Stronglifts 5x5 Spreadsheet Tracker

Use this spreadsheet to track your weightlifting progress and needs. Enter your Weight, age and starting date and then enter your starting weights lifted and it does the rest for you!
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  Start: Step 1:Units 2 PoundsStep 2:Date 14-Oct-2014 Weight 235.0 BF % 20.0% Step 3:WeightReps5RMStarting WeightSquat 045 Bench 045 Press 045 Row 065 Deadlift 095 STRONGLIFTS BVBA  © 2011and beyond. All Rights Reserved. to measure body fat, it's OK to start the program without it, but you should get yourself abody fat caliper.If you are a new lifter, you're finished. Go to the Program worksheet and begin your training. If you're an experienced lifter, enter the heaviest lifts you've done in the Weightcolumn below, and the number of reps for which you lifted those weights in the Repscolumn.This spreadsheet will help you set up your StrongLifts 5x5 program. Follow the instructions on this page,then go to the Program sheet to get started.Choose the unit of weight that you prefer. Enter 1 in the field below if you're working inkilograms or 2 if you're working in pounds.(1 = kg, 2 = lb) Enter your starting date, body weight, and body fat percentage. If you don’t have a way  ExerciseSetsReps 14-Oct16-Oct18-Oct21-Oct23-Oct25-Oct28-Oct30-Oct Squat 553540455055606570 Bench Press 5520253035 Overhead Press 5520253035 Barbell Row 5540455055 Deadlift 1510203040235.020.0% STRONGLIFTS BVBA  © 2011and beyond. All Rights Reserved.****Beginning weights are weight of plate added to bar squat ã Weigh yourself, check your body fat percentage, and take measurements and pictu ã Never lower the weight if you miss reps. Do as many reps as you can with good tec ã If you miss 5x5, try it again next workout. If you miss the same weight in three cons ã Deload after three missed attempts with the same weight by lowering the weight by Body WeightBody Fat How to Use This Spreadsheet ã Include the weight of the bar. Olympic bars weigh 45lbs and are 7 feet long.ã Use bigger increments of 10lbs if the workouts are too easy and your technique is g Week 1Week 2Week 3  1-Nov4-Nov6-Nov8-Nov11-Nov13-Nov15-Nov18-Nov20-Nov22-Nov25-Nov27-Nov29-Nov 758085909510010511011512012513013540455055606570404550556065606570758085905060708090100  res (front, back, and sides) every two weeks. hnique and without help. Aim for 5x5. ecutive workouts, deload for that exercise only. 10% for that exercise only. Increase the weight in 5lb increments from there. ood, but resist the temptation to go too quickly. Think long-term. Week 7Week 4Week 5Week 6


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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