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  Food Storing Issuing Control   Adnan Arief Deary Hanifa K Fahanna Septyandini M. Ihsan Hadi Noventi Vlourencia Rian Eka  4 Type of Food Food can be divided into four main groups: 1.Dry foods  –   flour, sugar, pasta, rice 2.Semi-perishable foods  –   potatoes, apples, oranges, bread 3.Perishable foods  –   foods that go off easily and should be kept in the fridge 4.Frozen foods  –   foods to be kept for a longer time in the freezer.  Dry Foods   Store dry foods in a dry cupboard . Any dampness would damage the food  –  it would make the sugar stick together! Always use the tinned food, pasta or rice that you already have in the cupboard first  –  not the new packet you have just bought. This should stop out-of-date food gathering at the back of the cupboard!  Semi Perishable Food   These foods do not need to go in the fridge. They include bread, which we often store in a bread bin. We can store root vegetables and most fruits in a cool cupboard or rack.
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