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Transcript Information on backup and recovery of an SAP system on SAP Sybase ASE: SAP Note 1611715 -SYB: How to restore an SAP Sybase ASE database server (Windows) and SAP Note 1618817 -SYB: How to restore an SAP Sybase ASE database server (UNIX) Refer SAP Note 1591387 - SYB: Homogeneous Systemcopy Sybase ASE for guidance. Hi Ramesh, Below is the commands to restore the PRD to Quality.   Run from source system Load database SID from 'e:\sybase\SID\data\SID_012014.dmp' go the u will get the prompt showing message like 10%,20% loading Finally u will get 100% loaded message after that you will get below message Use the ONLINE DATABASE command to bring this database online; ASE will not bring it online automatically. Then u need bring database online online database 'SID' go Database will come online. There is no need to change sid ,I have followed the above procedure now system up and running fine. **************** Hi please find the steps  1. Get a current dump for your SAP database on the source system. $> isql -SPRD -Usapsa -DPRD 1> dump database PRD to /sybase/PRD/backups/PRD.dmp 2> go 2.Transfer the dump to the target system. copy the dump files to target system 3. Prepare the target database to match the source database's layout. use procedure sp_ddlgen to get the CREATE DATABASE COMMAND for this. The example below writes the DDL for database 'PRD' to a file 'DDL_PRD.sql' in the current working directory. $> isql -SPRD -Usapsa -DPRD 1> sp_ddlgen 'database', 'PRD' 2> go > DDL_PRD.sql   The DDL statements for the creation of the source database can look like this: CREATE DATABASE PRD ON dataPRD_1 = '200704M' -- 12845056 pages LOG ON logPRD_1 = '4096M' -- 262144 pages go ALTER DATABASE PRD on dataPRD_2 = '200704M' -- 12845056 pages' go The DDL statements for the creation of the target database can look like this: CREATE DATABASE QAS ON dataQAS_1 = '200704M' -- 12845056 pages LOG ON logQAS_1 = '4096M' -- 262144 pages go Refer SAP note 1591387 or more details *** It will create empty database QAS then you can load the data from dump
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