T14_Troubleshooting the 3500 Monitoring System

this file will you determine and trouble shoot vibration problem in machineries
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  3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 14: Page 1 Rev K 139317 Troubleshooting the3500 Monitoring System   Topic Objectives: ã You will be able to explain the various kinds of problems that can potentially occur with a 3500 monitoring system installation.  Page 2: 3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 14 Rev K 139317 Potential Connection Problems   There are several wiring issues that can affect the 3500 monitoring system, including the following: ã open or shorted field wiring from the transducer system to the monitor rack ã improper connections at the monitor rack, and/or at the transducer interface ã monitoring rack or I/O jumpers incorrectly installed for the given configuration ã corrosion on the field wiring connections ã grounds loops When the wiring is complete and uninterrupted, there may still be wiring issues. Grounding of the transducer wiring anywhere but at the rack, or at the selected single  point ground can create voltage potential differences, and noise. In addition, placing the low voltage transducer signal wiring near high voltage wiring or fields may also introduce noise, or unexpected effects.  3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 14: Page 3 Rev K 139317 Configuration of the Monitor   In most cases, the 3500 configuration software will not allow the improper use of a monitor or I/O module. However, the following conditions can still cause problems: ã incorrect or unusable setpoint adjustments ã incorrect configuration of the transducer devices ã incorrect scales and/or limits for the direct measurement, or for any of the related variables As mentioned in an earlier section, the best practice for configuring a set of monitors and channels is to set the first of each kind of monitoring channel very carefully, and review the configuration. Then, use the Copy process available at three levels (i.e., channel, channel pair, and monitor) to configure the remainder of that group of monitors. This is a much easier, and much safer practice.  Page 4: 3500 Operation and Maintenance - Section 14 Rev K 139317 Configuration Issues   Some dynamically configured devices, such as the rotary potentiometer Valve Position transducer or the LVDT Case Expansion measurement, must be partially configured while the software is connected to the monitoring system. This is a significant convenience, since it allows the ability to calibrate the monitor using the actual transducer signal. The process is implemented by allowing the lowest and highest voltage or measurement inputs to be set in the software, and then downloaded to the monitor. Without the software process, a voltage measurement and manual entry would  be required to set the lower and higher limits. However, it is critical that the steps specified in the Rack Hardware Installation, Operations, and Maintenance manual are implemented properly and in the correct order for these devices to be properly configured.
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