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  SAMRAT ASHOK TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE ,VIDISHA(M.P.) “ Visible Light Communication System ”   Guided By:   Prepaired By: Prof. Neelesh Mehra Ayush Jain Prof. Abhishek Jain Devendra Chauhan   Shivkumar Chouhan Manohar Kumawat    1.INTRODUCTION The circuit shows an example of visible light communication(VLC)  i.e. the transmission of information using visible light.Using this circuit we can transmit audio and video data by modulating it and transmitting the modulated signal with the help of simple LEDs and receiving the signal using photodiodes or phototransistors in the range where visible light is reachable. 2.CIRCUIT DIAGRAM The implementation of VLC can be done using the following circuit. Fig.1   Audio Transmission Using Visible Light The alternative arrangement of transmitter and receiver can be shown in following two circuits.    Fig.2 Alternative Way of Implementing VLC With Filtering At Receiver 3.CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION The above circuit shows the audio link that can be used to transmit signals up to 4 meters .In fig. 1 the signal to be transmitted is applied to the base of Q1 via resistor R4.The transistor Q1 drives the transmitting diodes D1 and D2.The audio input will be modulated to  the visible light signals transmitted. The transmitted visible light signals will be picked by the photo transistor Q2.The emitter voltage of the transistor Q2 will change according to the sound modulated to the IR signal. The transistors Q3 and Q4 amplifies this signal to drive the speaker or headphone.C1 and R3 forms a filter to avoid interference from stray light signals. Notes:    The circuit can be assembled on a general purpose PCB.      We use 9V PP3 batteries for powering the transmitter and receiver.    The phototransistor Q2 can be any NPN phototransistor like PNZ154, PNA1605F, BPW77NA or BPW85.We have used 2N5777 as phototransistor.    An 8 Ohm speaker or a headphone can be used to hear the sound. 4.APPLICATIONS As in this field we are dealing with VLC which is a subcategory of Free Space Optics(FSO) with having the light of wavelength 400nm to 700nm.We will use VLC for downlink and Visible Light or IR for uplink. 1 . The infrastructure used for the cloud access(PSTN & ADSL) can be entirely replaced with the cable wire used for electricity. 2 . A new,effective and efficient technology Li-Fi  can be implemented for internet.Using this technology the cost of Communication can be decreased up to 10 times. 3 . Today’s wireless technology is promiscuous and less secure because it can penetrate the walls.The VLC system is more secure for

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Jul 23, 2017
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