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  TYBA SyllabusPaper IV: Medieval India (1000 A.D. -1707 A.D. 1. Socio-Economic and Political conditions of India !n #e $ve !% #e Tur&is# Invasi!ns'.Del#i Sul ana e   a) Foundation and Consolidation - Qutubuddin Aibak, Iltutmish, Sultan Razia b) Expansion and !clin! Alauddin #hil$i, %uhammad bin &u'hla(, Saids and *odis ).Ad*inis ra ive Sys e*  of th! !lhi Sultanat!a)Administ+ati! and %ilita+ R!fo+ms of Alauddin #hil$ib)Fi+uz &u'hla(s R!fo+msc)C!nt+al .o!+nm!nt and th! I(ta sst!m +.Vi,ayanaara and #e Ba#a*ani ind!* a)Ris!, '+o/th and d!clin!b)Administ+ation, Econom, Soci!t and Cultu+! of 0i$aana'a+a /.Mu#al $*pire  a)1abu+b)2umaunc)Sh!+Shah .Mu#al $*pire a)Akba+b)3ahan'i+ and Shah 3ahanc)Au+an'z!b 7.Mu#al Ad*inis ra i!n a)C!nt+al and P+oincialb)%ansabda+i Sst!mc)R!!nu! .2ise !% Mara #a P!3er a)Shia$i and th! Foundation of S/a+a$ab)Shia$is Administ+ationc)Sambha$i, Ra$a+am and &a+abai 4.$5!n!*i5 and S!5ial 6!ndi i!ns  - !lhi Sultanat! and %u'halsa)A'+icultu+!, Indust+, t+ad!, comm!+c! and cu++!ncb)Cast! Sst!m, position of 4om!n and Sla!+c)Education and *it!+atu+! 10.2elii!n and 6ul ure  du+in' th! Sultanat! and %u'halsa)R!li'ious &+!nds 1hakti %o!m!nt, Su5sm, in-i-Ilahi Sikhismb)A+t Paintin', Calli'+aph, Sculptu+!c)A+chit!ctu+!6 TYBA Syllabus  Paper V: M!dern India (1/7-14+ 76 2ev!l !% 1/7 , 1ack'+ound, Caus!s, 8atu+! and Cons!(u!nc!s '.$*eren5e !% Indian a i!nalis* a)Socio-R!li'ious R!fo+m %o!m!ntsb)Economic .+o/thc)Political Associations and foundin' of th! Indian 8ational Con'+!ss ).T#e a i!nal M!ve*en a)Indian 8ational Con'+!ss, 799:-7;<=b).andhian E+ac)R!olutiona+ 8ationalismd)Ind!p!nd!nc! and Pa+tition +.T#e e#ru $ra a)F!atu+!s of th! Indian Constitutionb)Int!'+ation and R!o+'anization of stat!sc)Socio-Economic +!fo+ms /.India a% er e#ru a)om!stic !!lopm!nts abolition of P+i Pu+s!s,8ationalization of 1anks > Indust+, .+!!n R!olutionb)Em!+'!nc .P!s $*eren5y p!li i5al devel!p*en s ?6 8!rein P!li5y !% Independen India (14+7-17+  a) P+incipl!s of Fo+!i'n Polic b) R!lations /ith n!i'hbou+in' count+i!s c) R!lations /ith th! @SA and @SSR96 Ma,!r Trends  a) Communalism and S!pa+atist %o!m!nts b) Empo/!+m!nt of 4om!n c) Polic of R!s!+ation d) .+o/th of Sci!nc! and &!chnolo' TYBA SyllabusPaper VI (9p i!n B: Ar5#ae!l!y Museu!l!y and ;ibrary S5ien5e  9= ma+ks fo+ th!o+ and <= ma+ks fo+ p+o$!ct /o+k and int!+nal !aluation) Ar5#ae!l!y: 76i) a) De<ni i!n ai*s *e #!ds  of A+cha!olo' b) A+cha!olo' and =is !ry , A+cha!olo' and ! #er S5ien5es  ii) 8ield Ar5#ae!l!y B %!thods, fo+mation of Sit!6 Explo+ation, !xcaation, classi5cation and datin' t!chni(u!s iii) A+cha!olo'ical si'ni5canc! of a)  >!r3e and Dai*abad  b) an#eri ?#arapuri A,an a and $ll!ra < . $pirap#y:  !5nition, 1!'innin' of Epi'+aphical Stud in India An5ien Indian   S5rip s   1+ahmi, #ha+oshthi, Sha+ada > !na'+i, 6!n ribu i!n !%    $pirap#y ! Indian =is !ry. D6 u*is*a i5s:  !5nition, An5ien Indian 6!inae   Punch ma+k!d coins, #ushana, Sataahana and .upta coina'!, 6!n ribu i!n !% u*is*a i5s  to Indian 2isto+ Muse!l!y: 6 %us!ums and th! r!le !% #e 6ura !r  i) !5nition and Museu* M!ve*en  in India ii) Rol! of 6ura !r  8atu+! of uti!s, +!sponsibiliti!s and Quali5cations iii) Types  of %us!ums:6 6!lle5 i!n and 6are  A i) Scop! 8ational, R!'ional, local ii) %!thods of Coll!ction iii) Ca+! and Caution ocial m!asu+!s fo+ p+ot!ction and o/n!+ship 1 i) Basi5 Prin5iples   P+!s!+ation and ca+! of ob$!cts, diG!+!nt tp!s of Hb$!cts o+'anic and Ino+'anic ii) P+!s!ntation &!chni(u!s6 6#anin 2!le !% Museu*s  Shift of Emphasis f+om ob$!ct to communitB !ducation- !mphasis on l!a+nin' In2ous! and Hut R!ach Actiiti!s ;ibrary S5ien5e:  ?6 ;ibrary 9rani@a i!n  i) !5nition Scop!, histo+ of *ib+a+ mo!m!nt ii) Rol! of *ib+a+ian iii) Classi5cation and Catalo'uin' i) Ca+! of 1ooks and oth!+ mat!+ials96 ;ibrary Manae*en and Servi5es  i) issu! of 1ooksii) Int!+-lib+a+ loan Facilitiii) 1asic *ib+a+ R!co+dsi) 1iblio'+aphical S!+ic!) R!f!+!nc! S!+ic!i) El!ct+onic R!olution
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