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Are You Really Selling Right Now? Every boat owner is busy in a flood. Boats- good, bad, big, small, safe and less-so…all busy during the flood. They just pull up to the place where people need to get to safety and pick up passengers. The economy is coming back in a number of sectors including construction, energy and manufacturing. ot !flooding back, no. But the economic downturn shook out weak players in a lot of markets and sectors. Even a small improvement in demand can create relat
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  Are You Really Selling Right Now?  Every boat owner is busy in a flood. Boats- good, bad, big, small, safe and less-so…all  busy during the flood. They just pull up to the place where people need to get to safety and pick up passengers. The economy is coming back in a number of sectors including construction, energy and manufacturing. ot !flooding back, no. But the economic downturn shook out weak  players in a lot of markets and sectors. Even a small improvement in demand can create relative growth for the survivors in the marketplace. #ossibly you are feeling this in the areas of re$uests for $uotes, more access for sales meetings and conversations with your customers about the future. These activities may be characteri%ed as selling. & think you need to look closer. Quoting, order taking, price-negotiating, specification matching  ' &f the customer is asking you for this type of effort, it is not selling on your part. &t is more than likely a result of all of the selling you did in the past  . ow you are harvesting. & applaud you for the selling you have done, but these activities that & have described are not selling as much as opportunity processing. (o it fast and well, because you need to be out there selling. The relative positive economic indicators will wane, and when they do, the  people who sold well during the upside will benefit during the downside. Error) *eference source not found +ra%y as it may sound with the increased amount of business going on, this is an important time to re-dedicate your efforts to prospecting. *ight now, you could fill your day with just handling the demand- answering calls, emails and tets. ou will be busy,  but you wont be gaining ground on your competition. Their phones are ringing as well. ou have to hunt while you harvest, otherwise your performance will be little better than the economic trend. ou will rise and fall less because of what you control under that scenario and more because of things outside your control. Thats no way to take market share. Sales Stats that Should Scare You  & am not a doom-and-gloom person. & am optimistic, but & like to know the data and trends in advance so that & can plan. & believe that a change in the marketplace creates opportunity even if it initially looks bad. /ere is what & mean) 012 of commercial sales by 3456 will occur without the aid of a sales rep 7ver 182 of the buying decision is already made by a buyer today before he or she meets with a sales representative The number of people involved in a significant buying decision in a company  purchasing products or services has doubled in the last 8 years and is epected to continue to increase The implications are  5. #ower has shifted from the knowledgeable sales person to the knowledgeable buyer in commercial sales, making many sales positions less valuable to their customers and their own companies.  3. &f you are a transaction sales rep, picking up orders and checking in with customers, you are at high risk of not being relevant in the future. 9. The market is shifting into either channels of purchase that are direct and digital, or comple solution solving, re$uiring more people and process steps to achieve a  purchasing decision. Error) *eference source not found /ire sales reps to sell larger deals with compleity and move as much of the rest of the transactional business to digital methods of purchase and service. *e-set to a higher dollar amount and compleity of what you think is !transactional  because your customers have or will. +ustomers do not want to talk to sales  people unless the issue being solved is comple or epensive, otherwise they just want to buy, not be sold. Build sales teams to match up with buying teams. This does not mean more sales  people working an account, but more subject matter eperts on a team led by a sales person. &ts good news for those companies who have a plan. &f you are not confident of your planor capacity to eecute it, call us and we may be able to help. !e ind to Your #uture Self   &m training for the +hicago :arathon right now. & ran a marathon a do%en years ago, and& can tell you that doing this at 14 is very different in every way. ;ure, &m wiser, but my knees dont seem to care about my wisdom, they bark at me regardless. &ts a long race< if my 14-year-old self could have told my 94s self what & know now… #rofessionally, your future self can tell you a few things that your current self needs to know to make life easier along the way. /ere are a few things you might say) $ata%ase  ' our future self is going to need to know and keep track of a lot more people.=e all know that job changes are happening at every level with increasing fre$uency. &f you are not actively keeping connected to all of your connections you will lose them. Thismatters because you wont have the same job or even the same role with the same company three years from now if statistical trends are accurate. either will your database of people. &n times of hiring or buying, especially when there is pressure, your contacts will choose first who they know and trust. ;tay connected. Reputation  ' =hat is your brand> /onest> ice> ;mart> &f you are known for general characteristics, you will get lost in all of your contacts databases. #rospects, customers,  potential employers cant focus on you in a sea of data if you look like everyone else. Become known as a specialist in something. ;tand out for a relevant capability and you will rise in the marketplace. &ommunication  ' +onnecting with your database and demonstrating your reputation re$uires regular effort. Blogs, emails, ?inked&n group contributions and commentary on other peoples posts are all ways to stay connected. &n the moment of need, you often win  because you came to mind first. &n the past, the world changed more slowly. @t the speed of change, you need to be  investing in your future selfs job, sales capacity and value by investing in your connections. 'ow to (in )*er +urchasing and +rocurement  our strategy for handling the !objective assistance in a buying process by the #urchasing or #rocurement areas of a prospect hinges on the answer to the following $uestion)  Do they not know to care?  or  Do they not care to know ?  &nteracting with these departments for companies who are trying to develop a new customer relationship can be enormously frustrating. 7ften it feels as if you are being  blocked by a process, andAor a person who has little relevance to what you are offering. our typical response is to seek support from a knowledgeable end-user in the process to lobby on your behalf. That works…sometimes. =hat do you do when that gets you little traction> Error) *eference source not found 5. #igure out the answer  to the $uestion, !(o they not know to care or (o they not care to know> &f they do not want to make a better decision for the end-user, you will have to leverage the end-user to make them care, be the cheapest in the  process or leave. 3.&f they !do not know to care then it is your responsibility to give them a clearer picture of the impact  of making a bad decision. (ont try to move them to favoring you first- that wont work until they figure out that this decision has a really big impact if they get it wrong. 9. !uild the scorecard  for choosing. 7nce they understand this is a big issue, then they need a clear path for making the choice. &f they do not have the better scorecard, they can always default to the incumbent provider or the cheapest priceand this usually will not favor you. . o %ack to your internal supporters and confirm with them alignment of the scorecard and their support. Cetting #urchasing and #rocurement staff to care about the impact of change and how to measure it is critical to securing influence in the process. &f the prospects process is designed that they !do not care to know what better looks like, you are going to have a hard time winning if you are not cheapest or the incumbent. )wn the !uying &lock to (in !usiness  Timing is a factor in most sales, but who owns the clock is of enormous importance if you are trying to take business from an incumbent competitor. *emember the following when you think about the pace and momentum of a buying  process of a target prospect or customer) #aster fa*ors the challenger  who is ac$uiring the business  Slower fa*ors the incum%ent  in retaining the business Error) *eference source not found Dsing these guidelines, consider the following… &f you are the &hallenger , then you want to accelerate each phase of the process including ) @pproval of you as a potential vendor #resentations #roposals #ricing &f you do not, the incumbent can always delay the process, encouraging the customer to sign an etension to the current agreement. The risk is that the window of opportunity will close and more pressing matters will cause your buyer to move on to other priorities. &f you are the ncum%ent , regardless of the condition of your relationship, delays will diminish the interest in change and make the keeping of the status $uo more desirable. *emember, between 092 and 002 of the buying decisions result in favor of the incumbent. The perceived switching costs often outweigh any anticipated benefit. =hen planning your sales approach, always consider which speed favors you, faster or slower. Success s ./0 1agic 2 'ow to 1ake 1agic  & am fundamentally a process person. & believe that success in sales is 642 process and only 542 magic. /owever, after all of this time, & have to admit that there is a collection of chemistry, timing and coincidences that & describe in the world of sales that is beyond eplanation. That having been said, & have tried to analy%e over time what circumstances can create this magic.This is an incomplete list because & believe that if it is true magic, what caused it cannot be defined. Error) *eference source not found /ere is how & try to create some of my own magic) ratitude  ' Cetting my head correctly aligned with prospects, customers, and team members is easier when & start with being grateful. & write lists of why & am grateful when & find myself out of sorts. &t clears my head and opens me up for good opportunities. Swagger  ' & recently wrote about swagger . Swagger is a mix of positive expectation and objective indifference.  &ts ama%ing what great things are attracted by swagger. +reparation  ' :y confidence goes up eponentially with my preparation. @udiences of my programs often comment on how well & understand their industries and companies. That happens because & have spent hours getting ready so that the interaction is effortless and focused completely on them.


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