GOOD GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE DISCRETION Constantine Stephanou Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutions, Department of International & European Studies Panteion University, Athens Outline Overview: Policies for ensuring good governance 1. Ensuring effective governance 1.1.Ensuring effective policy making 1.2.Ensuring effective policy implemen
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  GOOD GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE DISCRETIONConstantine Stephanou Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutions,Department of International & European StudiesPanteion University, Athens Outline Overview: Policies or ensurin! !oo !overnance#$ Ensurin! eective !overnance 1.1.Ensuring effective policy making 1.2.Ensuring effective policy implementation %$ Ensurin! air !overnance an respect or the !eneral principles o law 2.1. Principle of legality 2.2. Principle of adequate reasoning 2.3. Principle of equality 2.4. Principle of proportionality 2.5. Principles of legal certainty and protection of legitimate expectations &$ Stren!thenin! the 'eans o re ress o !rievances($ Entrustin! a 'inistrative tas)s to in epen ent a!enciesConclu in! re'ar)s * * * * * Overview: Policies or ensurin! !oo !overnance The eer!ise of dis!retionary po er #y the administration hen it performsre$ulatory or implementation tas%s may #e ne!essary, and sometimespoliti!ally epedient It may, ho ever, undermine #usiness !onfiden!e and,more $enerally, !iti'ens( alle$ian!e to the politi!al system It is not thereforesurprisin$ that many $overnments are implementin$ poli!ies for redu!in$ or   eliminatin$ administrative dis!retion These poli!ies are #riefly eamined inthe present paper They may #e summarised as follo s)  Ensurin$ effe!tive $overnan!e  Ensurin$ fair $overnan!e and respe!t for the $eneral prin!iples of la   Stren$thenin$ the means of redress of $rievan!es  Entrustin$ re$ulatory tas%s to independent a$en!ies #$ Ensurin! eective !overnance  1.1. Ensuring effective policy making The +ED oun!il has adopted in -../ a 0e!ommendation on Improving the Quality of Government Regulation  see also, +ED 1-..23, Regulatory Impact Analysis: Best Practices in OECD Countries  and +ED 1-..23, Regulatory Quality an Pu!lic ector Reform# In the aforementioned re!ommendation the +ED !alls upon its mem#er states to !ondu!t re$ulatory impa!t analyses in order to ma%e sure thatproposed re$ulations are suita#le for a!hievin$ the stated poli!y $oals Amon$the 4uestions in!luded in the +ED !he!%list, the most !entral is hether re$ulation is the #est form of $overnment a!tion The !ompati#ility of re$ulation ith the operation of mar%ets is a hotly de#atedissue It has #een !orre!tly pointed out that 5re$ulation, at the very least, mustserve the ends, not only of limitin$ monopoly po er, #ut also of !reatin$ andpoli!in$ the !onditions for effe!tive !ompetition 6 to re$ulate mar%ets intoeisten!e, so to spea%7 18e is, 9::-, p -/-3In the U;, assessment of !omplian!e !osts to #usiness of ne re$ulatoryinitiatives has #een !ommon pra!ti!e in the administration, althou$h it asheralded as an important element of administrative reform in the -..:s(  1Dunsire & <ood 9:::, pp =:6=-3 Interestin$ly, the U; !onservative$overnment invo%ed very lar$e !omplian!e !osts for #usiness in order to optout of EU so!ial poli!y +n the other hand, Dunsire & <ood 19:::, p .-3 ar$ue that it may #edesira#le to use the potent mar%et me!hanism to further non6e!onomi!poli!ies Thus, taation of !ommodities and servi!es not to raise revenue #utto alter !osts 1and so pri!es3 differentially and affe!t !onsumption patterns1hi$h taes on to#a!!o, lo taes on diesel fuel, !ar#on ta for environmentalends 6 are eamples of so!ial en$ineerin$ via the mar%et pla!e  Alternative forms of $overnment a!tion, su!h as in!entives, are in!reasin$ly!onsidered as appropriate means for a!hievin$ pu#li! poli!y $oals Thus for eample, eli$i#le for $overnment pro!urement !ontra!ts are firms hi!h!omply not only ith te!hni!al and finan!ial !riteria #ut also ith standards of environmental performan!e>urthermore, the do!trine of su#sidiarity of the State provides thephilosophi!al underpinnin$ for entrustin$ responsi#ilities to sta%eholders The!lassi!al eample relates to the re$ulation of the la#our mar%et #y the so!ialpartners, ith or ithout State involvement In the EU, the ommission mayinitiate le$islation follo in$ the failure of the so!ial partners to rea!h ana$reement Moreover, so!ial partners may #e involved in the implementationsta$e In other areas of mar%et re$ulation the !urrent trend to ards asso!iative or parti!ipatory demo!ra!y re4uires the administration to eplore alternativessu!h as self6re$ulation, !o6re$ulation, #ar$ained administration Self6re$ulation) Most eamples stem from ?ritish pra!ti!e @evertheless, inthe area of finan!ial servi!es self6re$ulation has #een repla!ed #y !o6re$ulation sin!e the entry into for!e of the >inan!ial Servi!es A!t  o6re$ulation) The re$ulator sets mandatory rules and sta%eholders setprofessional standards and rules #y means of !odes of !ondu!t ?ar$ained administration) Pri!es of pharma!euti!als are usually ne$otiated#et een the national health or so!ial insuran!e #odies and thepharma!euti!al industry The aforementioned eamples of sta%eholder involvement tend todemonstrate that the traditional model of representative demo!ra!y is not anymore per!eived as the uni4ue mode of $overnan!e #y the people and thatforms of asso!iative demo!ra!y involvin$ the parti!ipation of sta%eholders are#ein$ in!reasin$ly eperimented ith in European !ountries 1.2. Ensuring effective policy implementation Effe!tive poli!y implementation is impossi#le ithout institutions andme!hanisms ensurin$ fairness and openness Moreover, one of the main!auses of maladministration is the !ompleity of the re$ulatory environmentand the in!onsisten!y of re$ulations In order to avoid pro#lems at theimplementation sta$e, re$ulators should !larify to hat etent preeistin$le$islation is repealed #y ne le$islation and should in!lude transitionalarran$ements for pendin$ administrative pro!edures The EU and mostmem#er States have underta%en efforts aimed at the simplifi!ation and!odifi!ation of su#stantive rules, as ell as pro!edures for $rantin$ approvals,permits et! %$ Ensurin! air !overnance an respect or the !eneral principles o law 2.1. Principle of legality  The prin!iple of le$ality re4uires the administration to a!t on the #asis of parliamentary  statutory authority The appli!ation of this prin!iple differs

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