Study Guide Chapter 06

Study Guide Chapter 06
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  Study Guide Chapter 5 and 6:Nomen___________________ 1.Define Case________________________________________  ____________________________________________________ 2.Nominative = ___________, _________, or ___________ .! usative = _______________ or __________________ #.!$%ative = _______________ or __________________ 5.Name three ate&ories of Nouns and !d'e tives.  ______________________, __________________________, and ___________________________________ 6.Num$er = ________________ and ___________________ (.Gender = _________________ and ____________________ ).*hen + am the su$'e t of a ver$ it ends in ___________ .*hen they are the su$'e t of a ver$ it ends in ________ 1-.*hen you are the su$'e t of a ver$ it ends in _______ 11.*hen he or she is the su$'e t of a ver$ it ends in ______.12.+nfinitives in atin end in _______________.  1./e a$%e to %a$e% senten es 0ith S su$'e t, D3dire t o$'e t, C+ omp%ementary infinitive, 4preposition, 334o$'e t of a preposition, transitive ver$, +intransitive ver$, %in7in& ver$, and C omp%ement.1#.Never use est or fa it 0hen there is a tion.15.8no0 the &ender of the  rd  de %ension nouns.16./e a$%e to identify nouns and ad'e tives $y ase, &ender, and num$er.1(./e a$%e to ma7e ad'e tives a&ree 0ith nouns in ase, &ender and num$er. +f the noun is 1 st  or 2 nd  de %ension then the endin&s 0i%% $e the same $e ause the ad'e tive omes from the 1 st  or 2 nd  de %ension. +f the noun is  rd  de %ension the endin&s 0i%% not mat h.1).8no0 a%% the vo a$u%ary for hapter 196.1.*hat ase &oes 0ith the fo%%o0in& prepositions su$ ______ ad _________prope _______ e; _________per ________in into __________ in there_____< __________   i%% in the hart 0ith the proper endin&s.1 st  De %ension2 nd  De %ension rd  De %ensioneminine>as u%ineem?>as Sin&u%ar4%ura%Sin&4%ura%Sin&4%ura%Nom 9a9ae9us9@9999<s ! 9am9As9um9Bs9em9<s !$% 9A9@s9B9@s9e9i$us !d'e tive !&reement pra ti e.*ordCaseGen*ordCaseGen$ore!.%aetae2.pue%%@s/.a%terB.aestAtemC.v@ @D.str<nu@s5.a&rum.d<fess@ 6.virBs.sB%As( itam1-.vB; 11. fra&Br<s8.@nfirma12.r@vus. a%idus1. %AmBri$us>.i&nAv@s  4art +: i%% in the fo%%o0in& hart 0ith VERB  endin&s and the orrespondin& n&%ish pronoun.n&%ish 4ronounatin ndin&n&%ish 4ronounatin ndin&Num$erSin&Sin&4%ura%4%ura%1 st  per+9B================2 nd  peryou9s================ rd  perhe?she?it9tthey9nt4art : Give the 4erson and Num$er of the fo%%o0in& VERBS  .se this information to fi%% in the hart a$ove. *ord 4ersonrans%ation 1. e&e re 2. C%am ō  3. CoHu@  s 4. 4orta nt  5. pur&a t  6.  I   &et up 7.  You  tea h 8.  They  fa%% 9.  He/she  fears 10. To Drive off 
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