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   o Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region III- Central Luzon Schools Division of Tarlac Province Concepcion West District STO. NI Ň O ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Brgy.Sto.Ni ň o Concepcion, Tarlac 37 th  Closing Exercises THEME: “Building the Nation’s Future Leaders through K to 12 Basic Education Program”   Date: March 15, 2013 Venue: School Ground Time: 4:00 PM M   _______________________________________ ( This serves as an invitation )   Pledge of Loyalty We, members of the class 2012-2013 do solemnly swear to remain faithful to our country, to our parents, teachers and our dear Alma Mater, Sto. Niňo Elementary School.  To perform the duties expected of us as young and competent citizens of the Republic of the Philippines and be ready to tackle the responsibilities in this world of work and struggle. To remain loyal to the aims of our National Leadership and the aspirations of our heroes and to offer our whole strength, our hopes, our ideals and our lives for the sake of the peaceful and well ordered Motherland. So help us God! Dedication To our dear parents, guardians and benefactors to whom we owe what we are, and to our dear teachers who helped us mold morally, spiritually and mentally, we humbly, dedicate this commencement program with our sincerest gratitude and fondest love. Graduates of 2013 Acknowledgement To all who shared their graces to us by donating gifts and medals, to our dear school head, our teachers, parents, and barangay officials who in one way or another made this event a success, our sincerest thanks. Announcement Enrollment will be on May 27-31, 2013 and classes will start on June 03, 2013. Donor of the Gifts Leon Foundation      THE ADMINISTRATIVE AND TEACHING STAFF ARMIN A. LUISTRO Secretary Department of education ISABELITA M. BORRES, CESO V Regional director Region III  –  Central Luzon   ANTONIETA B. TIOTUICO, Ph. D., CESO V School Division Superintendent ENGR. EDGARD C. DOMINGO Asst. School Division Superintendent ERLEO T. VILLAROS OIC  –  Asst. Schools Division Superintendent REMEDIOS C. TOMAS District Supervisor PATRICIO C. PEREZ ESHT  –  III BETH T. CASTRO NIMFA B. BALUBAYAN DISTRIC REG   ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE III   SONIA S. MANABAT CRISTY G. ANGELES KINDERGARTEN A KINDERGARTEN B RUBY C. VILLANUEVA CHERYL G. QUIMING GRADE I- A GRADE I-B   HERMINIA P. JULIAN ROSALINDA G. BAGONOC GRADE II  –  A GRADE II  –  B ARCHIE D. VILLANUEVA KAREN F. TAN GRADE III  –  A GRADE III  –  B DONNA C. BUNIAG NANCY N. SANCHEZ GRADE IV  –  A GRADE IV  –  B   ERLINDA T. VILLAPAÑA RONA F. CAMBRONERO GRADE V  –  A GRADE V  –  B REA B, CUTCHON LYDIA A. CABILANGAN ROY A. FLORES   GRADE VI  –  A GRADE VI  –  B GRADE VI  –  C BARANGAY OFFICIALS FERNANDO M. BALINGIT BARANGAY CAPTAIN EDINA CASTAÑEDA RENATO DE GUZMAN MIGUEL LIWANAG NESTOR CABILANGAN LAMBERTO DE GUZMAN CATALINO BUNIAG GREGORIO LIWANAG BARANGAY COUNCILORS MESSAGE Congratulations to the 2012-2013 graduates! This year’s graduation day once again marks a significant milestone in your educational journey as it reveals the fruits of all our sacrifices and hard work through the years. This day also signals your movement to a higher educational ladder, i.e. secondary education, which entails a more challenging aspect of your lives. This year’s theme: “  Building the Nation’s Future Leaders through K to 12 Basic Education Program ” reflects our relentless efforts to educate and guide you to become good and responsible citizens of the country and society. We want you to put in to good use, all the knowledge and values your dear Alma Mater has taught all these years. As we celebrate this significant milestone, let us not forget to thank our parents, our teachers, and school administrators who unselfishly shared their time and expertise for us to attain this moment of success. Congratulations once again and keep up the good work, God Speed! Antonieta B. Tiotuico, Ph D. CESO V Schools Division Superintendent   Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region III- Central Luzon Schools Division of Tarlac Province Concepcion West District MESSAGE Cheers to the newly graduates of Batch 2013! Today is indeed significant! It marks the end and the beginning of your scholastic  journey in your elementary education. As you move on to the next chapter, bring with you the courage and determination to face the challenges along the way. Education is the key to unlocking all your potential. This year’s theme: Building the Nation’s Future Leaders through K to 12 Basic Education Program manifest on how the youth of today are the hope of tomorrow. The world requires a new generation of scholars who will effect a positive change and go beyond the call of duty. It is your responsibility to go into the world and do our part in bringing about this change. The road to success is not easy; however you should keep the courage as you face new challenges in life. But for now, enjoy the fruit of your efforts and hard work. Make the most out of the knowledge you learned from school. Your success will not be completed without the people who served as your inspiration. To your parents for the unconditional love and support, dedicated teachers who enrich your values and imparted the gift of wisdom. Lastly, to the Divine Creator who made you for what you are now. You worked hard and you did it! May all your dreams come true! May God Bless you with courage and guts to thrive towards your dream. Again, my warmest congratulations to all of you! REMEDIOS C. TOMAS DISTRICT SUPERVISOR GRADUATION SONG 2012-2013 THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN   We hardly share a glance Then greet and know each other And now our time is up The band is backing up We’ll find another chance  To meet again together And feel each others cup I feel I’m breaking up  Is this time that almost always makes me cry Before we say goodbye I want to let you know I love you CHORUS Thank you for playing my music Thank you for singing my song Thank you for sparing a moment As with you I feel I really belong Thank you for keeping me company Thank you for being my friend *And if our paths you cross somewhere, somewhen I love to sing this song again And may the Lord our God Richly bless and keep you Together let us call And thank Him most of all Somehow I’m feeling sad   I know I’m gonna mis s you I’m sure I will recall  This warm and cozy hall Still there’s one more thing  Before the day is done Before the lights are down Before the curtains closes Will you let me (REPEAT CHORUS 2 TIMES) And if our paths you cross One day then I really be glad Yes I really be glad Then I can Thank You Once Again    PARTICIPATION AWARD District BSP & GSP Joint Camporal Wonderland Resort, Bamban, Tarlac BOY SCOUTS GIRL SCOUTS Herzen Jay C. Cabilangan Karmela R. Santos Rexie Ann S. Gomez Ivan John B. Lindo Alyzza Candy V. Gomez Desirey Joy T. Quizon Jonel P. Dizon Elaisa May C. Gorgonio Aira Mae A. Pancho Clarence John G. Cabilangan Desiree A. Adriano Tringkle B. Rances Kenneth A. Dela Cruz Linsay T. Dayrit Erica Q. Feliciano Manuel A. Cabilangan Haidee D. Castro Paula Patricia L. Mariano  Jerome A. Santos Reah Jean C. Angeles Harvee D. Castro Charmaine Eve A. Pineda Jeffry G. Sese Katirine Joy Ann A. Cutchon Dominic S. Dayrit Luisa Marie V. Flores Rodel C. Miclat Lema B. De Guzman Jonjie I. Santo Kim C. Mangiral Paulo Ian B. Sibug Rose Ann P. Sese Reymart T. Manicdao Judith Faith P. Marimla DRUM AND LYRE CORPS Herzen Jay C. Cabilangan Christian C. Cecilio Ivan John B. Lindo Gerald B. Cabilangan Jonel P. Dizon Jeffry G. Sese Manuel A. Cabilangan Harvee D. Castro Roger D. De Guzman Zenrx Jade M. Pineda Jerome A. Santos Reymart T. Manicdao Karmela R. Santos Judith Faith P. Marimla Elaisa May C. Gorgonio Jenny F. Garcia Rexie Ann S. Gomez Linsay T. Dayrit Alyzza Candy V. Gomez Kim C. Mangiral Desirey Joy T. Quizon Lalaine Rose C. Soriano Angel B. Garcia Luisa Marie V. Flores Charmaine Eve A. Pineda Rina T. Atienza Katirine Joy Ann A. Cutchon Arahmay B. De Guzman Haidee D. Castro Crizel D. Mangiral Desiree A. Adriano Rosario B. Torres Paula Patricia L. Mariano Angelina M. de Guzman PROGRAMME   I. Philippine National Anthem   …………………… ROSALINDA G. BAGONOC   Conducting II. Prayer ……………………………………………..……… DESIREY JOY T. QUIZON   Fourth Honors III. Opening Remarks …………………………………... KARMELA R. SANTOS   Batch Salutatorian IV. Presentation of Candidates ……………………. PATRICIO C. PEREZ   ESHT  –  III V. Confirmation of Graduates ………………. …… ANTONIETA B. TIOTUICO, Ph. D.   CESO V School Division Superintendent VI. Distribution of Certificates And Awarding of Medals   ………………………… REMEDIOS C. TOMAS   District Supervisor VII. Pledge ………………………………………………….. REYMART T. MANICDAO   Third Honors VIII. Valedictory Address ……………………………. HERZEN JAY C. CABILANGAN   Batch Valedictorian IX. State of the School Address ……………..….. PATRICIO C. PEREZ   ESHT  –  III X. Graduation Song ……………………………………. GRADUATES 2013 XI. Closing Remarks …………………………………….. FERNANDO S. BALINGIT   Brgy. Captain   MS. KAREN F. TAN Master of Ceremonies

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