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STATEMENT BY MR. RAMADHANI M.KHIJJAH PERMANENT SECRETARY MINISTRY OF FINANCE OF THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA, ON THE OCCASSION OF SIGNING THE GRANT AGREEMENT ON CO- FINANCING OF CCBRT MATERNITY AND NEWBORN HOSPITAL IN CCBRT HOSPITAL 31 ST MAY Mr. Wolfgang Solzbacher, KfW Director in Tanzania, Mr. Erwin Telemans, Chief Executive Officer CCBRT, Distinguished Guests, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen 1. Mr. Director, it is my great pleasure for me to have signed with you today an Agreement under which the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania will access a grant from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW to support the extension of CCBRT hospital. 2. Mr. Director, I am happy to note that, the agreement we have just signed will enable your esteemed Government through KfW to make available to Tanzania financial assistance amounting to 8.5 million Euros, equivalent to 17 billion Tanzania Shillings to support co-financing the construction of the Baobab Maternity and Newborn Hospital as the extension of the CCBRT hospital. 1 3. On behalf of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, I wish to thank you personally and through you, the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany for this very crucial and timely assistance. This support reflects the cordial relationship that exists between our two countries. 4. Mr. Director, Since its establishment in 1994, the CCBRT hospital has been helping us in delivering health Services to our citizens, for example in 2012 CCBRT attended the following cases; carried out 501 fistula surgeries (Fistula) performed 7750 eye surgeries (Upasuaji wa macho) received 243 club feet patients for surgery (Upasuaji wa mifupa ili kunyoosha miguu iliyopinda ya watoto wachanga) performed 428 cleft lip/palate surgeries (mdomo wa sungura) carried out 855 plastic/reconstructive and other orthopaedic surgeries (upasuaji kwa ajili ya kurudisha kiungo cha mwili ambacho hakiko sawa eidha kwa sababu za kuzaliwa kama jeraha, uvimbe na kadhalika kinarudishwa vizuri ili kiweze kufanya kazi vema na kumfanya mgonjwa ajisikie comfortable) produced 1347 prosthetics ( viungo vya bandia) and orthotics (vifaa vya kusapoti viungo vilivyopooza n.k.) 2 This is a remarkable performance of health Service Delivery in the country, of which otherwise was supposed to be done by the Government. 5. Mr. Director, Baobab Maternity and Newborn hospital is a result of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Government of Tanzania and CCBRT which started back in 2007 in which the Government of Tanzania signed MoU which expired in 2012 and be renewed in the same year. By the grant amounting to 8.5 million Euro we have signed today, will enable the Government of Tanzania to contribute to this hospital which would otherwise be provided through domestic revenue sources. Other co-financing partners are; Swiss Development Agency Netherlands Vodaphone foundation and ELMA (an American Foundation) 6. Mr. Director, The successful completion of this hospital, will significantly contribute to the Government s efforts on provision of high quality of health services to women and children and hence reducing the maternal and infant mortality in our country. 7. Mr. Director, in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Tanzania mainland targeted to achieve the following regarding the reduction of under-five mortality and maternal mortality: 3 to reach 64 deaths per 1000 live births up to 2015, but up to 2010 we reached 81 deaths per 1000 live births, in the 2009/10 Tanzania s MDGs report, this aspect was rated as achievable, regarding the maternal mortality rate, the target was to reach 133 deaths per 100,000 live births but in 2010 we reached only 454 per 100,000 live births. in the (2009/10) Tanzania s MDG s report, this aspect was rated to be not achievable. According to 2002 census, the regions which had higher maternal mortality rates were Mtwara, Tabora and Mara. As indicated through these statistics, Tanzania has made a good progress in reducing under-five child mortality. However, in the area of maternal mortality reduction, the progress achieved is far below the MDG targets. In order to sustain the achievements attained in reducing under-five mortality and reach the desired goal in reducing maternal mortality, the assistance from our Development Partners like the one we have signed today are highly required. 8. Mr. Director, Before I conclude my brief remarks, let me again express my appreciations on behalf of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for the generous assistance that has been provided by the Government of Federal Republic of Germany over the years in support of various development initiatives in Tanzania. Indeed, Germany remains one of the most trusted development 4 partners. We are particularly grateful for the assistance that has been provided by the Germany Government in other areas such as General Budget Support, Support to National Audit Office, Water, Energy, environmental conservation, Public Financial Reform Programs and Support to Local Governance. The Agreement we have just signed is yet another gesture of our deep and longstanding relation. 9. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me conclude my short statement by reaffirming my Government s Commitment to maintain and promote further, the partnership and friendly relationship that exists between Tanzania and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thank you for your attention. MINISTRY OF FINANCE, MAY
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