Structure and Bonding Ans

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    1. Which of these equations represents the electron affinity of chlorine? A Cl 2 (g) + 2e  –   → 2Cl  –  (g) B Cl 2 (g) – 2e  –   → 2Cl  –  (g) C 21 Cl 2 (g) + e  –   → Cl  –  (g) D Cl(g) + e  – → Cl  –  (g) (Total 1 mark)  2. Which of these equations represents the second ionization of magnesium? A g + (g) →g 2+ (g) + e  –  B g(g)→g 2 + (g) + 2e  –  C g + (g) + e  –   → g 2 +(g) D g(g) + 2e  – → g 2 +(g) (Total 1 mark)  3. !he s etch graph #elo$ sho$s the trend in first ionization energies for some elements in %eriods t$o and three&'elect from the elements A to D  the one that 1  (a)has atoms $ith fie p electrons& ABCD (1)  (#)is a mem#er of *roup & ABCD (1)  (c)is li ely to #e ery unreactie& ABCD (1)  (d)normally forms four coalent #onds per atom& ABCD (1)(Total 4 marks) 2   4. Which of these ions has the greatest a#ility to polarize an anion? A ,a 2+ B Ca 2+ C Cs + D -  + (Total 1 mark)  5. Which of these electron density maps #est represents the #onding in the compound lithium iodide .i/? (Total 1 mark) 3  6. Which of these statements is incorrect ? A !he atomic radius of metals increases do$n a *roup& B !he trend in the melting temperature of successie elements across %eriod 2 is similar to that in %eriod & C 0 metallic structure is held together #y attractions #et$een metal atoms and delocalized electrons& D  a +  and  2–   ions are isoelectronic& (Total 1 mark)  7. Which of these statements a#out car#on3car#on dou#le #onds is false ? A !he t$o ends of a molecule cannot rotate relatie to each other a#out the a4is of the dou#le #ond& B !hey are t$ice as strong as a car#on3car#on single #ond& C !hey hae a higher electron density than a single #ond& D !hey consist of a sigma #ond and a pi #ond& (Total 1 mark) 4
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