefit to using website builder is the free credit you will  receive to be used on adds promoting your website. The free credit includes offers on Facebook, google and Bing which if used properly can get your site to the people using the search terms you want to attract. Affiliate for yourself and your family Affiliate programs are one of the first monetization opportunities the internet. Websites imprint near or within their content to generate clicks, leads or sales. The advertiser pays the affiliate a commission based on any one of those metrics. These programs offer a new opportunity for individuals to monetize and partner directly with companies (often with no signup feeds) and take a  participation in the support of related retailers. Share a sale is a third party aggregator of affiliate programs that is free of charge to sign up. Some companies such as offer direct programs through their site allowing you to link to any online product and ultimately receive a commission. All of these sites use cookies to track the clicks made from your links placed on a page. The truth is now with affiliate marketing you can be a salesperson for virtually any company or product you wish. With the support of family and friends you might be able to cater to them and target those customers you know best by getting what they buy at the best deals. Online shopping shows the extra benefits of less trips to the store, lower prices and time savings. Getting support from friends is a great way to start earning money online with products you believe in. Maintenance, updates and closures Without up to date data especially on content driven sites you will find your articles or other blogs to  become irrelevant. Creating updates is a must if you want to keep your traffic generating content relevant. Further adding new life events and goal attainments shows your commitment and drive. Closing accounts can raise more relevant search items on google or similar sites, however those same links may be used to push down a bad review or other contradictory content created by other users using the same link terms you are. I do not recommend deleting a website profile you have created unless it is utterly necessary.
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