Talks of Senior Monks Volume - 1

Ramakrishna order senior monks talks
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  LIST OF CONTENTS Volume – 1 Sl.No.NameSubject/OccasionDatePage No.1.Swami VirajanandaTo the newly ordainedSannyasins and Brahmacharins1! #$.Swami %chalananda&on's( )on*erence+ 1!,1!, #.Swami San'arananda&on's( )on*erence+ 1- #.1$.1- 11!.Swami San'aranandanauguration o* T.).1#.-.1-,1$-.Swami San'arananda&on's( )on*erence+ 1,1$0.11.1,11-,.Swami Vishuddhanandanauguration o* T. ).1#.-.1-,100.Swami &adhaanandaBirth )entenary o* Swami Vie'ananda10.1.1,#1 .Swami &adhaananda2uestion3%nswers$.Swami &adhaanandanauguration o* T. ).1#.-.1-,$1.Swami Om'aranandaTo the Newly Ordained Brahmacharins,.!.1-0#111.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins10.1.10,#!1$.Swami Vireswarananda To the Newly Ordained Brahmacharins$,.$.10!!11#.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins0. .10,!$1!.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins1.1.10,!01-.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction10,/100--1,.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins$.1.100-010.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction100,$1 .Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction0.#.10,!1.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations$ .-.100,011  $.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction1#.#.10 0$$1.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins. .100#$$.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction1 .#.1 00$#.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction $.#.1 $ 1$!.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction.#.1 ! #$-.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins.0.1 1 ,$,Swami Vireswarananda)onersion with Brahmacharin1,,#$0.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction$1.#.1 1-$ .Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins$1.,.1 $.Swami VireswaranandaValedictory 4unction$$.#.1 #1##.Swami Vireswarananda To the Newly Ordained Sannyasins+1 $$,.$.1 $1!#1.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins$0.11.10-1,#$.Swami Vireswarananda1##.Swami Vireswarananda4irst National 5outh Day+1 -1$.1.1 -11##!Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with a 6rou7 o* Sadhus 8 Brahmacharins at Sarada7itha1, 11!#-.Swami Vireswarananda% 9etter$,.0.1,11#,.Swami Vireswarananda)onersations with T.). Brahmacharins$ .1.1 !1$$$  ##  Talk delivered by Swami Virajanandaji Maharaj to thenewly ordained Sannyasins and Brahmacharins in 1948  hae much 7leasure in meeting you this eening andaddressing you a *ew words a*ter you hae ta'en the sacredows o* Brahmacharya and Sannyasa. 5ou must remember thatthese ows signi*y a huge res7onsibility on your 7art and aburdern+ which you hae to shoulder all through your li*e withutmost 7atience+ caution and courage. The duties that theyenjoin are surely ery di:cult to *ollow to the *ullest e;tent.t is no doubt a great 7riilege to be ordained as abrahmacharin or a Sannyasin in the Order+ which bears the greatname o* Sri <ama'rishna. One characteristic o* the mon's o* our&ath+ as it a77ears to me+ is their ardent and genuine as7iration*or the s7iritual li*e. They may not hae reali=ed the ideal o* 7er*ection but in their heart o* hearts+ they sincerely wish to doso. This >uality is certainly not abundant+ i* not rare+ among thethousands o* Sannyasins o* our country. 5ou must there*ore beery care*ul to maintain in your character this singular *eature o* our &ath+ i=.+ utmost sincerity o* 7ur7ose.Sannyasins should not thin' that they hae transcendedthe duties o* the brahmacharins. n our &ath there is+ in *act+ notmuch distinction made between a brahmacharin and aSannyasin. Both hae to 7ursue a similar course o* li*e with thesame ideals and as7irations. ?ell+ haing now ta'en this ow+consider that you hae become the standard3bearers o* Tha'urand Swamiji. 5ou shall hae to e;7ress in your li*e the ideal+which they lied and le*t *or us to lie. n your daily behaiourwith other 7eo7le+ they should be made to *eel that they arereally in the 7resence o* a s7iritual *orce. * you *ollow your idealwith 7erseerance and humility+ surely you will become such as7iritual *orce. Peo7le will s7ontaneously draw s7iritualins7iration *rom you. 9et not the good name o* our Order be jeo7ardised by any word or deed o* yours. 5ou 'now that a greatreerence 7eo7le entertain *or a <ama'rishna &ission Sadhu.Swamiji enjoined *or us the twin ideals o* <enunciation andSerice. % wandering li*e sustained on madhu'ari bhi'sha shouldnot be your only aim @ you hae to combine with yourmeditation+ unselAsh wor' in the s7irit o* worshi7 *or the good o* your *ellow beings. en i* you want the li*e o* e;clusie Ta7asyayou will hae to 7ass through the li*e serice as a necessaryste7. Neer thin' any wor' secular. ?hateer duties you hae to7er*orm+ 7hysical+ intellectual or mental+ are surely serice to Sri<ama'rishna+ 7roided they are done in the right s7irit. ?or'has to be consecrated and transmuted into worshi7 by a dee7and genuine s7irit o* serice. * you can do this you will not *eeldejected in any wor'+ howeer arduous it may be. O* course *ordeelo7ing that true s7irit o* serice you hae to combinemeditation with wor'. t is no use wor'ing li'e a beast o* burden.n that case wor' becomes drudgery. t seems to be stale anddistaste*ul. So ma'e it a 7oint to deote a *ew hours eeryday to!!
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