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  Possible Sub-Genres include: -   Rock Music -   RnB Music -   Hip/Hop Music Possible Names: -   Current -   Waves -   Cult Possible Articles: -   Interviews of artist(s) -   Reviews of Albums -   Sports Insight -   Musician’s style breakdown  -   Music related gossip The strengths behind choosing a rock magazine would be because the target audience is more obvious than Pop music. This is because the target audience of rock music would be Caucasian British youths between 13-21 whereas Pop music would be harder to define as it is the biggest portion of the music industry thus does not have one set target audience. Furthermore, I have some interest in Rock music thus I would be familiar with artists that you would see on covers on magazines such as Kerrang or NME. Due to some understanding of Rock music I would have the advantage of knowing what kind of content and terminology that would be used for example knowing the different types of Rock e.g. Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal etc. On the other hand, there would be some difficulties with me deciding on a Rock sub-genre this is because my knowledge in this area is quite limited. Therefore, although I would be able to know the different types of rock it may cover all aspects of the sub-genre for example I would not know the different parts of a drum-set or the difference between a bass guitarist and normal. Moreover, I do not listen to Rock music enough to have a strong enough to know when a band fits into an era of rock music as although I know the different types I do not understand the technical aspects on how a band is punk rock or heavy metal etc. With choosing a RnB music magazine I have the strength of knowing what type of design and colours would be associated with the magazine for example it would be more vibrant rather than dark which would be more associated with rock music. I also have a stronger understanding of what kind of articles would be in the magazine due the genre of music. This is because RnB music is more associated with females and love therefore articles related to fashion would be appropriate since fashion is a feminine area.  However, due to not having huge interest in this sub-genre of magazine I would find it difficult when constructing areas like the Double Page Spread since the content is out of my field. Moreover, due to not a depth in fashion areas such as the fashion segments in the magazine would be hard to construct. Lastly, with choosing a Hip/Hop music magazine I have the great advantage of knowing what kind of aesthetic to give the magazine due to me being an avid listener to this genre. Therefore, in the construction of the magazine I would know what language I should apply to the cover lines to give a direct-address to the typical target audience. Additionally, due to my knowledge in the genre I would be able to know what kind of articles the target audience would be interested for example in a rap music magazine and knowing that the target audience would be typically middle class males specifically the black ethnicity. Therefore, an article relating to trending footwear (sneakers) would be suitable in the magazine since the male audience would be able to relate to this. In contrast, the problem with the choice of a hip/hop magazine would be that although I listen to hip/hop music it does not fully consist of the mainstream artists. Hence, I may sway towards the hip/hop magazine being more ‘underground’ rather than reaching the wider target audience by having articles based on commercial artists that people are more aware of.  NME Magazine I could base my magazine on NME, which is closely associated to Rock & Indie music. They have a target audience to British Caucasian youths aged 16-24 year olds. The magazine consists of general current news in music, reviews, and seasonal items such as tour related articles or awards. In 1996 it became one of the first magazines to have their own websites. Theodore Ingham founded NME in 1952 with the first issue on 7 th  of March.  Vibe Magazine Another option on the final magazine to be based around is Vibe. This magazine mainly consists of RnB and Hip/Hop subgenre. The target audience is aimed to wards an African American young audience aged around 15-21 with the RnB areas of the magazine more aimed to a female audience and the Hip/Hop areas aimed to a male audience. The magazine has articles related to general entertainment out side of music for example TV and movies but also looks at areas such as fashion which would be more aimed to a female audience. The magazine also consist of gossip areas and more music related articles such as interviews and music related lists. Quincy Jones a well known producer founded this magazine in 1993.
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