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State in Time

State in Time Edited by IRWIN Become a citizen of the first global state of the universe! The NSK State in Time emerged in 1992, evolving in the context of the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the transformation Neue Slowenische Kunst. Existing both as an artwork and a social formation, a state that encompasses all time but holding no territory, the NSK State in Time has for two decades pushed the boundaries of artistic and political practice. This volume collects together, for the first time, analyses of of the NSK State in Time including its relationship with the changing context of Eastern Europe, the connection between aesthetics and the state, the rise of NSK folk art, and documents the First NSK Citizen’s Congress in 2010. Includes essays by Inke Arns, Huang Chien-Hung, Eda Cufer, Marina Grzinic, Irwin, Tomaz Mastnak, Viktor Misiano, Alexei Monroe, Ian Parker, Avi Pitchon, Stevphen Shukaitis, Slavoj Zizek, and Jonah Westerman. Bio: IRWIN is a collective of artists including Dusan Mandic, Miran Mohar, Andrej Savski, Roman Uranjek and Borut Vogelnik. IRWIN was founded in 1983 in Slovenia and is one of the core groups within the artists’ collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) founded in 1984. In 1992 IRWIN co-founded NSK State in Time. The members of the group live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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   S  t   a  t   e i  nT i  m e  Inke ArnsHuang Chien-Hung Eda Č ufer Marina Gr ž  ini ć  IRWIN  Toma ž   Mastnak Conor McGrady Viktor Misiano  Alexei Monroe Ian Parker Avi Pitchon Stevphen Shukaitis Jonah Westerman Slavoj Ž i ž  ek  E  d i   t   e d  b  yI  R WI  N IRWIN, State in Time Lagos/Nigeria, 2010 Edited by IRWIN Minor CompositionsOther titles in the series: Precarious Rhapsody   – Franco “Bifo” Berardi  Imaginal Machines   – Stevphen Shukaitis  New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty – Felix Guattari and Antonio Negri T e Occupation CookbookUser’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible – Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination Spectacular Capitalism – Richard Gilman-Opalsky   Markets Not Capitalism – Ed. Gary Chartier & Charles W. Johnson Revolutions in Reverse – David Graeber Undressing the Academy – University for Strategic Optimism Communization & its Discontents – Ed. 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Gavin Grindon  Manifest(o)Mutations: Communist détournement of “communism” – Richard Gilman-Opalsky  Hypothesis 891 – Colectivo Situaciones Learn to Listen – Carlos Lenkersdorf   A Short Philosophical Dictionary of Anarchism from Proudhon to Deleuze – Daniel Colson Communists Must Write! –  John Hutnyk  As well as a multitude to come…  Minor Compositions Open Access Statement – Please Read  This book is open access. This work is not simply an electronic book; it is the open access version of a work that exists in a number of forms, the traditional printed form being one of them.  All Minor Compositions publications are placed for free, in their entirety, on the web.  This is because the free and autonomous sharing of knowledges and experiences is important, especially at a time when the restructuring and increased centralization of book distribution makes it difficult (and expensive) to distribute radical texts effectively.  The free posting of these texts does not mean that the necessary energy and labor to produce them is no longer there. One can think of buying physical copies not as the purchase of commodities, but as a form of support or solidarity for an approach to knowledge production and engaged research (particularly when purchasing directly from the publisher). The open access nature of this publication means that you can: ã read and store this document free of charge ã distribute it for personal use free of charge ã print sections of the work for personal use ã read or perform parts of the work in a context where no financial transactions take place However, it is against the purposes of Minor Compositions open access approach to: ã gain financially from the work ã sell the work or seek monies in relation to the distribution of the work ã use the work in any commercial activity of any kind ã profit a third party indirectly via use or distribution of the work ã distribute in or through a commercial body (with the exception of academic usage  within educational institutions)  The intent of Minor Compositions as a project is that any surpluses generated from the use of collectively produced literature are intended to return to further the development and production of further publications and writing: that which comes from the commons will be used to keep cultivating those commons. Omnia sunt communia!    Support Minor Compositions / Purchasing Books  The PDF you are reading is an electronic version of a physical book that can be purchased through booksellers (including online stores), through the normal book supply channels, or Minor Compositions directly. Please support this open access publication by requesting that your university or local library purchase a physical printed copy of this book, or by purchasing a copy yourself. If you have any questions please contact the publisher:  ! # $ &' (&)$      #$%&'()*%+'$  ,   -./ .%0%1 +$ 2+31    IRWIN   45   -./ .%0%1 +$ 2+31    Eda Č  ufer !    IRWIN   4,   67 8+9% :1+$1$ .%00% +$ 6)&';0   Slavoj Ž  i  ž ek  <4   -./= 2>1 .%0%1 ?>+*> @0$ A?0B ?+%> #%71CDE    Alexei Monroe 54   631&81$*B A390770('&7 %' 0 F.%0%1 'D 631&81$*BG= 2>1 -./ 639077B 0$( %>1 H'7*'? A&% .*1$1 'D %>1 4IIJ7   Viktor Misiano  K   2>1 .%0%1 07 0 L'&: 'D A&%   Toma  ž  Mastnak 5   M'$%1N%)0C+70%+'$ 'D %>1 -'%+'$ 'D .%0%1 0$( 'D M'$%13;'&0&B A&% +$ OC'90C -1'C+91&0C M0;+%0C+73    Marina Gr  ž ini  ć   ,4   2>1 6B1 'D %>1 .%0%1    Avi Pitchon  P4   2>1 @10C L+$*1 'D %>1 -./ .%0%1 +$ 20+;1+ Huang Chien-Hung   I4   2>1 -+81&+0$ M'$$1*%+'$= Q$ -./ R077;'&%7 07 67*0;1 0$( 6$%&B S1>+*C17  Inke Arns   I,   R)9C+* (+7*)77+'$ D'CC'?+$8 #$:1 A&$7T ;&171$%0%+'$ 4JI   2>1 TU+&7% -./ M+%+V1$7G M'$8&177T +$ W1&C+$= A .)330&B   Conor McGrady  44I   -./= ACC18+0$*17X A39+8)+%+17X R'C+%+*7X R&'*177    Ian Parker  455   #$%1&Y+1? ?+%> #0$ R0&:1&    Eda Č  ufer  45I   213;'&0&B Z1813'$+* ['$17 . tevphen Shukaitis  4K,   2>1 .1CD 0$( #%7 \')9C1= Z'? # ]71 %>1 -./ R077;'&%    Eda Č  ufer  4 I   M'$%17%+$8 ]%';+07= #$(+Y+()0C M'CC1*%+Y+%B 0$( 213;'&0C ZB9&+(+%B +$ %>1 -./ .%0%1 +$ 2+31    Jonah Westerman 4,5   W+'8&0;>+17 4,,   #CC)7%&0%+'$7
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