Tank & Dike

Cálculo para diques de tanques de almacenamiento
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  Tank and Dike Work Book Instructions and Notes 123456789 Note: Purpose:  This Excel Work Book was created to assist the Plant Lao!t esi#ner with a task that can $e co%&licated' (illed with &otential error and take a lot o( ti%e) The #oal is to red!ce costs $ red!cin# ti%e and i%&ro*in# +!alit) Application:  This Work Book can $e !sed (or sin#le tank within a sin#le contain%ent area or can $e !sed (or %!lti&le tanks within a sin#le contain%ent area) Contents:  There are (i*e ,5- sheets incl!ded) .heet /1 ,this sheet- is the instr!ctions and 0otes) .heet 2 is a list o( so%e o( the %ost co%%on P .tora#e Tank sies) .&ace is incl!ded so the !ser can record other sies consistent with &roect s&eci(ic re+!ire%ents) .heet 3 is the work sheet (or the .in#le Tank a&&lication) .heet 4 is the work .heet (or the %!lti&le tank a&&lication) .heet 5 is a two &a#e work sheet Pa#e 1 is (or the ike etail and &a#e 2 is (or the Tank Pad etail) Tank Data:  - ollect a list o( Tanks (or the Proect) This list %!st incl!de the sies ,in Barrels-' the Tank T&es and the o%%odities) B- eter%ine i( there is a Local or lient i%&osed ode that de(ines ro!&in# or se&aration o( Tank t&es or o%%odities) ( there are Tanks on the &roect list that are not incl!ded on .heet 2 then add the% in the /ellow/ s&aces &ro*ided and in this case onl hit /.a*e/) Civil/Structural Data:  :eet with the a&&ro&riate i*il;.tr!ct!ral ro!& and ha*e the% de(ine &reli%inar #!idelines (or - the n#le o( <e&ose o( the %aterial to $e !sed (or the ikes ,Ber%s' B!n#s' etc)-' the reco%%ended %axi%!% hei#ht o( the ikes and (or B- The &ro&osed a&&roach to Tank Pad &ro(iles ,=ei#ht and con(i#!ration-) The Task:  dd the ike =ei#ht and n#le o( <e&ose data into Pa#e 1 o( .heet 5) dd the Tank Pad hei#ht ata to Pa#e 2 o( .heet 5 For Single Tank Installation:  >se .heet 3) Enter all the data re+!ired ,and ?&tional- ata in the /ellow/ !ser entr $oxes) The @or% and the $!iltAin (or%!las will do the work (or o!) For ultiple Tank Installation:  >se .heet 4) Enter all the data re+!ired ,and ?&tional- ata in the /ellow/ !ser entr $oxes) The @or% and the $!iltAin (or%!las will do %ost o( the work (or o!) With this #ro!&in# o! %!st select and enter a choice (or the /Width/ o( the ontain%ent rea) This is a /Trial and Error/ %ethod !ntil o! #et the sha&e that (its the &roect needs) !uitting and Closing:  t is reco%%ended that $e(ore closin# the &ro#ra% that o&ies o( all .heets $e &rinted o!t (or all Tank con(i#!rations co%&leted) When closin# the &ro#ra% do not sa*e the data) This will allow o! to start with a clean Work Book (or the next Tank con(i#!ration) ach Sheet o# this Work Book is Pass$ord protected% In order to &ake a change to a 'cell' that is not '(ello$' the Sheet &ust )e 'unprotected' using the pass$ord% This Pass$ord $ill )e #urnished on   %    a&acit ia%eter=ei#htBarrelsallons ,>.-allons ,>-!$ic @eet!$ic ards!$ic :eters@eet:eters@eet:eters 2'5CC1C5'CCC87'43114'C3652C39821)256)4774C12)1925'CCC21C'CCC174'86128'C731'C4C7953C)CC9)1444C12)1927'5CC315'CCC262'29242'1C91'56C1'19337)CC11)2784C12)1921C'CCC42C'CCC349'72356'1462'C791'59C42)5C12)9544C12)19212'CCC5C4'CCC419'66867'3752'4951'9C846)5C14)1734C12)19215'CCC63C'CCC524'58484'2193'1192'38552)CC15)85C4C12)1922C'CCC84C'CCC699'446112'2924'1593'18C6C)CC18)2884C12)19225'CCC1'C5C'CCC874'3C714C'3655'1993'97567)CC2C)4224C12)1923C'CCC1'26C'CCC1'C49'169168'4386'2384'77C73)5C22)4C34C12)19235'CCC1'47C'CCC1'224'C3C196'51C7'2785'56579)5C24)2324C12)1924C'CCC1'68C'CCC1'398'892224'5838'3186'36C85)CC25)9C84C12)1925C'CCC2'1CC'CCC1'748'61528C'7291C'3977'95C86)CC26)2134C12)19255'CCC2'31C'CCC1'923'4763C8'8C211'4378'7451CC)CC3C)48C4C12)1926C'CCC2'52C'CCC2'C98'338336'87512'4779'54C1C5)CC32)CC44C12)1926C'CCC2'52C'CCC2'C98'338336'87512'4779'54C95)CC28)9564814)63C65'CCC2'73C'CCC2'273'199364'94813'5171C'3361C8)5C33)C714C12)1927C'CCC2'94C'CCC2'448'C61393'C2114'55611'131113)CC34)4424C12)1927C'CCC2'94C'CCC2'448'C61393'C2114'55611'1311C3)CC31)3944814)63C8C'CCC3'36C'CCC2'797'784449'16716'63612'721121)CC36)8814C12)1928C'CCC3'36C'CCC2'797'784449'16716'63612'72111C)CC33)5284814)63C9C'CCC3'78C'CCC3'147'5C75C5'31318'71514'311116)5C35)5C94814)63C95'CCC3'99C'CCC3'322'368533'38619'75515'1C612C)CC36)5764814)63CCCCCCC)CCCC)CCCCCCCCC)CCCC)CCCCCCCCC)CCCC)CCCCCCCCC)CCCC)CCCCCCCCC)CCCC)CCCCCCCCC)CCCC)CCCCCCCCC)CCCC)CCC 123 >ser add data as re+!ired in ellow $oxes ,1' 2 D 3- i( &ro*ided data is not a&&lica$le    T   h  e   i  n   (  o  r  %  a   t   i  o  n  s   h  o  w  n   h  e  r  e   i  s   $  a  s  e   d  o  n   2   P   3   .   t  a  n   d  a  r   d   .   t  o  r  a  #  e   T  a  n   k  s  c  o  %  %  o  n   l    !  s  e   d   i  n   T  a  n   k   @  a  r  %    i  n  s   t  a   l   l  a   t   i  o  n  s )   >  s  e  r  a   d   d   t  a  n   k  c  a  &  a  c   i   t    a  s  r  e  +  !   i  r  e   d  Tank D ike alc!lation .heet 1 Single Tank in Single Dike AreaA a&acitBarrelsallons ,>.-allons ,>-!$ic @eet!$ic ards!$ic :eters@eet:eters@eet:eters B CCCCC 6 ol!%e ,11CF- 0ote G 1C  ; 0ote G 1C ;CH:eters,.a%e in East;West direction-Tank ia%eter A C@eetITank ia%eter A C)C:eters15 (t or 5% :in)15 (t or 5% :in) 8 ike =ei#htC@eetC:eters E((ecti*e Tank Pad ia%eter  9 Pad =ei#ht6@eet@eet2)C:eters:eters Tank Pad ike ontain%ent rea Pad ol!%eTotal ol!%e <e+!ired ,J- +,- C)CC!$ic @eetC ;CH +DI./- @eetC)CC!$ic :etersC ;CH +DI./- :etersThe !ser onl (ills in data in the a&&ro&rate /ellow/ $oxes) 0o) 1' 2' 3' 4' 5 are o&tional' 6' 7' 8' 9 are re+!ired) The nswer is at 1C 2 Tank 0!%$er 3 B4  ate  1 Proect A 7 ia%eter 5 =ei#ht ,n(or%ation onl- :ini%!% Toe o( ike to rown o( ike i( ike area is s+!are ,0orth;.o!th direction-o to .heet 5 (or ike etailso to .heet 5 (or Pad etails:ini%!% ike s!r(ace area in% 0e*1d 2ength/Width ,J- Total ol!%e re+!ired incl!des Tank contents &l!s Pad dis&lace%ent *ol!%e)0ote @or Total ?!tside Toe to ?!tside Toe i%ension add di% // D /K/ (ro% .heet 5
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