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Student Union of FFB-UEL

A sample for those who would like to translate documents of Student Union/Youth Union from Vietnamese into English. The file attached is an introduction to the Student Union of Faculty of Finance and Banking - University of Economics and Law.
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  The Student Union of Faculty of Finance and Banking (SU-FFB) is one of subordinate units directly under The Student Union of University of Economics and Law (SU-UEL). Ever since its establishment, SU-FFB has taken the lead and reaped plentiful achievements in student activities. When UEL was still the Faculty of Economis  –  Vietnam National University HCM, Nguyen Dang Khoa (2004), Ngo Phu Thanh (2006  –  2007), Pham Xuan Long (2007  –  2008) were representatives of Department of Finance and Banking who got involved in forming The Sudent Union of Faculty of Economics. SU-FFB was officially in canvass for foundation in 2008. The Board of Foundation Campaign and Interim Nominees by then comprised Pham Xuan Long, Pham Thi Hoang and Tran Tuan Anh. On the 31 st  of December, 2009, SU-FFB was officially established and came into operations. Up till now, SU-FFB has undergone two terms: Term I: - 2009 - 2010: Mr.Pham Xuan Canh  –  Chairman, Ms.Mai Ngoc Anh  –  Vice chairman, Mr.Pham Xuan Long  –  Vice chairman. - 2010 - 2012: Mr.Le Phu Binh Trong  –  Chairman, Mr.Nguyen Vy  –  Vice chairman, Ms.Truong Vu Quynh Như –  Vice chairman. Term II: - 2012 - 2013: Ms.Nguyen Thi Thuy  –  Chairman, Mr.Le Phu Binh Trong  –  Vice chairman, Ms.Le Thi Thu Hien  –  Vice chairman. - 2013 - 2014: Ms.Vo Thi Hao  –  Chairman, Mr.Bui Hoang Mol  –  Vice chairman, Ms.Le Tran My Linh  –  Vice chairman. SU-FFB plays an indispensable role towards every student  –  SU member. Apart from supporting students in academic and major affairs, SU-FFB always takes high interest in educating ethics and manners, forming personality and life skills for students, along with creating spiritual platforms and organizing activities to fulfil their needs. Simultaneously, activities of arts, music, culture and sports have been held and developed efficiently. Voluntary activities such as: Green Summer Campaign, Voluntary Spring Campaign, University Entrance Exam Support Program,…also receive large attendance and high spirit from students. These activities not only help to build and embellish our country, but also have a part in enhancing dignity and ideals for each participating student. Gradually, SU-FFB has become a prestigious organization. With the slogan: “Self  -conscious training  –  Proactive integration  –  Firm steps into future ” , SU-FFB has incessantly exerted themselves to attain what they targeted. SU-FFB has experienced two terms with various achievements and outstanding rewards: three successive years of being honoured as “Excellent Student Union in emulation”, b eing awarded the certificate of merit from The Student Union of Ho Chi Minh City (2009  –  2010, 2010  –  2011, 2012  –  2013), the certificate of merit from Vietnam National Union of Students (2011  –  2012), winning the Leading Flag in union works and student movements of University of Economics and Law 2013  –  2014. This is the pleasure, the pride, and also the evidence of endless efforts of the Executive Board, assistant and collaborator teams, SU members and FFB students.  SUFFB  –  developing orientation: * Goals:  1. Being closely connected with, as well as assuring the key political role of the HCM Communist Youth Union of Faculty of Finance and Banking (CYU-FFB) in structures and activities with a view to creating a favourable environment for students to train, develop their enthusiasm and fervour, and represent distinctive characteristics in SU&CYU-FFB movements. 2. Helping students to improve revolutionary ideals, patriotism, civil awareness, sense of school regulations and social skills. 3. Diversifying and expanding academic platforms, intensifying supports in order to enhance the quality of study and scientific research. 4. Buliding up and developing the model of SU with activities related to student life, speeding up student supports, perceiving and timely mee ting students’ material and spiritual needs.  5.  Awakening and developing students’ potentials, motivating them to promote creativity and organizing practial voluntary programs. 6. Consolidating and building a strong organization of SU-FFB and its branches, hence contributing to the development of SU-UEL. * Action slogan : Students of Faculty of Finance and Banking Active, creative  –  Skillful - Integrating
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