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   AS Media Studies Coursework Name:   Proposal Form Describe  your idea for the brief: I have decided to make a punk magazine. Although I’m still unsure on the magazine name. It will be a subgenre. It will apply to both genres, but from 16+ as it may include vulgar language. The readers interests would possibly be alcohol, drugs and live gigs, and obviously the reader must enjoy punk music. I have also decided to follow all major conventions such as subheadings, main image etc.. I have decided on costumes for my magazine to get across my genre on the front page. My model will be wearing a Mohawk wig, a tattoo sleeve and also possibly black makeup. I want a plain background on my photos so my model stands out and is the main focus. There may be some difficulties in creating my magazine such as IT problems or even my model not turning up on the day.  Genre/ sub genre: list similar texts which have inspired your thoughts I haven’t found any magazines with the punk genre so I thought it would be a good genre to use as it’s different and something that hasn’t already been done. S imilar magazines that i could follow the layout of is ‘Kerrang!’, as this is probably the closest genre to punk. It is more of a sub genre. Target audience: gender/ age/ characteristics/ behaviour My magazine will appeal to both genders, but may include profanity so I would put the age rate at 16+. The interests might include alcohol, drugs and live gigs. So this magazine will not appeal to children. Major conventions I will use I have decided to stick to all my major conventions such as…   FRONT COVER I will use a bold masthead. I will use a few subheadings. I will use a coverline. I will use a main image on the front cover. I will use a barcode. I will use a bubble. CONTENTS PAGE I will list all contents I will use 3 images I will use a subscription box DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD I will use a dominant image, only one image. I will caption the image. I will use a pull quote in my masthead. I will use a strapline. I will use a kicker. I will use a drop cap.   AS Media Studies Coursework Name:   Original images: what/ where/ what My images are going to be of the main member of my punk band. I want a blank white background so the person stands out. The costume I have chosen is a colourful Mohawk wig, black makeup and a tattoo sleeve, so that you get a feel of what the magazine will contain without having to read it. In my contents page I will include three photos possibly band photos. On the double page spread I will only use on main image so it has a focus point, and the page doesn’t become too much and too colourful.   Potential difficulties/ Plan B: Not get the model for my photos in time, or IT issues with the photos.
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