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1. ınsıght News for and about Standard Register associates April 2000 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w from Pete timing was right,” says and…
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  • 1. ınsıght News for and about Standard Register associates April 2000 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w from Pete timing was right,” says and shipping. For the kits to be Redding Preston. “Our variable print- ready for insertion of the personal- on-demand capabilities and ized items, the standard information other technologies prepared us for each of the four types of kits is President & CEO to offer this type of application.” printed and assembled ahead of time. The UPS New Start kit is pro- A bar code label identifying the kit At the duced in four versions, depending type is applied to the outer box. on the type of account the cus- When UPS orders arrive at Stan- Annual tomer elects. Each kit includes an fast, a database is queried to deter- outside shipping box housing six mine what variable printed elements Meeting… sleeves of various informational are required. This triggers the differ- materials — both generic and per- ent printing equipment to produce sonalized. ISG’s variable printing the elements required for that cus- On April 19, I addressed abilities are perfect for the personal- tomer. The bar code printed on each the shareholders, Board ized items. Examples are the cus- piece identifies the item and the members, Company officers tomer ID card, the UPS Zone Chart customer for whom it’s produced. and associates attending keyed to the customer’s location, When the variable printed com- UPS gains Standard Register’s Annual shipping labels preprinted with the ponents for a kit are assembled, an Meeting in Dayton. I would customer’s name, and the address associate scans the bar code on any like to share my remarks and account number. piece to open the order and deter- with you now. With the kit elements deter- mine which of the four types of pre- S tandard Register’s 1999 slick “starter mined, the major issue was speed. assembled kits is required for that activity resulted in UPS wanted a fast turn-around customer. The associate then scans $1,327,000,000 in sales and time for kit assembly and shipping. the bar code on each piece and on $71 million in after tax profit. That Automation was the solution. John the kit box. If all components are performance kept us a leader in our Keane’s Engineering team of Ken present, the system prints out a kit” system industry. Two years prior, in 1997, Kaylor, Al Fledderman and Larry shipping label. The associate then we ended the year with $868 mil- Walter combined to work out the inserts the variable printed items lion in sales and $67 million in fine points. in the appropriate places in the pre- profit. We weren’t satisfied with The production process begins assembled kit, applies the shipping our 1999 results, however, and when UPS sends its orders for new label and the kit is ready to go. following a plan to organize the Should one or more pieces of A good idea and new ® Services Group, Engineering, Cor- company to better serve the cus- the kit be missing at the time of porate Manufacturing and Stanfast® technology from Standard tomer at a lower cost, we structured teams to put the innovative kit the company in mid-year by going assembly process together. Register are providing UPS customers rate the away from a divisional model A recent UPS customer satisfac- to a centralized structure and new kits significantly higher major carrier UPS with tion survey shows their efforts paid adding Supply Chain Services. than past materials in every off. The new kits were rated signifi- an innovative and faster Ed Wohlwender came on board cantly higher than past materials survey category. in mid-year and has headed many in every survey category — from way to give customers all task forces to review opportunities providing the necessary start-up for cost reduction. He has been they need to begin ship- assembly, the system triggers the supplies to the timeliness of the successful in a number of areas and proper printers to produce the miss- kit’s arrival. ping. SR’s UPS sales team kits via Electronic Data Interchange is targeting many more. ing pieces. A special label is also This project involved a long (EDI). Orders contain information In January of this year, we ap- produced to ensure that the kit is — Corporate Account sales cycle, according to Preston about the new customer and which pointed Donna Beladi as Corporate not shipped in error. When the kit Herrin. Once UPS was convinced type of kit is required. At Standard Vice President-Business Develop- Manager Preston Herrin is finally complete, the shipping to combine the collateral materials Register, the orders are entered via ment, and an officer of Standard label is printed and applied. from their existing ground and air and Account Manager our AccuServ® system, which tracks Register. In February, we appointed UPS requires a “Quality Assurance kits, the challenge was to create a the order and triggers the invoicing Peter Dorsman as Executive Vice and Process Overview” manual Andy Braselton — re- one-to-one, personalized kit that process after the kit is shipped. The President and Chief Operating detailing every step of this produc- would grab the prospect’s attention. orders are then sent on to ISG’s plant sponded to an opportu- Officer, and Harry Seifert as Senior tion process and the built-in quality “Our good track record with UPS in the Los Angeles Stanfast print Vice President, Manufacturing Op- control measures. Randy Blankley, helped, and the nity to replace UPS’s past center. The center was chosen for its erations. On April 1, we restructured Manager – Technical Services, ISG, proximity to UPS’s West Coast hub. field sales around Mike Jacoutot and practice with a consistent took charge of that task. The Engineering team agreed strengthened our marketing team Engineering added other neat that bar coding would be the and organized kit, by challenging Michael Pratt to lead features to the production process. best way to track kit components that organization. For instance, each kit includes a tailored to each throughout production, assembly As we look at our industry to- chart with the five UPS drop-off day, it is still very fragmented with new customer. points closest to the new customer’s many players in the $50 million location — a great example of SR’s or less sales category, ripe for con- P variable printing. Ken Kaylor devel- reston and Andy worked solidation. Additionally, there are oped a program that automatically with UPS’s Customer four major companies — Standard goes out to UPS’s Web site, feeds in Communications and Register, Moore Business Forms, the customer’s address to access the Small Business Sales Groups Wallace Computer Services and appropriate UPS map of drop-off to determine kit contents. They continued on page 2… then turned to our ISG Imaging continued on page 6…
  • 2. 2 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w everyone up to date on current same high standards for every cus- practices. Electronic resources can tomer, every time. Moreover, Salis- be updated easily and immediately. bury shares its procedures with other We find that eliminates confusion, plants as those facilities develop “best since everyone sees the guidelines in class” manufacturing practices. as soon as they are adopted.” “The registrar particularly noted Consistency is another benefit our commitment to quality across of this approach, Dave adds. In the the entire plant,” Randy Merritt past, associates made decisions notes. “Since all of our production based on the customer order in hand. involves custom work, consistent That meant practices could vary quality can be a challenge — but v The Salisbury Plant raises the banner proclaiming its new ISO Certification. Attending were members of the Salisbury order-to-order. Plant-wide proce- our people are determined to pro- management team and guests. Standing, from left: Dave Taylor; George Dutton; Donna Meagher; Dave Proeber; Tinker Taylor; dures eliminate those inconsisten- duce a quality product, no matter Ken Causey; Rick Miller (visiting from Corporate for Salisbury’s safety celebration); Mike Glidewell; Merrill Eversman; Jay Shaheen; Senate aid Cindy Betts for U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski; David Ryan, Executive Director of Salisbury Wicomico cies to produce uniform quality. what the requirements.” v Economic Development; Renee Stephens, Program Development Specialist for Maryland Department of Business and Eco- Now, Salisbury product meets the nomic Development; Randy Merritt; and, staff member Jody Beauchamp, representing U.S. Congressman Wayne Gilchrest; kneeling, from left: George Matteson and Bill Scott, representing the entire Salisbury team. w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w Salisbury joins ISO from Pete Reynolds There was an interesting edito- Redding & Reynolds rial in last Friday’s Wall Street Jour- 9002-certıfied plants — who ac- nal. You may recall, last Friday was continued … count for the day that the NASDAQ and Dow over 35% of the sales of our prod- each declined over 300 points. The uct in this industry. editorial, which was written prior O As many of you have read, it is to that, was titled “NASDAQ – What n March 3, SR’s Salisbury It was a time to celebrate! Reynolds’ intention to divest them- Goes Up…” by Burton C. Malkiel, Plant proudly raised a selves of the forms business and who is the author of “A Random special flag signifying The Maryland sun shone brightly on March 3, 2000, as Salisbury move to becoming an Internet Ser- Walk Down Wall Street.” that its quality processes celebrated its ISO 9002 Certification. Representatives from the U.S. vice Provider, initially focusing on Malkiel suggests caution in getting meet the rigorous standards of ISO Congress and from the State and County Departments of Business the automotive industry. As consoli- involved in chasing a stock because and Economic Development attended, offering their congratulations 9002. The Maryland Rotary plant, on this recognition of Salisbury’s outstanding quality program. dation of the industry continues, it has momentum on the way up. under Plant Manager Randy Merritt, q Plant Manager Randy Merritt told the audience: “The tradition of Standard Register will look at the And, in fact, at the end of the edito- joins Radcliff (KY), Toccoa (GA), the past carries forward to our future. The attainment of ISO 9002 marketplace to determine its posi- rial, he states, “Valuation metrics and Watseka (IL) as ISO-certified. In certification is a milestone in the history of successes the Salisbury tion regarding this inevitable trend. Plant has enjoyed. It represents our commitment to the future.” have not changed. Eventually, every line for future certification are the q On behalf of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Today, our company is situated stock can only be worth the value Middlebury (VT) and Terre Haute Development, Renee Stephens to move forward to take advantage of the cash flow it is able to earn for (IN) facilities. presented a commemorative of being a leader in business forms, the benefit of investors. In the final plaque that will join the plaque “ISO Certification signals from SGS International Certifi- as well as a “B2B” (business-to- analysis, true value will win out.” to the world that Standard cation Services for display at the business) Internet connection. We Lastly, I would like to announce Register meets established plant. Following the ceremony, have been a business-to-business my plans to retire, effective July 1. international standards for the federal, state and county rep- resentatives toured the facility. company since our founding in I will be 62 in June, and it is the quality assurance,” says Harry The visitors expressed appre- 1912, and we have consistently right time. From a business perspec- Seifert, Senior Vice President – ciation for the positive impact utilized new technology. We’ve tive, the board and I have been work- Manufacturing Operations. Standard Register has had on the even invented some during our ing on succession planning since local economy. q In gratitude for “All of our plants,” he notes, the plant-wide effort that resulted history. We have been utilizing 1999, and some of the management “follow strict quality proce- in Salisbury’s ISO certification, e-commerce since its inception changes and restructuring have dures and our current custom- Company management presented through EDI and later, over the been brought about because of our each associate with a Standard ers recognize that.” “But ISO Register jacket. Internet. Presently, we have what preparation. We currently have a Certification offers an extra we believe to be the strongest plat- very strong management team, and level of assurance to potential form for forms management, which I believe the company is positioned customers.” compliance work with customer provides services over the Internet now, as well as it has ever been, to So what does ISO 9002 service and product support. directly to the customer or through take advantage of future opportuni- really mean? ISO, the Interna- As part of the preparation, sev- a sales representative. That program ties in the marketplace as we advance tional Organization for Stan- eral Salisbury associates attended v George Matteson (at right), with is called SMARTworks,® and in the our company with new products dardization, was founded in 1946 to 34 years at Salisbury, and newest Salis- training to become internal process coming weeks, you will hear more and services, including Internet bury associate Bill Scott, with three establish voluntary manufacturing, auditors for quality assurance. The months at the plant, raise the ISO flag about our plans for that product. offerings. The Board has been work- trade and communications stan- Salisbury plant belongs to the Lower on March 3. Local TV stations captured Some of you question the stock ing on choosing my successor since dards, first in Europe, now virtually Eastern Shore Regional Technical the event for the evening news. price at Standard Register, particu- January of this year and is close to worldwide. The organization is Council, which includes a consor- larly through 1999 and into 2000 — finalizing the decision. I fully ex- based in Geneva, Switzerland, and tium of companies pursuing ISO Steve Miller, Director – Manufac- although, I will say our stock has pect an announcement to be made represents some 100 member coun- certification. The training classes turing Continuous Improvement risen 22% over the last 25 days. As in the next couple of weeks. tries. Each member country has its are part of the consortium’s pro- before his recent retirement and investors began to change their I want to thank Chairman Paul own organization (the American gram. Through the classes, which former plant manager at Salisbury, focus away from fundamentals to Granzow and members of the Board National Standards Institute, or graphically illustrate the impor- was involved in Salisbury’s quality momentum, and people were at for their support, and my manage- ANSI, in the U.S.) which coordi- tance of ISO’s approach to quality assurance effort from the begin- cocktail parties listening to 400- ment team and everyone at Stan- nates national quality standards. assurance, employees became con- ning. “We wanted to change the and 1000-percent gains, there was a dard Register for helping grow the To become certified, a facility vinced of the value of certification. ‘culture’ of the plant, which had great deal of hype around start-ups company and move it forward. undergoes a quality systems audit Salisbury’s ISO audit was per- been a traditional, top-down and IPOs. Many people who were And on a personal note, I want by an accredited third party registrar, formed by SGS International directed operation,” Steve says. successful in that gamble spread the to thank my wife, Lorelei, and my who decides whether it qualifies for Certification Services, which also “To implement ISO, we needed word, and those who were unsuc- family for supporting me all these ISO certification. Different types of performed the audits for Standard the involvement of associates who cessful did not. years. I plan to travel, visit my chil- operations — such as design, manu- Register’s other ISO-certified plants. actually performed each quality It is interesting to note that dren and grandchildren and finish facturing and service — fall under When SGS representatives arrived process. Their participation in writ- there has been recent talk about a home in Nevada. In addition, if separate sets of requirements (ISO in November, last year, for their ing and implementing procedures, moving back to value, and to re- I am lucky and work at it, I will be 9001, 9002, or 9003). To maintain two-day audit, they interviewed as well as training other personnel, membering that the sustaining able to improve my golf game. certification, the organization must associates throughout the plant’s broke down interdepartmental value of a company is not a concept It has been a wonderful career, be periodically audited for contin- operations. At the end of the audit, barriers and encouraged real inter- or vaporware, but a deliverable but as I was recently quoted as say- ued compliance. Salisbury learned the good news: action between management and that a customer is willing to pay ing, “there is life after Standard Salisbury’s journey toward certi- it would be recommended for ISO all our employees.” for. Standard Register is a brick-and- Register,” and I plan to go find it! fication dates back to 1995, when 9002 certification. Some reorganization was required mortar company that has become Again, I want to thank everyone plant management began investi- “The SGS auditors told us they for Salisbury’s certification effort, a “brick-and-click” company. We in the company and all the people gating different types of quality were particularly impressed with according to Plant Manager Randy believe there is a future for our I have been associated with at systems. Because of its worldwide our electronic documentation of Merritt. Dave Proeber, ISO/Product product and that it needs to be v Standard Register since 1962. acceptance, the ISO quality assur- the plant’s quality processes,” Dave Support Manager, worked on ISO available to customers in the easiest ance system was adopted. Proeber says. “We use both PCs and full time for six months, preparing possible way — and that includes walk-up computer kiosks to keep for the audit. Today, he combines the Internet.
  • 3. 3 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w News and Information Update Associates key to Company’s transformation now, however, that information can Through the emPOWER When we’re fully benefitting from our new be distributed via e-mail. There’s no best-in-class processes, it will be because initiative, Standard Register Standard Register associates accepted respon- need to make and send hard cop- sibility for changing and improving the way ies. And, in most cases, there’s is determining the best we do business. no need for people on the ways to enhance our pro- receiving end to make hard copies either. They can read cesses and systems so that them and store them elec- tronically. That way we save we can work smarter and time and effort on both more cost-effectively. ends.” (If you truly elimi- nate a 5-minute job each T week, over the course of a he changes being made year you gain a total of 260 will affect everyone minutes. That’s an extra within the Company, four hours a day!) regardless of position or adds Jeff. “The faster you Associates who do the responsibilities. Many of the changes do it and the more focused best job at driving improve- will also affect our customers, you stay, the smoother the ments are those who think our suppliers and other business implementation and the in terms of the total process. affiliates. How we manage an
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