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  Experimental Stress Analysis Strain Gauges MEC  –   445 Mechanical Engineering Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham  Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges ã The principle of electrical resistance strain gauge is that the electrical resistance of a conductor changes proportionally to any strain applied to it. ã Lord Kelvin in 1856 first reported on the relationship between strain and resistance of wire conductors. ã During 1930s Simmons at California Institute of Tech and Ruge at MIT made practical use of it by bonding small diameter wires to a structure to measure surface strain. ã The strain gauges developed by them were known as SR-4 Gauges.  Strain Sensitivity of a Wire ã Resistance of a conductor can be written as Where   ρ  is the specific resistance   L  is the length of the conductor, and  A is the cross sectional area of the conductor ã To find out the change in resistance we differentiate the above ã If the wire diameter is D, the change in area can be calculated as .  Strain Sensitivity of a Wire ã From the definition of Poisson’s  ratio we can write ã Hence ã Strain sensitivity of metallic strain gauges ≈  2 .
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