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1. Media buyers & planners are keen on alternative media A whitepaper on why guerilla marketing should be included as a part of your marketing plan About the Author…
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  • 1. Media buyers & planners are keen on alternative media A whitepaper on why guerilla marketing should be included as a part of your marketing plan About the Author Street Sampling, Inc. March 2009 This is surely a grim year for traditional media, and even the internet is seeing a slowing in growth, but one area of media appears to be doing well through STR E E T SAM P LI NG® this ad recession, and that's alternative media. I N YO U R FAC E M A R K E T I N G By and large, media buyers and planners go out of their way to include alternative media elements on media plans they present to clients, and they also think spending on alternative media will be up this year over last. Scott Thurston is the President of Street Sampling Inc™., a Washington, DC, experiential marketing agency. Street Sampling has executed programs on behalf 2009 Spending increase on alternative media? of agencies and clients that include: Chevy, Lacoste, Krispy Kreme, Dr. Pepper, Reynolds, Puma, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 31% Scott has conceptualized, created, YES executed, or fixed broken programs. From multi-city tours, special events, grand NO openings, and live product sampling... he has done it all. 69% Prior to entering the world of experiential marketing, Scott spent 12 years in senior manager and director positions within the hospitality industry. His extensive That's the outcome of a February 2009 survey by Media Life Magazine1 operations experience lends itself well to asking readers what sort of coverage of alternative media they'd most like the successful execution of experiential to see in the pages of Media Life. marketing programs. For the purposes of the survey, alternative media was defined as quot;all forms of out-of-home advertising beyond traditional billboards, ranging from digital signage to street teams handing out product samples to skywriting to HOW TO CONTACT US: advertising on beach umbrellas.quot; Street Sampling Inc. The survey was targeted to media planners and buyers and marketers either directly involved in recommending alternative media or having a voice in 1402 North Capitol Street NW decisions regarding alternative media. Readers who did not qualify were Washington, DC 20002 excluded from the survey. Among qualifying respondents, roughly two thirds 202-265-0440 were directly involved in recommending alternative media.
  • 2. Experiential marketing is all about connecting customers with brands - What is your attitude toward alternative media? and doing so in a non-traditional and memorable way. Experiential marketing aims to personalize the brand experience to each individual. 3% 2% Many people are very resistant to traditional advertising techniques - 35% and they will go to lengths to avoid them. Very positive 33% Whereas traditional product-centered advertising methods serve to Generally positive stimulate the rational thought processes of a given consumer, brand Neutral marketing (experiential marketing) affects the consumer’s decision to purchase far more effectively by generating emotional responses. The Not positive field of experiential marketing has blossomed since its introduction in Very negative the 1980s as a powerful alternative to traditional advertising method- ologies. Mainstream marketers now readily and excitedly embrace these unconventional tactics because they understand the effectiveness. 35% In many cases for less than the cost of a traditional billboard, you can put feet on the street and a face to your brand. From product sampling, pop-up stores, guerilla, wild postings, publicity stunts, sidewalk chalk and more! The possibilities for direct one-to-one marketing are endless. Which media do you choose to cut to add an alternative media into a plan? Experiential marketing attempts to connect consumers with brands in personally relevant and memorable ways. The alternative term 3% customer-experience marketing emphasizes the idea of communicating 12% 36% the essence of a brand through a personalized experience. Newspaper 18% TV As a marketing methodology, experiential marketing aims to move beyond the traditional “features-and-benefits” marketing, cast to a Radio wide audience that includes not only those who may benefit from a Magazine brand or product, but also those who would not benefit at all. (As a result of such traditional marketing, people avoid messages whenever Internet possible and by any means possible i.e. pop-up blockers, Do Not Call Registry and DVRs (such as TiVo) to avoid exposure to commercials.) In 31% contrast, experiential marketing presents an experience that people choose to attend and participate in after identifying the relevance of a brand to their needs. Experiential or guerrilla marketing relies on interactive communication Are the clients more willing to spend money on alternative with prospective consumers rather than passive persuasion techniques. media than 2 years ago? Feelings of pleasure and comfort are invoked leaving the prospect naturally curious to learn and/or experience more about the message or 5% product at hand. Unique brand image and value is driven into the minds 14% of prospects and effective relationships are developed between the 21% brand and the prospects. Far more willing with spend increase More open without increasing the spend A successful experiential marketing campaign breaks through the clutter of traditional media. Street Sampling works to create a creative No changes synergistic program which is then executed by a professional staff First thing to be cut from plan matched to your demographic. We deliver results and always develop ways to measure ROI. 60% People + Plan + Experience = RESULTS
  • 3. Engaging, entertaining and interactive experiential marketing makes prospective consumers take notice and appreciate a given brand. How often do you include alternative media elements in an overall media plan? We try to do so whenever we can Sometimes Much of the time if there is the budget for it Almost never 0 10 20 30 40 50 What changed to make alternative media that much more attractive to clients? Rising clutter in TV and other media The ability to deliver highly targeted messages The increasing number of smart options Reach across a number market with one buy through digital networks The increasing sophistication of sellers STR E E T SAM P LI NG I N YO U R FAC E M A R K E T I N G Better, more sophisticated tracking of results Better execution of campaigns Feedback from friends/business associate about campaigns they’ve encountered in the past Cost efficiency Comparatively low cost 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 How do the clients generally respond to alternative media elements in a plan? Very positive Most favorably Little response Didn’t get the alternative media element Thought it was a waste of money 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
  • 4. STR E E T SAM P LI NG ™ I N YO U R FAC E M A R K E T I N G As cited below two of the negatives when considering alternative media are the shear amount of work involved and the risk of an execution malfunction. Experiential marketing requires years of experience to master and because it can take multiple executions of the same program to develop a rhythm and proper controls. It is not likely that most advertising agencies could develop and execute a program the first time out of the box. You can minimize your risks by partnering with an experienced agency like Street Sampling. We specialize in building and activating grassroots networks and embrace word-of-mouth. Street Sampling hires the best people to represent your brand. Our staff works tirelessly in taking your message to the streets and in making your brand successful. Street Sampling’s brand ambassadors are outgoing, energetic, attractive and connected to the local scene. They are trendsetters and spotters who share a common voice with your target audience, making them a trusted source for opinion and information. We have mastered the issues that drive great program results. What are the negatives you and your team are most likely to consider? Lack of means for qualifying performance for many alternative media Lack of research The amount of work that must go into executing an alternative media element Risk that will fizzle or malfunction, embarrassing the client Poor Cost vs. Impact ratio 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 There are advantages of layering multiple marketing strategies based on the target consumer. As an example you would not use coupons to market a teen product. The goal is to win over as many groups of consumers as possible given the marketing budget. According to another survey2 , an astounding 92% of consumers said they’d buy a product if they tried and liked the sample they received. When asked, “If a brand wanted to convince you to buy its product, which type of advertising/promotion would most likely convince you to switch brands and buy the other product? 62% of consumers selected product sampling to other types of promotion and advertising3. The goal with experiential and alternative marketing is to create a memorable brand experience one-to-one with the consumer. By doing so, we can move consumers to action and ultimately to purchase. Product sampling is not a short-term promotion vehicle but rather, a long-term investment in brand loyalty. During this current economic downturn, the smart money is on increasing effective brand marketing by grabbing market share as your competitors may be trimming their marketing budgets. Agencies and brands should consistently view experiential marketing as a key part of the media mix in order to gain new users and grow the business. While sampling may seem to take a bite out of the budget, brand marketers need to consider the powerful results and the lifetime value of a customer before closing the door on this powerful medium. 1 Media Life Magazine - survey media buyers & planners, Feb 2009 2 Product Sampling Council - CPG Marketer survey Feb 2007, Consumer Research, Mar. 2007 3 PROMO 2006 - IMI International Study Street Sampling Inc. | | 202-265-0440 | STR E E T SAM P LI NG I N YO U R FAC E M A R K E T I N G
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