Sustainable Technology 2 - Part 2

Sustainable Technology 2 - Part 2
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  UNIVERSITY F WOLVERHAMPTON ,ry' \,, School f Engineering the BuiltEnvironment Module umber ET2006 Module itle Sustainable echnology Module Guide @Th€ Univ€Eity of Wotvefiamrto.Schoolof ngho€ing nd ne Bui[ EnviranmentSchool ss63sm€nt andbook  Module itle:Module ode;Pre-rsqulsites:Co-roqulsit€:Somg3tsr/Acad6mic ear:Crsdit alue:Lsvol of study:Module eader:Intgrnal Mod€rator: Module uide Sustainable echnology ET2006NoneNone2006t0715Level 2Kadda ahiaouiRoom: MA109Phone: 664Fax:01902322743E-mail:,ukGraham Oakes I RationaleThe principal im of this module s to use case studies f sustainabletechnologies o: . Further evelop- nowledge nd understanding f the screntific rinciples hat qovernthe behaviour f products nd ngineering ysiems.. Further evetop nowledge nd understanding f methods or the anatvsjs fengineering omponents nd systems, hich r; then apptieC o sotve ett-i-RneaproDtems. By successful ompletion f he module, tudents ill be able: 1. Apply scientific and mathernaticai rinciples o the design and evaluation tengineering omponents nd systems.2. AppJy outine olution methods o the synthesis nd analysis f engineeing ystemsand components. @The niversily l WotverhamptonSchooi f Engineering nd he Built EnvironmentSchool ssessment andbook Learning utcomoa  3. Evaluate he strength and retiability fcomp.essior hear. bendng ano torsionmetnoos.rigid body systems subject o tension,by using analyUcal nd finjte eiements 3 Weekly opic guide (Piease ote hat on occasions t may be necessary o amend he schedule) Il , Td 9_y'l-1 tqught usrng n.. pprications pproach, hereby he scientiric rjnciptes fprooucrs no engtneenng ystens will be deveroped or vai6u5 aah;.a technoloqies l.e casestudies irr oncenkate n sustainabre echnologies n which he emphasis i be o demonstratehow he application f scientjfic rinciples. an mprove he pedofmance nd efficiency f theseproducts nd engineedng ystems. sing his approach, he olbwing opics ill be addiesseo:[/]odelling ngineering ystems. Behaviollral odels or engineering ystems decomposition nto ub_systems, . Static nd Dynamic orces frce body iagramsDesign or Skength nd Reljabitity. Stress ystems axial, ending, jrect hear, o|sional hear, ongitudinal hear nd contact(Hertzian)stress.. Cornbined tfesses principal hesses, aximum hear tfesses nd Mohls ctrcte. Theories ffailure yielding n complex tress ystems. Fatigue cyclic oading, -N urves^ . Skess oncentration actors strategies or educlng tressDesign or Rigidity nd Stability. Factors ffecting igidity- oad, material roperties nd eometfic roperties. Euckling odes Eul€r nd Rankine ooets_. . _.Vib|atior principles f natural ibration nd whirling f shaftsFinite lement oolications. Th€.finite lement nalysis ethod element hoice, eshing tretegies, onstratnts, oads,solution nd pogt-processing . ADplicatio[of EA o welLdefined esiqn roblems. llst Resource3 School rovided 3D solid modelling AD softwareIntegEted inite lement modelling oftwafeGraphical resentation oftwa€ 5 Specialist esources Student rovided with cost ndicaGd)- Not Appljcable 6 lndicativ€ Readiand LearninE uort List Lecture otes nd utorialAshby, 4ike. Materials 0750643579Shigley, .E. Mechanical0071181865handoutsSelectionn Engineering esign. ButteMorth-Heinemann, 999. _ Engineering esign Mccraw-Hill ducation EuroDe. 001. Ogrodni( Peter . - Fundamentat ng neering \,,techanics Longman, 997. 0582297990ylll?l, D ulq G - The \,4echanical esign rocess. 2nd ed. _ New york; London: vccraw_Hi[, 1997. 0071155767)1/-liSlrl,-l-an lil9lq. - Design Methods n Engineedng nd product Design London: \rccraw-Hi||, 998. 0077093763Dreter George Elrwold Engh-e€ring esign: Materials rd Frocessirg Approach 3ro eo.;London VlcGraw-Hlll. 000. 0071162046 OThe ,hjverslly iwolverhampton 3 or 6Schoolor ngineerng nd he Buitt EnvironmenlSchool ssessment andbook  Fagan, . J. - Finite lement natysis:heory nd Practice.Technical, 992. 0582022479Mottram, . Toby, James Toby;lvccfaw-Hill, 996. 0077090934- HarJow: ongman cientific mechanical esign. London:sing inite elements n)kldams, V ; Building ettef roducts jth Finite Etement na\, ]e _Onword press, 1998. 8 A$Eslmont7 Teaching and Learning Methods ......... -' -- This module ntroduces he student o udher cientific rinciples nd provides n opportunrryto apply injte lenent methods nd echniques o analise well defined eslqn fn mooL,te tfl use case studies fsustiainable echnoiogies o demonstrate oir hese rincrptescan be appljed n he design f products nd engineering ystems.It s core o the CAPD nd CAED pathways. LilgiiTt_f|.::f l: ancr eminar ctivity ilt nvotve ou n investigarions, resentatrons,orscussrons no/or xerctses n set opics nd may nvolve elf rd peer ssessment. This appro€ch ees the leam,ng needs as the focus of the leaming actjvity wttn rneunoersranqrng nat you wil need o ake on some esponsibility or your own earnind 1,2,31. LectureTo ptovide hetneoMthe pafticular ubject overed within hetS .ecifrc ine perbd,2. Case tudies To show how ne knowteage-mA-$mplanented nto p.8'ctical iluations ndvaious cenarios. 3. TutodalsTo suppott ke lecture ateiat.- aiienaura that €tudenb have gainedenough und1rctanding f the subjectna$er4. Proj€ct ork To atlow student{- -ifipty-ien Knowtedge nd sfills to salve a Drcblem. E,l Msthods: Learning utcomeLeaming ctivityExplanation 8.2 Asssssment omponents nd W-igh ffi To pass the module you must achieve a minimum grade of E4 for Cgq[ Element fAssessrnent 4 a minimum rade f DS or Caq[ Compo;ent f Assessm nT- - - - @Ths nive|sity f WoJvedampronSchoolor nginee g and he Buitr nvnonmenlSchool ssessment andbook Learning utcomeAss€ssmentTasks %weighting hahd-in €te(universityweeK)Rationale or he ask 1t Componeni .In class open bookexamination50% I To ptovide he oiiortunnlxapply routine analyticat methods o solve well defin^dQrcOtens.1,3Component .Design andanalysis projectusinq FEA methods 500/ Tp . provide oppottunity Aoesrgn ysfems and pafts byapplication f FEA nethods
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