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Marketing Take Home Test - Chapter 15 Supply Chain and Channel Management
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  Take-Home Test #4 1. Sophie made pies and sold them from her food trailer at businesses. This is an example of a(n) A. direct marketing channel.B. distribution center.C. simplified transaction.D. holesale operation.!. indirect marketing channel. . Some retailers re#uire their suppliers to ship merchandise $$$$$$$$$$$% thus eliminating the time and expense associated ith ticketing and marking. A. floor&read'B. flattenedC. lead time s'nchroniedD. aggregated!. s'nthesied. *n a(n) $$$$$$$$$$ marketing channel% none of the participants has an' control o+er the others. A. cooperati+eB. corporateC. contractualD. administered!. con+entional,. *n addition to merchandise and pa'ments% information flos throughout a suppl' chain. -hich of the folloing is /Ta good characteriation of the flo of information in a suppl' chain0 A. A manufacturer ill send and recei+e information from bu'ers% stores% and distribution centers.B. Stores ill send and recei+e information from manufacturers% bu'ers% distribution centers% and customers.C. Distribution centers ill send and recei+e information from stores and manufacturers.D. Customers ill send and recei+e information from stores and manufacturers.!. Bu'ers ill send and recei+e information from stores and manufacturers.. *n marketing2s four 3s% place refers to all acti+ities re#uired to get A. the design of the terminal location for products accomplished.B. the right products to the right customer hen that customer ants it.C. access to the ph'sical space ithin a retail establishment.D. consumers to the destination.!. demand chain management functionall' operable.4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ s'stems are designed to deli+er smaller shipments of merchandise on a more fre#uent basis to retailers. A. Cross&dockingB. 53CC. 6*TD. C378 !. 9ead time:. -hich of the folloing is /T re#uired to build a successful strategic relationship0 A. mutual trustB. open communicationsC. creation of a ;oint +entureD. common goals!. credible commitments  <. 8adio fre#uenc' identification tags are A. selecti+e distribution designs used to maximie geographic efficienc'.B. electronic discount information tags used to pro+ide reduced prices to select customers.C. C378 demand scheduling data tags.D. tin' computer chips that transmit information about a container2s contents.!. information tags used for floor&read' merchandising.=. Ted is glad his compan' finall' con+erted to an 87*D s'stem. o% he no longer needs to go through all the ne goodsto make sure hat the' ordered as hat the' recei+ed. Ted is responsible for $$$$$$$$$$ in his compan'. A. checkingB. dispatchingC. recei+ingD. 6*T!. #uick response1>. 8oland has ;ust recei+ed notification from a +endor that his clothing merchandise order has been processed and dispatched. 8oland has ;ust recei+ed a(n) A. horiontal contractual notice.B. +endor&managed in+entor' alert.C. ad+anced shipping notice.D. uni+ersal product code report.!. C378 tag.11. The local auto suppl' store gets merchandise deli+ered to it b' its manufacturers as soon as it has a need% reducing stockouts ith minimal in+entor'. This demonstrates the concept of A. data arehousing.B. a push marketing strateg'.C. +endor&managed in+entor'.D. manufacturer&managed distribution.!. cross&docking.1 . Although conflict is likel' to occur in an' suppl' chain% it is generall' more pronounced hen A. the suppl' chain members are geographicall' too close to each other.B. manufacturers pressure retailers.C. retailers pressure manufacturers.D. the suppl' chain members are independent entities.!. the econom' is booming.1. *f a firm declared that it anted to de+elop a strategic relationship% but as unilling to commit funds or an' effort to make it succeed% there ould be an ob+ious lack of A. mutual trust.B. common goals.C. a contractual arrangement.D. credible commitments.!. open communication.1,. A distribution center is t'picall' operated b' A. the marketing department.B. +erticall' integrated consumer netorks.C. retailers% manufacturers% or distribution specialists.D. corporate&go+ernment ;oint +entures.!. electronic data interchange ser+ices.  1. *n a retail suppl' chain% the $$$$$$$$ records the purchase information and electronicall' sends it to the corporate office. A. 53CB. 3/S terminalC. aggregateD. AS!. data arehouse14. *n a $$$$$$$$$$ distribution center% merchandise mo+es from +endors2 trucks to retailers2 deli+er' trucks in a matter of hours. A. traditionalB. combinationC. cross&dockingD. +ertical!. horiontal1:. 7elicia had ;ust taken o+er her famil'2s business after spending ten 'ears in the marketing department of a large corporation. She met ith a representati+e from one of her firm2s biggest customers% ho told her% ?-e should think aboutho e can make the pie bigger rather than fighting o+er the sie of the slices.? She had expected a more cutthroat approach rather than this call for a A. partnering relationship.B. shared mission statement.C. common marketing s'stem.D. corporate +ertical marketing s'stem.!. linked suppl' chain.1<. Because manufacturers ith 6*T s'stems produce merchandise closer to the time of sale% the' can A. organie cooperati+e agreements among competing manufacturers to reduce o+ersuppl'.B. reduce in+entories needed to satisf' retailers2 demand.C. use exclusi+e geographic territories to centralie production.D. effecti+el' eliminate the need for a dispatcher.!. replace independent suppl' chains ith corporate suppl' chains.1=. Colin has ;ust recei+ed a deli+er' from the compan'2s distribution center. @e opens the containers and finds the  popcorn and snacks are all bar&coded and priced% and the package includes an end&of&the&aisle displa' rack. Colin has recei+ed a $$$$$$$$$$ shipment. A. #uick&response packagedB. ahead of the cur+eC. lead time s'nchroniedD. floor&read'!. s'nthesied >. Dan orks for a firm that bu's products directl' from the manufacturer and sells them to retailers% ho then sell the  products to consumers. Dan orks for a A. retail distribution center.B. retail ;obber.C. store representati+e.D. holesaler.!. manufacturer2s representati+e.  1. -ith a $$$$$$$ marketing strateg'% there is less likelihood of being o+erstocked or out of stock because the store orders merchandise as needed on the basis of consumer demand. A. consignmentB. pushC. +endor&managedD. manufacturer&managed!. pull . etting merchandise floor&read' entails A. distributing and dispatching.B. ticketing and marking.C. +ertical suppl' chain holesaling.D. intensi+e cross&docking.!. selecti+e checking. . -hen suppl' chain members +ie their goals and ultimate success as intricatel' linked% or $$$$$$$$% the' de+elop deeper long&term relationships. A. con+entionalB. +erticalC. horiontalD. administered!. interdependent ,. -hen C'nthia2s Bouti#ue recei+es dresses% the' alread' ha+e price tags and are on hangers. C'nthia2s Bouti#ue recei+es $$$$$$$$$$ merchandise. A. floor&read'B. repurposedC. ;ust&in&timeD. #uick response!. horiontal channel . *n +endor&managed in+entor' s'stems% A. corporations send information to retail customers% b'passing holesalers and retailers.B. companies send information to cooperati+es.C. customers send information to retailers.D. manufacturers send sales information to the retailer.!. retailers send sales information to the manufacturer. 4. A(n) $$$$$$$$$$ is a suppl' chain hose members act like a unified s'stem. A. +ertical marketing s'stemB. independent marketing s'stemC. concentrated marketing s'stemD. con+entional marketing s'stem!. strategic marketing s'stem :. $$$$$$$$$$ is hen +endors ship merchandise prepackaged in the #uantit' re#uired for each store to the distribution center. A. Traditional shippingB. ertical merchandisingC. Combination arehousingD. Cross&docking!. @oriontal merchandising
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