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  TECHNOLOGY & LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION –  SET B   1 Field of Specialization –  150 Items Major in TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1.   Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet Set. 2.   Write the Subject title “ TECHNOLOGY & LIVEHOOD EDUCATION ” on the box provided.  3.   Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheer if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your test booklet is Set B. MULTIPLE CHOICE: 1.   To search for relate literature by accessing several databases by the use of a telephone line to connect a computer library with computers that have database is termed: a.   Computer search c. on - line search b.   Manual search d. compact disc search 2.   The part of a feasibility study which describes the location of the business and its building specifications? a.   Production c. Market feasibility b.   Introduction d. Proponet, management & personnel 3.   Salt is a necessary ingredient in yeast raised breads because salt: a.   Removes the water in dough c. Controls the rising of the bread b.   Retains the moisture in dough d. Makes the bread taste better 4.   Nutrients perform specific function in our body. What nutrient together with carbohydrates provides the body with heat and energy? a.   Proteins b. Fats c. Vitamins d. Minerals 5.   Onions when peeled or cut irritate the eyes and give biting sensation on the tongue, this is due to presence of: a.   Sulfoxide b. Mustard oil c. Sulfur compounds d. Sodium nitrate 6.   What is the process by which pelts, skin and hides are made pliable for use? a.   Curing b. Tanning c. Dressing d. Cleaning 7.   Which process will help you accomplish the tasks of smoothening pelts, skins and hiding as well as making them pliable? a.   Curing b. Tanning c. Cleaning d. Dressing 8.   What series of activities by which discarded are collected, sorted, processed and converted into raw materials are used in the production of new products? a.   Reusing b. Reducing c. Indigenization d. Redevelopment 9.   What is the scheme of product movement from the producer to the consumer? a.   Marketing b. Selling c. Merchandizing d. Retailing 10.Which one insures the most convenient households? a.   A house with household help b.   A house with architectural design c.   A house equipped with appliances & labor saving devices d.   A house near the church, market, school and recreation places  TECHNOLOGY & LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION –  SET B   2 11.It is the care on personal appearance which includes the condition of the body and how one looks and smells. a.   Grooming c. Personality development b.   Proper hygiene d. Good health 12.An employee exposes the wrong doings of his employer to outsiders, such as the media or government regulatory agencies. What behavior is it? a.   Shame campaign c. Rumor mongering b.   Murmuring d. Whistle blowing 13.Which of the following is a household chore that has to be done every day? a.   Cleaning the ceiling c. Sweeping the floor b.   Dusting the furniture d. Laundering bed sheets 14.Which is/are the purpose/s of performance appraisal? i.   Feedback on quality of performance ii.   Feedback on the effectiveness of recruitment & selection process iii.   Input on profitability and income of the company iv.   Data base for H.R decision making. a.   III only b. I, II and III c. I, II and IV d. I, III and IV 15.Which principle of design suggests sequence movement? a.   Harmony b. Balance c. Proportion d. Rhythm 16.Which stage is characterized by added responsibility of educating and looking after health needs of children? a.   Contacting b. Launching c. Expending d. Beginning 17.If pictures needed from an electronic encyclopedia, what must be done? a.   Cite the source for the picture b.   Use the encyclopedia picture freely c.   Credit the group members for scanning the picture d.   List the names of the group members at the end of the project 18.Loyalty is measure when people stay together in time of crises. What does it strengthen? a.   Partnership b. Friendship c. Healthy competition d. Cooperation 19.Which of the following sciences is the statistical study of human population and its distribution? a.   Ecology b. Geography c. Anthropology d. Demography 20.There are numerous kinds of saws. The one used by sawing along the grain of wood is called: a.   Rip saw b. Coping saw c. Cross cut saw d. Back saw 21.Drills and bits are friendly tools that facilitate project making. Which of the following is used for boring holes on wood? a.   Drill bit b. Nail set c. Saw set d. Auger bit 22.Finishing touches will show the quality of workmanship. How is the thread at the end of the dart made? a.   Cut short b. Removed c. Cut long d. Knotted  TECHNOLOGY & LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION –  SET B   3 23.The following are factors in deciding on a suitable plant site for the business. Which one is questionable? a.   Distance of the sources of raw materials and markets b.   Organizational structure of the enterprise c.   Availability of water disposal facility d.   Availability of transportation 24.Which one is not good technique in performing household tasks? a.   using trays and baskets in carrying things from one room to another b.   u sing white sheets and lines in young children’s bed  c.   cooking rice while cleaning the house d.   cooking one dish meals 25.What is a plan of spending during a specific period based on an estimate of the funds available? a.   Estimate b. Budget c. Expenditure d. Income 26.Blood relation refers to linear family relationship. This speaks of one of the following: a.   Consanguinity b. Affinity c. Camaraderie d. Sorority 27.What appears whenever executing a command which indicates that you must wait until it disappears to continue to the next action? a.   Hour glass b. Print preview c. Magnifying glass d. Formal painter 28.Mothers tend to work for extra income for the family while the children secure for summer  jobs. Where do these help? a.   Economic crisis c. Socio-economic status b.   Social standing d. Economic upliftment 29.What is the name of the bar that displays the name of the program and current file in Microsoft Word Processor? a.   Title bar b. Status bar c. Menu bar d. Formatting toolbar 30.Which of the following involves judging the extent to which employees fulfill their responsibilities? a.   Accountability b. Regulation c. Responsibility d. Control function 31.Which of the following would effective managers most likely NOT use in employing personnel? a.   Accomplishing forms c. Interviewing selected applicants b.   Requiring medical examination d. Setting interview of reference 32.Which of the following is NOT an important factor in selecting a location for a store? a.   Weather situation b.   Income of the families in the community c.   Standard of living of families in the community d.   Employment conditions that prevails in the community 33.Which of the following laws protect the consumers from unscrupulous businessmen?  TECHNOLOGY & LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION –  SET B   4 i.   Commerce Administrative Order 5-C ii.   Batas Pambansa Blg. 8 iii.   Article 1458 of the Civil Code iv.   R.A 9155 b.   III and IV b. I and IV c. I, II and III d. II, III and IV 34.These lines are used to indicate the measurement of objects and are presented by fine dark solid lines. a.   Leader lines b. Center lines c. Dimension lines d. Dimension lines 35.Drafting is considered as the universal language of: a.   Pottery b. Artistry c. Industry d. Humanity 36.A point is the projection of a line if it is perpendicular to the: a.   Plane of proportion c. Plane of projection b.   Plane of direction d. Plane of intersection 37.Which of the following is used to produce blind holes? a.   Drill bit b. Brad awl c. Auger bit d. Diestock 38.When the diameter of cylindrical object is to be measures, the tool to be used is called: a.   Ruler b. Caliper c. Push pull rule d. Meter stick 39.Accounting refers to the whole process of recording and interpreting results of: a.   Stock market c. Capital outflow b.   Business transaction d. Means of production 40.In showing the connection of components, which of the following diagrams is the simplest? a.   Wiring diagram c. Schematic diagram b.   Block diagram d. Pictorial diagram 41.This component is internally connected to the IF transformer. a.   Diode b. Inductor c. Transistor d. Capacitor 42.The process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency is: a.   Assigning b. Calling c. choosing d. training 43.The key ingredients to Entrepreneurial activity is the result of: a.   Good luck b. Big Capital c. Careful planning d. Patience 44.Painting on cloth or other materials with the use of needle and thread is called: a.   Recycling b. Stenciling c. Smocking d. Embroidery 45.If you use light red and dark red, the color harmony is: a.   Monochromatic c. Complementary b.   Analogous d. Split Complementary 46.The following are methods of training leather except: a.   Fur b. Chrome c. Grease d. Vegetable
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