Survey on Computer Worms

paper presented by Author:B. Rajesh Co Author: Isthak Ahmed International Conference on Bangalore on 27th July.
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   Survey on Computer Worms K. Ishthaq Ahamed and B. Rajesh Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool-5! #, And$ra Prades$, Email% is$t$a&' Department of Computer Science and Engineering, G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool-5! #, And$ra  Prades$, Email% ra(es$ 5)'ya$  A  BSTRACT     –    The Computer worms have drawnsignii!ant attention in the resear!h !ommunity due totheir enormous y adverse impa!t on the o!a networ#sand a so on internet. to understand the adverse impa!tsposed $y !omputer worms it is ne!essary to understandthe ! asses o worms. This paper des!ri$es the deinitiono Computer worm% &istory and Time ine o Computerworms% ! assii!ation o Computer Worms% ie !y! e o Computer worm and worms !ode ana ysis.' I(TR)*+CTI)(   Computer *orm is a self-replicating computer  program. +t uses a net*or to send copies of itself toot$er nodes i.e., computers on t$e net*or and it maydo so *it$out any user interention. iruses are needto /e attac$ed to t$e system files /elongs to t$eoperating system it re&uires some sort of user actionto a/et t$eir propagation. iruses tends to propagatemore slo*ly   0$ey also $ae more mature defensesdue to t$e presence of a large anti-irus industry t$atactiely sees to identify and control t$eir spread.1nlie a irus computer *orms does not need toattac$ itself to an e2isting program. Computer *orms almost and al*ayscause $arm to t$e net*or if only /y consuming /and*idt$ *$ere as iruses almost al*ays corrupt or modify files on a target computer. Computer *ormsare $ated /ecause t$ey consumes more 3and*idt$and also t$ey mig$t cras$ computers if t$ey areinfected *it$ computer *orms. +nfected computersmay also used for ot$er attacs suc$ as DDos, p$is$ing attacs etc..   Computer *orms are one formof mal*are along *it$ iruses and 0ro(ans. A persontypically installs *orms /y inadertently opening anemail attac$ment or message t$at contains e2ecuta/lescripts. 4nce installed on a computer, *ormsspontaneously generate additional email messagescontaining copies of t$e *orm. 0$ey may also open0CP ports to create net*ors security $oles for ot$er applications, and t$ey may attempt to flood t$e6A7 *it$ spurious Denial of Serice 8DoS9 datatransmissions   ,  *-I(ITI)( ) C)/0+T-R W)R/  Definition 1.  Computer *orms are malicious soft*areapplications designed to spread ia computer net*ors.  Definition 2.  A computer *orm is a eil-intentioned program t$at can replicate and run itself. 1. &IST)R2 ) C)/0+T-R W)R/ 0$e first eer program t$at could /e called a :orm,as per definition, *as deeloped for t$e assistance of air traffic controllers /y 3o/ 0$omas in );. t$is*orm program *ould notify air traffic controllers*$en t$e controls of a plane moed from oncomputer to anot$er. 0$is *orm named <creeper=*ould trael from one computer screen to anot$er ont$e net*or s$o*ing t$e message < iam reeper>Catc$ me if you can> < t$e difference from most*orms *as t$at t$is creeper did not reproduce it self. 0$e first +nternet infection t$at re&uired no$uman interention to propagate *as t$e ?orris:orm, discoered in )!! and released /y Ro/ert?orris. +t spread ery &uicly, infecting a num/er of ulnera/le computers in a matter of $ours. 0$e?orris :orm infected arious mac$ines and alsoused multiple e2ploits including /uffer oerflo*s,de/ugging routines in mail components, pass*ordsniffing, and ot$er streams of e2ecution to improeits a/ility to attac ot$er computers.   Alt$oug$released on accident, t$e /enign concept doesn@treally apply to t$e ?orris :orm, as it $ad asignificant amount of impact /ecause of t$e /ug in itscode. :$en reinfecting a computer, t$ere remainedt$e possi/ility t$at t$e ne* infection *ould /e persistent, allo*ing ot$er *orms to run and terri/lyimpact system performance. o*eer, t$is caused t$e*orm to /e noticed instantly, and t$erefore, &uiclycontained. /odern Worms. Actie computer *orms $aereturned to prominence in recent times. 0$e first oneto cause an eruption *as Code Red. 0$is infection proed $o* &uicly a simple self-replicating programcould spread ia t$e internet@s current infrastructure.Code Red e2ploited a /uffer flo* condition in t$e?icrosoft ++S 8+nternet +nformation Serer9. +t *as  a/le to propagate &uicly /ecause of t$e al*ays onnature of ++S and many ersions of t$e :indo*soperating system. Code Red *as also e&uipped *it$scanning capa/ilities t$at improed its t$roug$putand gae it t$e a/ility to elude numerous +P addresssecurity features. 1.' Time ine o Computer Worms 2ear3 '45'Worm (ame3 Creeper*es!ription3   0$e Creeper irus, an e2perimentalself-replicating program, is *ritten /y 3o/ 0$omas at337 0ec$nologies. Creeper infected DEC PDP- computers running t$e 0E7EB operating system.Creeper gained access ia t$e ARPA7E0 and copieditself to t$e remote system *$ere t$e message, +@mt$e creeper, catc$ me if you can> *as displayed. 0$eReaper program *as later created to delete Creeper. 2ear3 '456Worm (ame3 Wa$$it*es!ription3 0$e :a//it irus, more a for /om/t$an a irus, is *ritten. 0$e :a//it irus maesmultiple copies of itself on a single computer 8and*as named :a//it for t$e speed at *$ic$ it did so9until it clogs t$e system, reducing system performance, /efore finally reac$ing a t$res$old andcras$ing t$e computer. 2ear3 '457Worm (ame3 Anima *es!ription3 Animal is *ritten /y o$n :aler for t$e 17+AC  !. Animal ased a num/er of &uestions to t$e user in an attempt to guess t$e typeof animal t$at t$e user *as t$ining of, *$ile t$erelated program PERADE *ould create a copy of itself and A7+?A6 in eery directory to *$ic$ t$ecurrent user $ad access. +t spread across t$e multi-user 17+ACs *$en users *it$ oerlapping permissions discoered t$e game, and to ot$er computers *$en tapes *ere s$ared. 0$e program *ascarefully *ritten to aoid damage to e2isting file or directory structure, and not to copy itself if  permissions did not e2ist or if damage could result.+ts spread *as t$erefore $alted /y an 4S upgrade*$ic$ c$anged t$e format of t$e file status ta/les t$atPERADE used for safe copying. 0$oug$ non-malicious, Perading Animal represents t$e first0ro(an in t$e *ild. 2ear3 '488Worm (ame3 /orris worm*es!ription3 0$e ?orris *orm, created /y Ro/ert0appan ?orris, infects DEC AB and Sun mac$inesrunning 3SD 17+B connected to t$e +nternet, and /ecomes t$e first *orm to spread e2tensiely in t$e*ild, and one of t$e first *ell-no*n programse2ploiting /uffer oerrun ulnera/ilities. 2ear3 '444Worm (ame3 /e issa*es!ription3   irst found in ?arc$ #, ))), using$oles in ?icrosoft 4utloo, ?elissa s$ut do*n+nternet mail systems t$at got clogged *it$ infectede-mails propagating from t$e *orm. 4nce e2ecutedt$e srcinal ersion of ?elissa used a macro irus tospread to t$e first 5 addresses in t$e userFs 4utloo address /oo. o*eer, if +nternet access or 4utloo *ere not aaila/le, it *ould copy itself to ot$er *orddocuments and attempt to E-mail t$ose documents,reealing potentially confidential information.urt$er, it *ould modify e2isting documents /yinserting &uotes from t$e SimpsonFs teleision s$o*.8enry, # 9 -stimated damage % H. /illion. 2ear3 ,999Worm (ame3 I :);- 2)+*es!ription3 irst found on ?ay, , # in Asia itspread &uicly across t$e glo/e. +nstead of sending acopy of t$e *orm to t$e first 5 or  addresses int$e $ostFs 4utloo address /oo lie ?elissa, + 6oeIou used eery single address in t$e $ostFs address /oo. 0$is *orm also $ad a malicious side to it, ast$e *orm oer*rote important files *it$ a copy of itself, maing it irtually impossi/le to recoer srcinal files. +t also mared all mp files as $idden,and do*nloaded a 0ro(an $orse t$at *ould steal user names and pass*ords and t$em to t$e irusFs aut$or. -stimated damage3 H!.;5 /illion. 2ear3 ,99'Worm (ame3  “ Anna Kourni#ova ;irus< worm *es!ription3 irst appearing in e/ruary #  it *as produced /y a <scrip iddie,= and is *ell no*n onlyfor its social engineering attac$ment t$at appeared to /e a grap$ic image of Russian tennis star AnnaKournioa. o*eer, *$en t$e file *as opened, aclandestine code e2tension ena/led t$e *orm to copyitself to t$e :indo*s directory and t$en send t$e fileas an attac$ment to all addresses listed in your ?icrosoft 4utloo e-mail address /oo. 0$e AnnaKournioa irus *orm alt$oug$ famous *as (ust anuisance as it did little to no damage -stimated damage3  H,!#; 2ear3 ,99'  Worm (ame3   Code Red *es!ription3   irst found on uly , #  t$is *orme2ploited a ulnera/ility in ?icrosoft@s +nternet+nformation Serer 8++S9 *e/ serers to deface t$e$ostFs *e/site, and copy t$e file andrename it root.e2e in t$e :e/ sererFs pu/liclyaccessi/le scripts directory. 0$is *ould proidecomplete command line control to anyone *$o ne*t$e :e/ serer $ad /een compromised. +t also *aited# -#; days after it *as installed to launc$ denial of serice attacs against t$e :$ite ouseFs +P address.Code Red spread at a speed t$at oer*$elmednet*or administrators as more t$an 5), serers /ecame compromised in (ust oer J $ours. At its pea, more t$an #, serers *ere /eingcompromised eery single minute. Estimates are t$atCode Red compromised more t$an ;5 , serers.8enry, # 9 -stimated damage3  H#. /illion 2ear3 ,99'Worm (ame3   Sir!am *es!ription3 irst found on uly ), #  t$is massmailing E-mail *orm not only e2ploited ?icrosoftFs4utloo program it $ad t$e a/ility of spreadingt$roug$ :indo*s 7et*or s$ares. 0$e *orm $adt*o deadly payloads, /ut due to a program error t$eydid not *or. -stimated damage3  H.  /illion 2ear3 ,99'Worm (ame3   (I/*A *es!ription3 irst appearing in Septem/er # , 7+?DA, *$ic$ is admin spelled /ac*ards *as notas malicious in nature as preious *orms, /ut itsadanced features and its different means of  propagation *$ic$ included from client to client iaemail, from client to client ia open net*or s$ares,from *e/ serer to client ia /ro*sing of compromised *e/ sites, from client to *e/ serer iaactie scanning for and e2ploitation of arious?icrosoft ++S ulnera/ilities, and from client to *e/serer ia scanning for t$e /ac doors left /e$ind /yt$e Code Red ++ and sadmind++S *orms, allo*edit to spread faster t$an any preceding *orm. 7+?DAalso t$e first *orm t$at contained its o*n Email program so it did not depend on t$e $ostFs E-mail program to propagate. -stimated damage3 HJ5 million 2ear3 ,99'Worm (ame3   K e= *es!ription3 irst appearing in 4cto/er #, # KleL, and it ariants *ere still considered a pro/lemlate in # , maing KleL one of t$e most persistentiruses eer. KleL *as a $y/rid *orm t$at too adantage of a fla* in 4utloo t$at allo*ed it to /einstalled simply /y ie*ing t$e E-mail in t$e preie* panel. As a $y/rid t$reat it could /e$ae lie a irus,a *orm and at ot$er times een lie a 0ro(an $orse.KleL also incorporated a tec$ni&ue *e sa* in t$eC$ristmas E2ec *orm as it selected one Emailaddress from t$e $ostFs address /oo to use as t$e<from= address, t$en sending t$e *orm to all t$eot$er addresses. +n t$is manner, t$e E-mail oftenappeared to $ae /een sent from someone t$eaddressee actually ne*. -stimated damage3  H!.) /illion 2ear3 ,991Worm (ame3   S>: S ammer *es!ription3   Appearing anuary #5, # , andtaing adantage of t*o /uffer oerflo* /ugs in?icrosoft@s SM6 Serer data/ase product, it spreadrapidly, *it$ a dou/ling time of !.5 seconds in t$eearly p$ases of t$e attac allo*ing it to infectingmost of its ictims *it$in  minutes. SM6 Slammer *as t$e first e2ample of a :ar$ol *orm. A :ar$ol*orm *as first $ypot$esiLed in # # in a paper /y 7ic$olas :eaer, and it is an e2tremely rapidly propagating computer *orm t$at spreads as fast as p$ysically possi/le, infecting all ulnera/le mac$ineson t$e entire +nternet in 5 minutes or less. 0$e termis /ased on Andy :ar$ol@s remar t$at +n t$e future,Eery/ody *ill $ae 5 minutes of fame.=8Computer :orm, # 59 -stimated damage3  H.# /illion. 2ear3 ,991Worm (ame3   So$ig *es!ription3 4riginally put toget$er in anuary # to spread a pro2y serer 0ro(an, its ariant So/ig.set a record in s$eer olume of e-mails. So/ig lie 7imda used a /uilt-in S?0P engine so it did notdepend on t$e $ostFs E-mail program to propagate.0$en emulating KleL, it selected one E-mail addressfrom t$e $ostFs address /oo to use as t$e <from=address, t$en sending t$e *orm to all t$e ot$er addresses. +t also attempted to create a copy of itself on net*or s$ares, /ut failed due to /ugs in t$e code. -stimated damage3 H. /illion 2ear3 ,991Worm (ame3   B aster*es!ription %   Appearing August , #  3laster   e2ploited a ?icrosoft DC4? RPC ulnera/ility toinfect systems running :indo*s # and :indo*sBP, and cause insta/ility on systems running:indo*s 70, and :indo*s Serer # . iltering of irus actiity /y +nternet serice proiders 8+SPs9*orld*ide greatly reduced t$e spread of 3laster. -stimated damage % H. /illion 2ear3 ,996Worm (ame3   /ydoom *es!ription3 Appearing anuary #, # J and primarily transmitted ia E-mail to appear as atransmission error, ?ydoomFs rapid spread /ecomest$e fastest spreading email *orm eer. +t slo*edoerall +nternet performance /y a/out  N, andaerage *e/ page load times /y a/out 5 N. -stimated damage3  H!.5 /illion 2ear3 ,996Worm (ame3   Witty*es!ription3 Appearing ?arc$ ), # J, t$e :itty*orm *as t$e fastest deeloped *orm to date ast$ere *as only  $ours /et*een t$e release of t$eadisory to t$e release of t$e irus. :itty infected t$eentire e2posed population of t*ele t$ousandmac$ines in J5 minutes, and it *as t$e first*idespread *orm t$at destroyed t$e $osts it infected8/y randomly erasing a section of t$e $ard drie9*it$out significantly slo*ing t$e *orm@s e2pansion. -stimated damage3  H million 2ear3 ,996Worm (ame3   Sasser *es!ription3 Appearing on April  , # J andspreading /y e2ploiting a /uffer oerflo* in t$ecomponent no*n as 6SASS, 86ocal SecurityAut$ority Su/system Serice9 it $it t$e +nternet alittle more t$an t*o *ees after ?icrosoft *arnedusers of t$is fla*. Alt$oug$ it caused infected:indo*s BP and :indo*s # computers torepeatedly re/oot, Sasser did little damage, as *asmerely designed to spread and carried no payload. -stimated damage3  HJ.! /illion 2ear3 ,997Worm (ame3   ?oto$ *es!ription3  Ooto/ is a computer *orm *$ic$e2ploits security ulnera/ilities in ?icrosoftoperating systems lie :indo*s # , including t$e?S 5- ) plug-and-play ulnera/ility. 0$is *orm$as /een no*n to spread on ?icrosoft-ds or 0CP port JJ5.   0$e Ooto/ *orm and seeral ariations of it, no*n as R/ot.c/&, SD3ot./L$ and Ooto/.d,infected computers at companies suc$ as A3C, C77,0$e Associated Press, 0$e 7e* Ior 0imes, andCaterpillar +nc. -stimated damage3  H);, 2ear3 ,99@Worm (ame3   (yem*es!ription3 0$e 7y2em *orm *as discoered. +tspread /y mass-mailing. +ts payload, *$ic$ actiateson t$e t$ird of eery mont$, starting on e/ruary ,attempts to disa/le security-related and file s$aringsoft*are, and destroy files of certain types, suc$ as?icrosoft 4ffice files 2ear3 ,995Worm (ame3   Storm*es!ription3 0$e Storm :orm is a /acdoor 0ro(an$orse t$at affects computers using ?icrosoftoperating systems, discoered on anuary ;, # ;.0$e *orm is also no*n as%0ro(Dorf and ?alDorf 8Sop$os90ro(an.D6.0i/s.Gen>PacQ0ro(an.Do*nloader-J;0ro(an.Peacomm 8Symantec9 2ear3 ,998Worm (ame3 Koo$a!e*es!ription3 Koo/face is a computer *orm t$attargets users of t$e social net*oring *e/sitesace/oo, ?ySpace, $i5, 3e/o, riendster and0*itter. Koo/face is designed to infect ?icrosoft:indo*s and ?ac 4S B, /ut also *ors on 6inu2 ina limited fas$ion. Koo/face ultimately attempts,upon successful infection, to gat$er login informationfor 0P sites, ace/oo, and ot$er social media platforms, /ut not any sensitie financial data. +t t$enuses compromised computers to /uild a peer-to-peer  /otnet. A compromised computer contacts ot$er compromised computers to receie commands in a peer-to-peer fas$ion. 0$e /otnet is used to installadditional pay-per-install mal*are on t$ecompromised computer as *ell as $i(ac searc$&ueries to display adertisements. +t *as firstdetected in Decem/er # ! and a more potentersion appeared in ?arc$ # ). A study /y t$e+nformation :arfare ?onitor, a (oint   colla/orationfrom SecDe Group and t$e CitiLen 6a/ in t$e ?un Sc$ool of Glo/al Affairs at t$e 1niersity 0oronto,$as reealed t$at t$e operators of t$is sc$eme $aegenerated oer H# million in reenue from une # )to une #  .
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