This is a summary of what our Preliminary task will be about, the characters we will have, the setting we will set it in and the music we will be using for our video. The synopsis allows us to plan beforehand so that we don't have to have issues while doing our actual video.
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  Vinnay, Henali, Anbish & Feisal   For our Preliminary Task, we decided to do something based on drugs as this is a common situation for teenagers nowadays.  Our Preliminary Task starts off with the girlfriend turning up in the room her boyfriend is taking drugs in. They then have an argument about why he is taking the drugs even after her explaining to him that it can harm his body. Our task ends off with the girlfriend leaving in anger as her boyfriend doesn’t listen to what she says.   We decided to use different camera shots and angles when creating this preliminary task. The reason for this was to show the different skills we have as well as the different ways we can show a particular scene or object in a scene which can give a hint of importance to the audience watching it.  For our Preliminary task, we plan to use the following camera shots: Long shot, Shot-reverse shot, mid shot, over the shoulder shot, close up shot. The different angles we plan to use are match on action and 180 degree rule.   Our Preliminary task consists of two main characters, Jessica (girlfriend) and Eric (boyfriend). The reason for why we only used two characters is so that there isn’t much of confusion or complications when watching it.  We decided to keep the setting of the film opening in the common room as this room looks like a room where people relax and chill out. This was suitable for our theme as to take drugs; you are in need of a calm place where there aren’t much people.
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