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  Intellectual and PHENOMENAL intensity of his work and tectonic properties of his buildings hold a distinguished identity for Architect Steven Holl . His use of materials , colours and textures and my emphasis on PHENOMENOL depicts his adaptation of the theory of PHENOMENOLOGY , are the various considerations through which Holl’s Architecture can be Distinguished.  Steven Holl got his undergraduate degree from University of Washington and also attended graduate school at the AA school of Architecture and currently runs Steven Holl Architects a 40-person office in New York. He Also Teaches in the Columbia University. Holl's architecture has undergone a shift in emphasis, from his earlier concern with typology to his current concern with a PHENOMENOLOGICAL approach. The shift came about partly due to his interest in the writings of philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty and architect-theorist Juhani Pallasmaa . The Architect’s emphasis on site, typology, local and cultural values, basically understanding the physical as well as social context of a region leads him to his approach of Critical Regionalism. In the critical regionalist goal of reinterpreting the context, Holl avoids merely formal or visual replication and strives to find the value of architecture in culture and history of the site , and thus takes up the responsibility to challenge the complex morphology of the site and still blend with its apparent attributes. The significance of the philosophical interplay of his thinking and making of architecture defines his perspective of architecture , the exploration of his architectural positions constructs two main aspects , firstly , translation of philosophical concepts into the realm of architecture , based on the phenomenological philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Secondly , Intertwining of idea and  phenomena, that is the phenomenological actualization in his architectural design. THINKING OF ARCHITECTURE The process of Thinking and Making of can be referred to as separate complementary entities of architecture. Thinking involves the process call Architectural Design while articulation of form , spaces and other details tail it. Holl considers every architectural endeavour to be a mysterious and unpredictable journey . The Simmons Hall and Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum quite evidently portray the specifics of his thinking  –  information and disorder , confusion of purpose , program ambiguity , infinity of material and forms. Experience and Experiment emphasize on the approach Holl takes to justify his design. In simpler words any project will depict its nature of Experience which can be achieved by experimenting one’s own experiences of the nature of the project.   MAKING OF ARCHITECTURE After defining the idea and conceptualization , the next approach is to move from the intangible level of thinking architecture to tangible level of making architecture. The interconnection of the Idea and phenomenon takes place by the articulation of form , spaces and other details. Holl States this as the realization of the conceptual form of his design and this happens by means of light , colour , spaces at the same time embodying the character of the site physically and socially .  The Architect denotes three main forces of his Architecture  –  Idea-Force , Phenomenal Properties and Site-Force , the site provides the architect with a system of references which the architect re-interprets and brings in the Idea Force intertwined with the phenomenon and experience to come to a solution. “after this some i nformation about his works will be added , usko thora aur samajhna ahi toh voh add ho jaeega”  
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