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detailed method of surya namskara
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   Popular practices are Trucha Kalpa Namaskarah and Aditya Prasna. Trucha Kalpa Namaskarah [edit]   Trucha Kalpa Namaskarah has its srcins in Rig Veda. [1]   Each Mantra in Veda is called a “rucha”. Group of three ruch a is called as Trucha. “Trucha Kalpa Namaskarah” is a method of performing Surya Namaskar using three ruchas from the Veda. Sankalp Praying to Sun for good health and strength to work hard. dhyāna mantra     ॐ                                                                                dhyey ḥ   sadā savitṛ ma ṁḍalamadhyavartī    nārāyaṇ a ḥ   sarasijāsanasaṁ nivi ṣṭ a ḥ  | keyūravān makarakuṁḍalavān kirīṭī    hārīhirṇ mayavapurdh ṛtaśaṁ khacakra ḥ  || Meaning:   “Always worship ‘The Sun’ ( our energy source) sitting at the centre of the solar system (savitra mamdal madhyavarti) on Lotus, wearing Keyoor, Makarkundal crown and holding conch, chakra and having glittering golden body.”   sūrya namaskār mantra [edit]   After dhyāna mantra, Surya Namaskars are performed by chanting mantras. Mantras are arranged in a specific way. They consist of the three ruchas taken from 1st Mandala, 9th anuvak 50th Sookta in Rig Veda, which are composed in ‘Anushtup  Chandas  ’. Kanva Sage [Rushi] is believed to have composed them.   Meaning of the three ruchas:    “O, radiant Sun rising in the sky, please destroy the disease in my heart as well as diseases of my external body. Let inner and outer diseases of my body be destroyed by brilliantly shining Sun- the son of Aditi.”  Nama mantra of the Surya Namaskar have four sections: 1.   Pranavakshar (Aum) 2.   Beejakshara (hrāṁ, hrīṁ, hrūṁ , hrai ṁ, hrāuṁ  and hra ḥ ) 3.   paada from the three ruchas described above 4.   Name of ‘The Sun’.  In total 6 beejakshara, 12 paada (4 paada for each of the 3 ruchas) and 12 names of Surya are used in the creation of nama mantras. The six beejaksharas in the order of their usage are, hrāṁ, hrīṁ, hrūṁ , hrai ṁ, hrāuṁ  and hra ḥ . The 12 paada are explained in detail in the glossary. The 12 names of ‘The Sun’ in the order of their usage are “ Mitra, Ravi, Surya, Bhanu, Khaga, Pushan, Hiranyagarbha, Marichiman, Aditya, Savitr , Arka, Bhaskara”.  The mantra, start with short arrangements of the words at the beginning of the worship and evolve into more complex structures near the end. The mantra for the ease of discussion can be classified into four steps. Step 1: Aum + 1 Beejaksharam + 1 rucha + 1 Beejaksharam + Aum + 1 Name of Sun Example Mantra: 1) Aum hrāṁ  udhyannadhya mitrama ḥ   hrāṁ   Aum mitrāya namaḥ  || 2) Aum hrīṁ   ārohannuttarāṁ   divam hrīṁ  Aum ravaye nama ḥ  || 12 mantra, formed using the 12 paada of the ruchas, are chanted / recited at this step. As there are only 6 beejakshara, for the seventh mantra the first beejakshara is used and the order is repeated up to the 12th mantra. For each mantra one surya namaskar is performed.  Step 2: Aum + 2 Beejakshara + 2 paada + 2 Beejakshara + Aum + 2 Names of Sun Example Mantra: Aum hrāṁ   hrīṁ  udhyannadhya mitrama ḥ   ārohannuttarāṁ   divam hrāṁ   hrīṁ   Aum mitrāya ravaye namaḥ  || . 6 mantras are chanted / recited at this step as there are 12 paadas. For each mantra one surya namaskar is performed. Step 3: Aum + 4 Beejakshara + 4 paada + 4 Beejakshara + Aum + 4 Names of Sun 3 mantras are chanted / recited at this stage. For each mantra one surya namaskar is performed. Step 4: Aum + All Beejakshara + All paadas + All Beejakshara + Aum + All Names of Sun 1 mantra is chanted / recited at this step. One Surya Namaskar is performed at this step. Thus after all the four steps, 22 mantras are chanted / recited and with each mantra one Surya Namaskar is performed. When this cycle is repeated three times, 66 Surya Namaskars are performed. This way ONE Trucha Kalpa Namaskar is completed. Teertha Shloka In the end, Teertha Shloka is chanted / recited .                          |            ||                      |                      ||                     :    || ādityasya namaskaraṁ ye kurvanti dinedine  |  janmāṁ tarasahasre ṣudaridhryaṁ nopajāyate  || akālamṛtyuharaṇm sarvavyādhivinaśanam  | sūryapādodakaṁ tīrtham jaṭharedhārayāmyaham  || anen namaskarakhyen karmaga shrisavitrusuryanarayan priyataam || Meaning:  Those who perform Soorya Namaskars daily, do not face poverty in life [this actually relates to Richness of Health, not financial matters, one does not face early death or suffer from diseases. Drink the water kept before The Sun. In some versions of this mantra      Surya in the second verse is replaced by    Vishnu. It is recited while taking Tirth [Holy Water] after doing Surya Namaskar. This is the most commonly followed Mantra by practitioners of Surya Namaskar.                          |                                   || ādityasya namaskāran ye kurvanti dine dine  | āyuḥ prajñā balam vīryam tejasteśān ca jāyate  || Yet another version of the same mantra, dedicated to Vishnu or Narayan is as follows:                      |                  ||               | औ                   || akal mrityuharan sarva vyadhivinasham | vishnu paadodak tirth jatre dharyamyham || shirire jarjribhute vyadhigraste kalevare | aushdham jhanvhitoyam vaidho narayano hari ||
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