Task 4 Research Into Music Industries and Institutions

Task 4 Research Into Music Industries and Institutions
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    Task 4 Research Into music industries and institutions Task 4a- IPC Media IPC, or the International Publishing Corporation, was founded in the 1960’s after three major magazine publishers from the UK came together in order to form IPC. These three publishers were George Newnes, Odhams Press, and Fleetway Publications. The Mirror Group was also involved in this collaboration of organisations. Although the company became together in 1968, each of the branches have roots that were established in the 1800’s. Later on in 1994, ‘The Field’ became part of the now stable IPC, which mea nt the srcin of this synergy grew ever further back in time to the srcin as The Field srcinally launched in 1853, shortly before the Crimean War, and so evidently ran articles on the war itself, most noteworthy being the narrative of those lost in the Charge of the Light Brigade. Quickly rising to the largest newspaper in Europe, with a total of 24 pages, and it became incredibly popular. What types of magazines and target audiences has IPC been associated with over the years? IPC have been involved with a huge variety of target audiences over the time they have existed. Their target audience has varied greatly. They aimed for a large variety of people, here are some examples:    Men who enjoy leisure sporting such as shooting or sailing    Women who enjoy gardening, home making    Parents    Car enthusiasts    Bird and train spotters The greatly varying target audiences show how large of a corporation IPC actually is, with magazines spanning over various genres and age groups. IPC has a goal to inform and inspire the people of Britain. IPC are also responsible from creating genres of magazine, such as the young men’s magazine ‘Loaded’ which was incredible controversial upon its release in 1994. It is therefore clear that IPC have been involved with dozens of magazine types and target audiences, but are also responsible for creating some as well. Why might IPC be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine? IPC may be appropriate for the publisher of a new music magazine due to their history in this area of business. The company has a history of nearly two hundred years in printing development, which means they are bound to have incredible amounts of experience in reference to the printing business, be it magazines, or the newspaper with which the company srcinated. As well as printing, IPC has now taken on website development in regard to magazines such as NME, which later became one of Europe’s most popular music websites that people could go and visit. From this information we can see that IPC has a large history in the industry and is well versed in regards to the nature of their business, allowing for an up and coming music magazine to be published effectively and with a high level of professional attitude in regard to their work. What sorts of genres of music/types of magazines might they be likely to publish? From previous magazines such as NME, it is evident that IPC do not really publish a specific genre of music magazine, as NME performs various collaborations, such as the collaboration with Dizzee Rascal in 2009. However, they are unlikely to publish magazines such as the heavy metal genre, as the company seems quite family orientated, and are more likely to publish magazines such as pop,  R&B or rock, as they are popular in a larger audience. IPC are unlikely to publish niche genres of music as well, sticking to the larger magazines that can afford the services of printing and publisher that the company provides. Why might alternative publishers like Bauer be appropriate? Alternatives such as Bauer maybe appropriate as they too publish popular magazines, and ones that are more popular in my opinion. Publishing magazines such as Grazia, Empire, Q, Kerrang, and heat, they are well versed also. As well as publishing these popular magazines, they are more in touch with the social networking aspect of the industry, having constant news updates on their website as well as links to Facebook and YouTube on their homepage. Bauer also make use of faster paced networking sites such as Twitter in order to reveal news from the magazines of which they publish, making new stories easier to spread further. Task 4b- My magazine and its publisher My chosen musical sub-genre is rock, and I plan to design my magazine in this sub- genre’s style.  An example of a rock magazine would be Kerrang, a popular British rock magazine publish by ‘Bauer Media Group’.  Kerrang; a UK based rock magazine, was found on the 6 th  June 1981 by Alan Lewis. It was srcinally founded within London. Upon its initial release it was a monthly magazine, which turned bi-weekly and eventually weekly due to demand and popularity. Kerrang has its own website, radio channel, and televised channel. As well as being televised, the Kerrang magazine has a music festival and awards event. This is a representation of the popularity it has received as time has gone on. Kerrang is no longer exclusive to the UK, with releases monthly in Australia, and alternate version available in Spanish and German. Originally edited by Geoff Barton, Kerrang has since had a new editor, James McMahon. Bauer Media Group; a media publication organisation that was founded in 1875 in Germany by the Bauer family. The company extended to the UK in 1987 under the name of H Bauer, allowing magazines such as Kerrang to be published by them. The current publisher within Bauer is Yvonne Bauer, who srcinally joined the family business in 2005. Examples of magazines published by Bauer would be ‘Q’ or Kerrang, which are two of the most popular magazines released by the company. Bauer is a very experienced music publisher with a long history in the publication industry, making them extremely useful in regard to the knowledge of the industry. The organisation also publishes various music magazines, meaning they understand that industry also. I believe that Bauer is an appropriate publisher for my magazine due to their long history in publication and experience they have gained throughout time. I also believe they are appropriate due to the number of music magazines they publish as well as all the other magazines. Bauer are not only a publisher of print either, as they publish radio, television and digital media, as well as distribution and marketing services, making them all the more useful in the design and release of a magazine to the mass market.   What I am eager to do is to emulate Kerrang magazine and the way in which it is design in order to draw some of its target audience. My magazine will be aimed at a younger audience, but I would like to include the same type of music.  
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