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  TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter of Transmittaliii Acknowledgementiv-vTable of Contentsvi-ix Acronymsx Chapter Two : Introduction1-4 1.1Background of the e!ort 1. #b$ectives of the e!ort 1.%&ethodology of the e!ort 1.'Limitations of the (tudy)1.*#rgani+ation of the e!ort% Chapter Two : Overview of the Bank & Branch5-16 .1Background information* . &ain ,unctions* .)Cor!orate (trategy  .%#rgani+ational oals .'#rgani+ational (tructure .*esources and Ca!abilities/ .&onerary0 ,inancial esources1 .23uman esources11 ./4rogress at a glance1 .1Brief descri!tion of &ir!ur Branch1' .114erformance of &ir!ur Branch1* Chapter Three : Loans & dvances !epart ent1#-45 ).15ntroduction1/). Credit !olicy of BA(5C Bank Limited 1).)Loans and Advances offered by BA(5C Bank with little elaboration *).%eneral !rocedure for loans 6 advances ).%.1,irst 5nformation (heet ).%. A!!lication for Credit Line 2).%.)Collecting C5B re!ort from Bangladesh Bank 2).%.%&aking credit line !ro!osal)).%.'4ro$ect a!!raisal)Techni7ues of !ro$ect a!!raisal)Technical 8iability)1Commercial 8iability) ,inancial 8iability) 9conomic 8iability)*).%.*A!!roval of 3ead #ffice)*  ).%.(anction Letter)).%.2:ocumentation )&odes of charging securities)2Common documents)/Category wise other documents )/).%./:isbursement% ).%.1,ollow u!% ).%.11ecovery% Loan classification%)4rovision%%Legal framework%%).'uarantee%%Bid bond guarantee%%4erformance uarantee%% Advance 4ayment uarantee%' Chapter $our : %enera Bankin' !epart ent46-(6 %.5ntroduction% 4)1ccounts Openin' *ection4( %.1.1Ty!es of Accounts with Terms 6 Conditions% (avings Bank Account%2 Current Account%2 (ort Term :e!osit ;(T:< Account%/%.1. Common formalities re7uired for every account'%.1.):ocuments re7uired for each Account se!arately'%.1.%5ssuing Che7ue book' %.1.'Account 9n7uiry')%.1.*Transfer of Account')%.1.Closing of Account') 4)+$!, and nciar *ervices *ection54 %. .1,ixed :e!osit ecei!t ;,:<'%%. . (anchay!atra '*%. .)Locker (ervice' 4).Loca ,e ittance *ection5# %.).14ay #rder ;4#<'2%.). :emand :raft ;::<*1%.).)Telegra!hic Transfer ;TT<*)%.).%Call :e!osit ecei!t ;C:<*' 4)4Coection and Cearin'66 %.%.1Collection** eceiving checks for collection* Ty!es of bills for collection* A. #utward bills for collection*   B. 5nwards bills for collection*/%.%. Clearing  Ty!es of checks for clearing A. 5nward Clearing Bills  B. #utward Clearing Bills 4)5Cash *ection(+ %.'.1 Cash ecei!t %.'. Cash 4ayment) 4)6ccounts *ection(5 %.*.1:etails of (tatements' Chapter $ive : $orei'n /0chan'e !epart ent((-1 5ntroduction2Background of Bank=s involvement2'.1 I port *ection /-/'.1.1Letter of Credit/Ty!es of L0C/4arties to L0C/>ecessity of L0C for 5m!orting goods21'.1. 5m!ort 4rocedure21'.1.)5m!ort &echanism21'.1.%5m!orters A!!lication for L0C Limit 21'.1.'L0C A!!lication2 '.1.*(crutiny of L0C A!!lication2 '.1.Amendment of L0C2%'.1.2Advising the im!ort L0C2''.1./Adding Confirmation2''.1.14resentation of :ocuments2*'.1.11(crutiny of :ocuments 2*'.1.1 Lodgment of :ocuments22'.1.1)etirement of the :ocuments2/'.1.1%4ayment 4rocedure of 5m!ort :ocuments2/'.1.1'Loan Against Trust ecei!t/ 5)+/0port *ection21-15)+)1Back to Back L3C21 '. .1.1:ocuments e7uired for #!ening a Back to Back L0C/ '. .1. ?ey check !oints in &aster L0C/ '. .1.)4ayment of Back to Back L0C/)'. .1.%e!orting to Bangladesh Bank/% 5)+)+/0port Letter of Credit24 '. . .1,ormalities re7uired for 9x!ort L0C/''. . . 4rocedure for ,:B4/'. . .),oreign :ocumentary Bills for collection/  '. . .%5nland L0C/2'. . .'&odes of 4ayment of 9x!ort Bills//'. . .*Advising L0C1'. . .Test ?ey Arrangement1 Chapter *i0 : Internationa !epart ent11-16 5ntroduction1 #rganogram of 5:1 '.19xchange ate in ,oreign 9xchange Transactions1 '.1.1(@5,T #!eration in BA(5C Bank Limited1' Chapter *even : Concusion1(-# Conclusion12 Biio'raph 


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