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  TANISHQ PROFILE Evolution of Tanishq     Titan came into existence in July 1984, when the Tata Group  joined hands with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) to make a foray into the watch industry. Titan started manufacturing jewellery watches and jewellery in 1994. It set up its fully integrated Rs. 400 million-jewellery plant in Hosur. The plant had the capacity to manufacture four tonnes of gold in a year. Titan launched these products under the brand name of Tanishq , in 1995. The name Tanishq, a blend of two words, 'tan' (body) and 'ishq' (love), was coined by Xerxes Desai, the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Titan. To change its image from a watch manufacturer to a fashion accessories manufacturer, Titan was renamed Titan Industries Ltd. in 1995. Titan scaled the capacity of its Hosur plant to 4.18 million units in 1996 to meet the domestic and international demand. From the late 1990s, Titan's commitment to the jewellery business increased. When Titan launched Tanishq in 1995, the jewellery industry in India valued at Rs 40,000 crore was mostly unorganized, with around 3.5 lakh players. Before 1992, only the Metal and Mineral Trading Corporation and the State Bank of India were allowed to import gold. In 1992, as part of economic liberalization, the government abolished the Gold Control Act of 1962, allowing free import of gold. In 1993, private companies were allowed to enter the hitherto restricted gold and diamond mining industry . Foreign investors were allowed to hold up to 50% equity in mining ventures.    OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study are as follows: 1)   The objective of study was to find the actual reason why people are not going to Tanishq 2)   To find what they like & dislike about Tanishq. 3)   On the basis of in depth interview we got 6 criteria in which we could measure the attitude of people towards Tanishq. Limitations    The survey was conducted within the limited time frame; so few shortcoming may be expected.    The respondent’s personal bias may be another factor, which is uncontrollable.    The finding of the survey is strictly based on the responses of the respondents. It is difficult to find the euthenics be true, so we are assuming them to be true.         It was very difficult to explain the respondents about how to fill the questionnaire & it took time for data collection.   FINDINGS On the basis of chi-square test the relation between the variables are significant & few are not significant. Variables which were significant in the research & which affects the buying behavior of gold are a)   Because of price people are not visiting Tanishq. b)   People are happy with the quality of Tanishq & they go to Tanishq only because the purity & quality of gold. c)   The people also visit Tanishq because they provide better services then the other retailers. d)   The pattern are also major factor because of which people does not prefer Tanishq. e)   The people says that the location of store is not affecting them to visit Tanishq. f)   People are not affected by the ambiance of store  From these we can conclude that people are more sensitive towards price , Quality & availability of pattern. If they find these 3 things ok & they fill that this is what they wanted they will buy from there only. Conclusion People are more price conscious & they feel that the price in Tanishq are more than what the normal retailers have. They also feel that the quality they get is much higher than the quality what the normal retailers give. They also found that the patterns available are lesser than what they get in the normal retail store. They also are service oriented so they are more attracted because of service they get. People are not affected with the ambiance of the shop. Recommendation We would recommend Tanishq following things

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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