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  COMPANY INTRODUCTION: Unilever was created in 1930 when the British soap-maker Lever Brothers merged withthe Dutch margarine producer, Margarine UnieUnilever !ompan came into the #akistanmarket in 19$9 with the name o% Lever Brothers #akistan !hanged the name Lever Brothers #akistan to Unilever in ear &003'he leading consumer products compan in#akistan, a multinational with deep roots in the countr  !hange is inevita(le and a leader must (e willing to em(race change rather than resist it )hen new technolog opens the possi(ilit o% a new market rather that ma threaten the e*isting one, a success%ul %irmshould consider entering the new market so that it will have the %irst-mover advantage init +or e*ample ur% loss it leadership as riel came with a (etter technolog powder sa%e%or hands and tough on dirt ur% did recentl a marvellous campaign o% Dirt is Good 'he compan has (een a(le to maintain its leadership position (ecause it used itsresources to make a move into competitive arena Mission Statement 'he leading consumer products compan in #akistan, a multinational with deeproots in the countr Meet the ever da needs o% people ever where . to anticipate the aspirations o% consumers and customers and to respond creativel and competitivel with (randed products and services which raise the /ualit o% li%eDrive to serve consumers in a uni/ue and e%%ective wa ttract and develop highl talented people, who are e*ited, empowered andcommitted to deliver dou(le-digit growtherve ever (od needs o% all the consumers ever where %or %oods  giene and (eaut through (randed products and service that deliver the (est /ualit andvaluetrive to maintain an ever simple and enterprising (usinessUse superior consumer understanding to produce (reakthrough innovation in (rands and channels   1  !ommitted to making continuous improvements in the management o% our environmental impact and to the longer-term goal o% developing a sustaina(le (usinessBrands capture the heart o% consumers through outstanding communication)ith (randed products and services which raise the /ualit o% li%e'hrough managing a responsive suppl chain management, the ma*imie value%rom suppliers to customers'he are e*emplar through commitment to (usiness ethics, health, environmentand involvement in the communit  Company Values Unilever 2ision, Mission, 2alues, and !ode o% Business #rinciples are the principle (elie% o% the compan mplo ees are am(assadors o% Unilever, (oth inside and outside the work place4espect 5ndividual di%%erences and provide e/ual opportunit regardless o% gender,ethnic or social (ackground'reat each emplo ee and contacts with respect, regardless o% grade and 6o( titleet the (usiness priorit accordingl 4espect time enthusiasticall to achieve growth!ompan search %or new ideas even ( the consumersver person is a potential Unilever customer, the treat all with respectnsure superior /ualit products and services and aiming %or ero complaints 7ever lose a consumer, 8wn the pro(lem, win them (ack and ensure the %eel positivel treated   &    3  TARGT Mar!et Se#mentation: Mainl housewives (ut the things have to (e seen in conte*t #akistans middle incomegroup comprises a(out 3: million consumers 'he have a com(ined spending power o% #oland But ur% e*cel is not 6ust targeting the middle income categor  )ith the (roadestsocio-economic %ootprint amongst consumer goods competitors, ur% e*cel is alsolooking at lower income market as well as higher income (racket with di%%erent set o%  products'hat was the income (racket (ut i% we anal e the commercial aired on tv or radio or via print media we will notice that most o% the communication is done ( the help o% childrenthrough tag line Dirt is ;ood 'he philosoph (ehind this is the children are the (estin%luencers %or the deciders 'he children with this e es catching phrase tr to in%luencethe decision %or their parents who are the decidersMarket segments are group o% customers having similar needs < wants and pre%erences 5tena(les the organiation to more closel match it marketing mi* with the customers o% same needs or demands!onsumers can (e grouped and served in various wa s (ased on geographic,demographic, ps chographic and (ehavioural (asis5deall ever consumer is a di%%erent market segment, (ut in order to maintain the (alance (etween mass production and %ocused on individualism  Surf Excel   divides themarket on the (asis o% income group, +or each identi%ied segment the market the product in various sies,  Surf Excel   is the Market leader in the laundr detergent market= it caters all the segmento% the societ ( o%%ering di%%erent sied o% tock >eeping Units - SKU(s)  segmentation (ased on di%%erent %amil sies and the income groups'he reason %or those >U?s@ is to pass ma*imum alternatives to the di%%erent segments (ased on various economic classes and segments, !ompan also launched a 1: gms packing in order to penetrate deepl in the less income group whose income ma lessthan A,000 4s, their >U?s@ are   $
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